Does Saturn Transiting The 2nd House Bring Money Problems?

Vintage cigarette cardTransiting Saturn is heading into my second house. A lot of people see a transit like this coming and think, “Oh no! I’m going to be broke!” While that is a possibility, it’s only one of many.

This transit is about defining your values, and earning self-esteem if this happens to be something you lack. I was wondering how it would manifest for me. Two days later, I realized I should start giving away excess stuff I have around here. You know, my closet?

Your age is always a factor under a Saturn transit. I don’t need platform pumps with my back the way it is. I also have no need to wear anything tight.

This is a good start on the transit as the second house rules hard goods – and fashion, for that matter. Out with the old and in with the more appropriate.

Ten years ago, I realized that values had changed. Younger generations are not interested in their parents’ things. Nobody cares about their mother’s china, for example. In fact, you can’t give it away! Same with your Christmas decorations or whatever. These things used to be passed down, but they no longer are for the most part.

Whatever my husband and I have will likely be auctioned with our house when we die. That or someone will have to clear it out and make a lot of trips to the dump. This was an important revelation that changed my spending habits.

These ideas are current in this way: What if each of us really asked ourselves why we were making a purchase? Are we buying something we really need, something that will bring us joy, teach us something, or make our lives better or easier?

Just think of how many junk-selling businesses would be eradicated from this planet.

The second house is about real love and real value. Saturn is very much at home there.

If you know someone with Saturn fixing to transit their second house, please share this with them and spare them some angst!

15 thoughts on “Does Saturn Transiting The 2nd House Bring Money Problems?”

  1. Very good points! I DID become broke not long after Saturn entered my 2nd house, BUT, it was squaring transit Uranus, which is the ruler of my 2nd house.
    And yes, I’ve been culling my wardrobe – I’ve given bags and bags of clothes away, still a few more to go while Saturn lingers in my 2nd!

  2. I gave away about 80-90% of my belongings that I’d accumulated over a decade when Saturn was in my 2nd, nearing my Return.

    I personally drove much of it to those apart of a homeless community.

  3. Elsa, do you think natal Saturn in 2nd would be prone to attracting Venus-Saturn types?

    I know not everyone considers Saturn 2nd an official VS signature so Im curious your perspective

  4. Saturn is halfway through my 2nd House
    When the new lunar year began, last month(February) my husband and I bundled up the last of the silver quarters we saved after building our small home and life on wheels in 2008.
    Real silver, a small but real value was sent along with sacred words and ceremony; he and his small family can use the legacy to create Something. They will need to work hard at it!
    They, our son and his family are learning what it takes to live off gridlock so their values are being shaped daily as they raise a 2 year old.
    My values at 75 years continue to hone; being curious about how is a reminder I need to keep alive to replace only fearful imaginings.
    That’s the thing I love about astrology: the long view of transits and life gives me something to weave a worthwhile story!

  5. My house and possessions are willed to a local, long established, highly reputable pet rescue non-profit, with a list of resale venues to use to maximize the value of my vintage items. Almost all my possessions are vintage. I rarely buy anything new or without considering its potential resale value.
    It makes me sad to think that many of the younger generations won’t treasure heirlooms from their parents and grandparents. Of course, nowadays when it comes to both goods and experiences, there may be much less to be sentimental about, “they just don’t make ’em like they used to.”

  6. Avatar
    Anastasia Christou

    I have my Moon in Aquarius which is also my 2nd House. Planning to buy investment property – what does this mean? Newbie here…

  7. Yep, Saturn is currently transiting my second house and I donated 4 garbage bags full of clothes not too long ago, as well! Funny. It has been good for my self-esteem, but I’m also ready for it to move on.

  8. When Saturn transited my 2nd house I wasn’t without money, I was comfortable, but I worried about a some of money that belonged to me but was tied up somewhere and couldn’t take. It seemed impossible I would receive it. In the end, when Saturn exited, what happened was kind of miraculous and I not only received my money but also like three times it’s value. So I wanted to share this to give hope.
    I personally like Saturn. It makes you work. And in the end when that transit ends you are proud of what you went through and it always rewards you. On the other hand, I am not as crazy about Jupiter, it makes everything bigger and not always good things, but that’s whole other subject.
    Wishing you all the best..

  9. That would have been 2010-2012 timeframe. I was doing well in my business, doing farmers markets once a month and more in fall, as well as in a co-op and an Etsy shop, making handwoven items, some knitted and dry felted items. I was doing well for a few years prior, too.

  10. Saturn is finishing up his transit through my 2nd and is my chart ruler as a triple Capricorn. I too have been selling things online I no longer need, use or value. Sadly not many are buying so it’s slow going. But…. I found interesting and positive about this transit is the things I did buy were all really practical and “useful” tools. I completed a women’s carpentry workshop and invested in an impact driver. With plans for future projects. As a former helpless city girly-girl this felt really good. Got a fishing rod, a tent for outdoor adventures… cast iron pans, a bushcraft knife etc etc. I attribute this all to Saturn. I built up my pantry for the first time. And I’m saving money for the first time in my life. Which all feels really good. My credit score did take a hit. But I’ve turned minimalist on steroids! And recalculated my priorities. Wish I had done this sooner.

  11. I read something once about the US horoscope and Pluto in the 2nd house as “obsession with stuff” – as in, accumulation of way too many goods, and not owning the societal shadow side.
    Was that you, Elsa? Sounds like something you could have written 😉

    Over the years I have given a lot of thought to this aspect, as I observed- through various sources – US podcasters, members of hobby groups on Facebook etc,being ‘abnormally’ obsessed with AMOUNTS of cheaper stuff (and the organization stuff to buy to ORGANIZE all the stuff you’ve bought) rather than quality or only buying what people actually NEED.

    For someone living in Scandinavia, where minimalism, quality and streamlined designs are at the front and center of new stuff (at least, often times it is).

    We are usually buying quality over quantity because we have small houses due to the price and market structures are very different from the U.S.

    I have always wondered how it’s possible to buy – let’s say, acrylic yarn, and be happy about how money was saved, when in reality acrylic yarn is actually just plastic on a string without any REAL woolen ability.

    It’s perhaps just a mindset perhaps, but I find the culture difference curious. I have seen the Marie Kondo shows and I know they are probably to the extreme side. But we’ll, you do have large houses, a lot of places in the U S 😉

    So yeah, Saturn will soon

    1. Saturn will enter my 2nd house when he hits Aries. I have always been quick to throw out stuff. Maybe TOO quick. Saturn will probably curb that and hopefully help me save what is of REAL value to me.

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