Benefits Of Pluto Transiting Your 12th House

edge of the abyssMy 12th house Pluto transit has wrapped up. I chronicled the whole ordeal. I’ve written about how this played for me but I have not written about how I feel I benefitted from the transit.

This seems a good time to go into this, mostly because of the Pluto Transiting 12th: Brink Of Homelessness post.  I told the gal she’s been selected to suffer. I also told her she would be paid for it eventually, but I didn’t tell her how. It was off topic, see?  But now I think I should cover this.

Pluto transits empower you, eventually.  Generally speaking, this happens when the pain is so intense, it forces you inward to fine your own power core.  I’m talking about your personal, coiled-up-serpent power.  It’s RAW. It’s like holding Plutonian in your hand. “I could kill with this”.

With the pain, see? I could kill with this, kill myself with this, kill someone else with this.  You have to just sit with that; when you realize you don’t want to be destructive, the energy is applied for good.  That right there is your “dark night of the soul”.  If you’re not going to be destructive, what’s your other option, huh?  Kill?  Or Heal?

If you choose to heal, you start cutting out things that give you the “kill” feeling. You begin to drift in a positive direction.  This is all beneath the surface, by the way. Thank God! Because you’re quite stripped down.  You’re naked and raw and you accept staggering losses because the things you had are gone. They can not be resurrected but at some point you realize that YOU can be resurrected.

Understand this, you lie in the dark wondering, how. How, as you swirl around with dark side of of everything? You learn to float in a sea of the collective dark secrets. Hey! It’s better than thrashing around and sinking to the bottom.

When Pluto busted out (of prison) into my 1st house, I felt like this:

But now it’s going on two years later. I feel strong.  There are legions of things, I will never worry about again, ever, in my life.  The stupid minutiae, basically.  The distractions, the superficial, the meaningless?

Look at that cat. Does he not look like he’s been operating that computer in the dark, for years?  He’s got to bring the skill and knowledge he’s acquired, into the light.  Can he do it? Of course!  My God, it’s so much easier.

The 12th house is the end. It’s where everything is resolved. I attempted to explain this in 2007. Few understood, so I made some more videos.  Perhaps this is more accessible today…

Natural Zodiac: How To Solve Problems Via The 12th House

So what if I’m right? If I’m right, suffering Pluto’s transit through your 12th house, heals it all.

In a way, it’s a giant toilet flush.  What gets gone is everything fake or trivial. Your delusions are purged.

I personally feel I’m standing on a tennis court, ready to return all serves.  Was it worth it?


Have you survived Pluto’s transit through your 12th house? Tell us!

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  1. Hi Elsa,
    I love your posts…
    I have a pluto natal in 12th house and actually i have pluto in his final crossing over my 27 degrees capricorn 4th house sun
    Three last year’s were so intense for me, i felt that i am gonna die et then i am still here… And pluto in 12th, i think, he tests me every single time to check up with my concience which amount of power i autorise my self et in which intention…
    Intention behind action changes a lot for me…
    Sorry for my English
    Thanks a lot Elsa, you are profound and accurate,
    My water house planets love that
    Take care of yourself and your family

      1. Just nearly finished Pluto transiting Capricorn (my sun sign, 12th house) with Mars and Mercury also in the 12th house. It’s about to officially land in my ascendant/first house, Aquarius. This 12th house article gave me some relief, thank you!! I hope most of the work is already done – and it won’t be as insane as the 12th house transit because I did the work from 2008-2023. In 2009 I was a chronically ill single mom and took a job promotion 2000 miles from my family. My health issues exploded in early 2011 and I had to fight to keep my job/my livelihood until 2018. In 2011 I learned to meditate, dug realllllly deep and took the plunge to go to 7 years of Chinese medicine school while still working full time and being mom full time, far from my family/support system. I knew I would find the cure through eastern medicine – it took 10 years to finally find it. I healed myself 2 years ago (!!!!) and I get to give the gift of healing to patients going through everything I went through – and everything else. I change so many lives, I give patients their lives back. I have never been more passionate about anything. It is my life’s purpose and the struggle was worth it but there were days I literally thought I was going to die powering through 14-hour days with 1 day off a week for 7 years while chronically ill. Happy to be on the other side but I really just want to marinate for a minute before Pluto challenges me again in my first house. Letting out a sigh as I type this!

