Introduction To Juno In The Natal Chart

“And that’s what makes this a great game, is the support and the commitment that the fans give the game.” –Nolan Ryan, Sagittarius Juno in the 9th house Juno is most commonly known as the marriage asteroid and in myth the feminine counterpart to Zeus (Jupiter). Taken at its simplest, however, it is the mark […]


Introduction To Vesta In The Natal Chart

“I believe in nothing, everything is sacred. I believe in everything, nothing is sacred.” –Tom Robbins, Novelist, strong sexual themes, Vesta conjunct Chiron in Gemini The asteroid Vesta is associated with the mythology of the ancient Vestal Virgins and both Scorpio and Virgo. Prominent Vesta in the natal chart is associated with the importance of

asteroids dark background

Interpreting Asteroids In Your Natal Chart

Are you interested in the understanding the meaning of the asteroids in your chart? Our resident asteroid expert, satori, has this to say about our new report: “It’s a lot to chew on, but surprisingly, not too much.  It adds exquisite detail and color to a natal chart interpretation.  It enhances understanding of the already

Eris: Bad Fairy At The Christening

“Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” — C.G. Jung Eris (ee-ris) is a dwarf planet farther away from the sun than Pluto. Its revolution around the horoscope is even longer than Pluto’s. Because of this, everyone alive today has Eris in Aries or Pisces.

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