Avoiding Society and Relationships – Saturn Transit to Leo Stellium in the 8th House

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Dear Elsa,

I have an issue concerning my personal life. It’s the fact that I’ve been avoiding society right from the start (i.e. work, romance). But because I’m protecting myself, I have a deep fear that I’ll be getting bad luck because someone at work will call me names, harass me, yell at me, or worse.

The same goes with romantic relationships. I’m concerned that sooner or later, I’m going to be a victim of being cheated. Do you think I’m taking this to the extremes? Because I’m doing this because I’m getting sick and tired of being a victim. I was a victim of being neglected, abused, & taken advantage of growing up. I don’t want to go through it again…

Stellium in Leo

Dear Leo,

You’ve been hurt, this is obvious. Badly. But it sounds to me like you’ve come to a crossroads. You have to decide if you are going to heal… or not. Hide? Or not? Work to manifest your life? Or not? And obviously I think you should invest in healing.

Saturn is currently in Leo, slamming all your planets. In the 8th house, no less. The 8th house is about psychology. And transformation. It’s about coming back from the dead! And you are being pressured to work on these type things and here you are avoiding. Not good! Not good when you are a Saturn-ruled Capricorn!

Saturn transits and the situations they bring are not complex at all. You only need follow a few simple tenets to find relief, followed by an increase in your self-esteem… and ultimately value that will last a lifetime. It’s this simple:

  • Grow up
  • Face your fear
  • Take responsibility
  • Do the right thing

So you can see how avoiding is anathema to Saturn!

So here’s the deal from one Cap rising to another. And I admit it’s a sorry one, however it is what it is. And whatever happened to you when you were a kid, regardless of how bad it was, you get to a certain age and you see that it is your problem to solve. It’s your life and it’s your life to get on track. It’s your psyche and your soul to heal and the fact this is not fair is irrelevent.

And strangely enough, it’s when you come to understand and accept this that help will arrive. Not the white horse type of help, but the support (Saturn) you need to do your work will be available. The tools will be there, but no one will pick them up and put them in your hand. Get it? No coddling!

And I understand this is egregious after what you’ve been through, but it is in fact the case. If you want to feel better and live a better life, you are going to have to do the work and you surely should because your chart is awesome.

“He could have been someone but he avoided that…”

Bad path, babe.

Inside, you have unlimited resources. I promise you this is true, but you’re going to have to use them. Dig ’em out. Claim your power and believe me no one will ever consider “victimizing” you again.

I have firsthand experience with this kind of thing and can state this unequivocally. And further, I think anyone who would bet against you is a fool. Your chart formidable. Please don’t waste your talent.

Good luck.


4 thoughts on “Avoiding Society and Relationships – Saturn Transit to Leo Stellium in the 8th House”

  1. Hmm. I could have spoken fluent Italian, but I avoided that; I could have done some kick-ass research but I avoided that; I could have voiced my ideas but I avoided that; I could have been someone but I avoided that. Ouch (but smiles).

    So I think I’d better post the Saturn rules on my mirror too…

  2. worried about my girl who too has stallium in 8th leo house-Sun, mercury, jupiter, venus.dob-10/9/2003/Pune-india/tob-5.10 pm

    Have been through similar experience in child hood like elsa…dont wantmy baby to go thru it too.

  3. Elsa your sincerity is the most rare – and the best- kind of generosity . . just wanted to write this down . .

    be well,

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