  2. Having Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th natally, tightly conjunct my ASC… I relate to this very much. I can’t say I’d wish this path on anyone… but you are right that in the “end” – I’ve been liberated, humbled, and resurrected… and because of all that – fully in my power. True power that heals, honestly just surviving it all and becoming a better human because of it in the end is how I know I am a positive demonstration of my power. It’s allowed me to access the higher end and for a Pluto Scorpio Rising, thank God for it, ’cause the possibility for destruction is Pluto enormous, indeed.

  3. I’ve been challenged my whole life. Jupiter in Virgo near my 2’34” Virgo asc. and born in ’68 with Pluto/Uranus conj. also in the 1st. (third decan). Progressed chart has my sun in-between this conjunction. I’m healing after decades in pain. Elsa the explanation of your experience of 12th house Pluto feels true for me with set up. I thank you for your dedication to the truths of life. I dub you World Teacher as this site is indespensible for a changing world. Jenni- Ohio

  4. Listened to all 3 videos, good stuff. A lot about loss, there’s this air of finality to Pluto transits. Does that however mean there’s no going back? If relationship or friendship is lost when Pluto went through 7th/11th, is it for good? If you lost a friend/partner during this transit, let me know please, was it a permanent loss?

  5. Not necessarily a permanent loss but the connections are transformed so on some level, yes. The loss is permanent because the thing you had died or ended and now it’s something else…

  6. As the first commenter on the post you referred to at the beginning of this post, last week I purged things I had held on to for over thirty years that reminded me of nightmares and other things that have reminded me of every negative thought and things I had said and done. I burned them and felt immediate peace of mind.

    Just a few months ago, I had a dream of being alone at night in a strange area and came upon a lake of dark water. I got out of the car to try to go back, but it was pitch black. When I turned around, the car was submerged in the water and I saw the tail lights thru the murky depths. My phone was in the car, too.

    I woke up terrified but finally, I just surrendered and accepted that I alone had to face my darkness.

    It does help a lot when you let go and stop trying to control that which cannot be controlled.

    I am doing better so far than I have in years.

    Also, there are times when I get strong psychic knowing. It hasn’t been wrong yet.

    Your posts do provide a light down into the darkness. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Phone= communication tool. Car= transportation tool. You were successful (in my minds eye) of changing (dissolving) what you allow in your conscious and subconscious mind. Dreams are such great aids in helping us!

  7. Wow this is so accurate. This explains my Pluto transit in Scorpio 12th house to my Sun and Saturn. My Sun and Saturn are conjunct. The gift was being freed, from my prison. My first marriage. I met the love of my life when Pluto was in Sagittarius. I feel so blessed that God granted me that chance to truly experience what love is supposed to be. Here are some crazy coincidences. I was 22 when I married my first husband. It lasted 19 years. I was 44 when I married my 2nd husband it lasted 19 years. I am almost 68 so I missed my 66-age mark for a third marriage. That would have been cool though.

    1. Wow – loving the take with the sun & saturn involved aswell! … and pluto gets such a bad rep! good to hear the 12th house prison metaphor in the positive.

  8. I have survived Pluto transiting my 10th, 11th, and 12th houses (I normally use Placidus). But that ended in 2015 when it hit my ASC. Natally my Pluto is at 29° Libra and it’s the most elevated planet in my chart (conjunct Saturn, fun lol) so it’s conjuncted every single planet in my chart so far except for my Mars in Aquarius and my moon in Cancer (but it did oppose my moon around the same time it hit my 1st house as I was born during a lunar eclipse and my ASC is right on that axis).

    I feel like my entire life has been one big Pluto transit. Nataly I have Pluto square Venus and I’m currently experiencing a Pluto square Pluto transit and Pluto conjunct my Mercury at 28° Capricorn.

    Some days I feel great, some days I feel like I’m dying. I will say that my personal power/authenticity has undergone multiple significant transformations for the better and I know this is a very good thing in the end. But it’s definitely NOT an easy process.

    I’ve been really interested in Sabian symbols lately as they give you a lot more insight into natal placements and James Burgess has a wealth of knowledge on the subject so I’m often on his website or YouTube channel. He has a fascinating video about Pluto transits; his main argument is to not resist and try to work out the change that needs to be made before it’s forced upon you.

    I think this is absolutely a key to minimizing suffering as much as possible during the process. He also talks about the fact that the things that seem so critically important right now will not likely be very important or maybe even remembered down the line. I think that’s important to keep in mind too, although that’s easier said than done.

    We have to remember that Pluto is our friend, stripping away what is false so we can live authentically and fully. I already feel like Kate version 12.0 or something (lol), I can only imagine what I’ll feel like once Pluto stops hammering my chart.

    I’m 40 and Pluto won’t really aspect my chart at all once it’s past my Mars at 15 Aquarius, unless I live to be quite a bit over 100. What a Capricorn-type thing to do, get all the hard stuff out of the way in the beginning haha. I often wonder what this is setting me up for later in life.

    I love what you said about feeling ready to return any serves that come your way, I think that’s a great way to describe it. Just try me, I am ready 😉

    1. Absolutely love this! love Sabien symbols – just starting to discover them – Just had/ on the last leg of my pluto square and had been brainstorming the internet & I came across ‘Face Pluto, look him in the eyes and work with him’ … think I paraphased …I’ve still got some big pluto transits down the line … wouldn’t like to take you and Elsa on in a game of doubles! lol!!! Wishing you much pluto Gold down the other side of that cappy mountain!

      1. Haha, same to you Mich! You’re wise to seek some guidance at this time. Thank goodness we have Elsa and this group of Astro lovers! It’s also pretty great that you can see the rest of the transits coming and plan ahead a bit.

        I think seeing change as a friend and just being open/accepting of what comes our way is always wise. One of my favorite quotes is “it’s not so much about what happens in life, it’s what we do with what happens that really matters.”

        It’s not an easy process, but really, what of value in life comes easily? Not much, and I’m pretty certain that’s by design. Astrology is sooo interesting and complex, I don’t know that I’ll ever fully understand it. But I’ll keep trying.

        Much love, Kate

        1. awww TU – and wise quote … had some neptune going on & I’m starting to get that I can control nothing except my reaction! though I got a long way to go on that! … … just properly been looking at my chart this afternoon – when pluto entered my 12H in placidus – some relationship dynamics were at an all time plutonic low – but that was also the time when I started to get into Astrology!!! then the next time it went over the 12H cusp was around when we had the pluto, saturn conjunction of 2020 (I guess the whole world felt that!) if felt super tough … lots of fear – the obvious, but also the prospect of homeschooling! (done a 180 deg turn on some of that fear now … not the homeschooling bit! lol!) … then further into my 12H had a tough experience during my pluto square (whilst loved one had pluto opposite their sun – both were linked) but luckily had astro to help! (this experience also marks my 12H cusp in equal house! #can’t make it up!) … I got pluto square my mercury just after your mars square … then I think the next hard pluto transit will be over my AC but in the last decan … it’ll then square my chiron & Sun just as it’s gone into my first house … I’m hoping my tennis arm will be flexed and ready!! for those last two! After listening to you guys I’m sort of glad they are just in the 1st instead of just tucked in the 12th … but still pluto squares and very close together! Yowzahs! lol!! xx

          1. A super important insight! I have a love/hate relationship with Neptune lol. I’ve also found it’s all about responding intentionally and not automatically reacting so for me it’s usually about slowing down.

            Thanks for sharing Mich. It’s funny, I used to really be concerned about choosing the “right” house system, but like you mentioned I think they all are a part of the mix.

            I’m starting to think that really it all boils down to Pluto removing my fear so I can start living life more fully. Once you’ve hit your rock-bottom, what’s left to lose, right? Says the women with the highly Saturnian chart (including Pluto pretty tightly conjunct Saturn in my 10th house) haha.

            I imagine you’re going to come out the other end the diamond version of yourself 😉 And luckily you know about some of this a bit in advance so you can work with it intentionally. What a difference that makes. I wish you not just luck, but to maybe even enjoy the ride! 💕

            1. yay another member of gen. Pluto conjunct Saturn! think mines in 8H or 9H (2 deg orb) … yes, not stressing different systems anymore either … having a sneak peak at all! well 2-3! amplifies the fun! lol! … “what a difference it makes” ….soooo true!!!it does go some way to ‘enjoying the ride’ for sure!! … swotting up on Pluto square mercury already …defin need to learn to ‘button it’ by the looks of it! better start practicing! lol!!! I’ll call on Neptune to help me slow it down and not automatically react! thanks for the tip!! xx

    2. I am 40 too, so we have a lot of the same placements in our chart apart from the personal planets.

      It has been really interesting reading about your transit.

      I feel like the same – that my whole life has been one long, transformative period up until now! Pluto has been killing it (so to speak), with my many natal placements. I have my natal moon at 12 degrees Libra too, so she has had quite the knockout too during this time. Oh, and the South node on the Cancer-Cap axis as well as Mars in Cap.

      Almost all my progressed planets are in Cap too, except for Mars (Aquarius) and the progressed Moon, and my natal 12th house is Cap.
      Gahhh ….

      But I guess there has been some REEEAAALLY HEAVY generational trauma to work through, at least that’s how my own Pluto transit has shown up.
      All the family sickness and diagnoses has been standing in line,so to speak (the natural Cancer opposition sign-wise I guess), and my Asc will be crossed by Pluto in 2024 at 1 degree-ish Aquarius.

      I am no tennis player, but neither am I able to stand all the fake *beep* and humans out there anymore.

      This has been an overhaul of EVERYTHING in the widest sense possible, and I think I will feel like the cat in the dark, when Pluto returns to the light. *Argh! Shut off the lights! I can’t see!*

      But whoosh, what a decade! *exploding head smiley*

      I once read this caption
      “No job, no boyfriend, no money. No problem”.

      I don’t know, but somehow it fits!

      1. Anette, thanks for sharing your perspective! I see you and I have had a lot of similar experiences/are both currently taking a beating.

        I can’t stand so much about this current world (I abhor what social media has done to our society and I stay as far away from it as I can for my own sanity) and the oh-so-obvious collective purging can be tough to take as well. I tend to stay home a lot lol

        But I think that part is really important, the change begins with us and I need to be in my own energy and not distracted to focus on my personal growth.

        I’ve only recently learned about generational trauma, so it’s not 100% clear to me how it all works, but I definitely see it happening on all levels.

        I’m already so much more empowered at this point and I know on the other side of this I’m going to look back at it all and smile, but the feeling of stumbling around in the dark surrounded by shadows that hurt my heart so badly can just be really tough. Because of course we still have to live our lives as all this is going on.

        I like that quote, I do feel like I can get by just fine by being authentically me at this point. I’d rather have almost nothing in my life that’s true and real, versus a bunch of fake crap and people.

        I seriously doubt we would be going through all this for nothing, so I am trying to be very excited about the future. Hang in there!

  9. Pluto is still transiting my 12th. A few friends have died. I am having a lot of dental work like root canals. I’m more isolated working from home due to vision issues. I had double cataract surgeries, plus double PCO YAG laser procedures. I’m accepting the home time because there’s no alternative. My manager asked if I’m ever returning to work the mandatory 3 days? I said I’m having floaters after the procedures and I couldn’t say. I have a doctor’s note until next April. Radical acceptance of what is. Grateful for silver linings, sending my sister in the nursing home a Grub Hub delivery since I’m not driving. Grateful I can work from home.

  10. I was fifteen when Pluto hit my 12th house, and bit by bit, every single thing I thought was stable came unravelled. Both my parents died, then extended family, then friendships, illness hit, job losses, homelessness for a short while… I wasn’t really aware of Astrology back then and just thought this was what adult life was like.
    Looking back, everything was just so raw. Every new thing that came at me seemed to peel one more layer of skin off me until it got to the point I just wanted to hide myself away forever.
    But, get through it I did. As I was squirming in the darkness, I noticed that where I was flayed felt different, stronger and more capable. I’m not saying that Pluto entering Capricorn was all rainbows and unicorns, but as it has travelled through my 1st house, a sense of solidity has become apparent, that I actually now have something to work with. Oh, and learning Astrology has really been useful and liberating!

    1. This is very inspiring, thank you for sharing it, I want to say sorry you had it so raw, it just sounds such a lot. Were their any transits that marked you finding astrology? or can you remember how you did? totally resonate with ‘useful and liberating’!

      1. Hi! Thank you for your comments! I’m not entirely sure, but I *think* Astrology entered my life when transit Uranus was conjunct my Pisces Moon and trine my Scorpio Uranus. I remember I was researching chance encounters with strangers, which led to Karmic connections, then soul mates and the like, then eventually, Astrology. I’ve been hooked ever since!

        1. Nice!! … just looking as some old astro scrawl of mine & think I started to discover it a year before I thought I did … on the back of numerology somehow (I was in an 11 year & I’m an 11! lol!)… I was reading the wrong Rising signs for full moon/ new moon readings in hindsight! then finally had a reading a year later which helped me get my head around it properly … then the addiction seriously began!!! lol!!

  11. Elsa!!!! Have you thought of publishing your pluto in the 12th house experience??! between my Taurean sun preferring a paper book to nestle down with squaring my Aqua AC who is saying – you’ve got the link saved in your email with all the posts tagged … I’ve still not read hardly any of these posts! only ones I’ve come across by chance/ direct links from newsletter! Believe me, I’m willing my Aqua AC to win out!! for God sake, just sit at that screen and click!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. “You’re naked & raw & you accept staggering losses bc the things you had are gone. They can not be resurrected but at some point you realize that YOU can be resurrected.” –Pure poetry!! Thanks. Pluto is confusing.

    Coming out into the sunshine sounds awesome, but I have Pluto in 12th natally, conjunct Sun, Uranus & Mercury, and SQUARE MOON! ⚡🌪

    My Pluto 12th House Transit was birth to age 7!

    I’m quiet and controlled on the outside: conditioning.

    On the inside…Well, now that my folks are gone, maybe I can finally start spilling this out in my writing.

  13. Pluto in the 12th in my natal chart (whole sign houses) it transited across my AC between 1973 and 1976, age 15 to 19.
    That was a total liberation, I was bold, courageous, strong and clever, I took risk and won confidence. My family dragged me to a psychologist because of my rebelliousness (they couldn’t bring the timid, scared and quiet girl I had been together with my teenage metamorphosis)
    That man said to me congratulations, you are wise for your age and see clearly. You are not the problem your parents have. Don’t get involved in their problems, if you can. On the way home they were dying to know what he told me. I said thank you, it was nice seeing the psychologist. He said all I need to do is to shut up and I will take his advice. Silence.

    Born with Mercury retrograde, it stationed direct conjunct my Sun during those years, that certainly helped…a lot. In a way, that first house pluto transit defined my whole life.

    And now I can’t wait until this dreadful long Pluto transit through the 4th is finally over!

    1. (Ugh Pluto is finally almost through my 4th. Lost my brother, almost my sister, then dad, then mom. My new house has been a roller coaster.)

  14. As soon as Pluto entered my 12th house in 2010, I lost most of my friends & family (long story which I’ve mentioned on this forum previously), and was laid off from an amazing job that I loved and had for 10 years. I still kept my awesome cheap apartment that I lived in for 11 years, thankfully (and kept it for another 11 years after that).

    Before Pluto in the 12th, I was a very creative, sociable person, with several large groups of diverse friends, going to fun artsy & activist parties every weekend. When it entered the 12th, I self-secluded, got part-time work, and returned to school for 5 years to upgrade as a professionally-designated accountant, at which I excelled.

    It was a 180 turn, and my old, party-going friends may have been shocked to learn that I returned to school to become a ‘boring’ accountant. I don’t care what people think — it was time to shed that skin and move on. I’m glad and grateful to have had such a fun decade, however. Made me appreciate Pluto in the 12th all the more.

    I enjoy my current stable career, bought a condo in the most expensive city in my country, and lead a quiet life now. The broken ties with family doesn’t really bother me, as my parents were abusive and ‘toxic’ to my mental health. I enjoy my independence and peaceful life.

    Pluto will exit my 12th house in 2024 for good. I’m looking forward to what lies ahead, and discovering how (or if) I’ll use what I’ve learned from my Pluto in the 12th transit. It’s not so bad!

  15. Just wanted to say that despite already so many posts Elsa made about Pluto/12th house transit, there can never be one too many. Enjoying all the comments in this thread so thank you to Elsa for this post and also to everyone sharing their experience here.

  16. This post is such a responsible and generous sharing. The original post laid a solid foundation, thanks again Elsa!
    This post made me research and investigate my 12th house transit—beginning in September 2004. Two significant events happened that year 1st I sold my family home, after a series of events seemed to leave me no other choice. 2nd my long-term partner and I legally married, almost to the day Pluto began transiting my 12th house Capricorn
    Condensed story: over the following 15 years all my former definitions of “safety and stability” flushed with the out going tides over and over again
    My marriage and the character of each of us, individually and as a couple has been volcanic. Burning and cooling to unearth issues of two very different origin stories- a Midwest American labor class white man a native Hawaiian woman raised in an occupied military island Hawaii with so many. Entanglement to sort. Pluto in my Hawaiian culture is Pele the elemental goddess of fire, Vulcanism, maker of new land.
    Those transit years has taught me to see and hear, smell and feel my ancestral obligation and responsibility while living with the white man— literally. Now the 12th House transit complete, I am a grandmother with a real generation to serve as an example of living in harmony with the whole of life, holding firm my boundaries while being flexible because I have learned the truth of who I am. Multi-faceted and spiritually connected through my reconnect with my ancestral core values that are alive now.
    Whew hard work and love-infused. Where is “home” and what is marriage and what is it not:
    Pluto and Saturn are teaching me their ways

  17. I had looked this up, before, but since I wasn’t sure, I checked the epremeris section of (online encyclopedia… as are other sites).

    Pluto transited my 12th house from around the time I started grade 1 (1st year of school) until my final year of high school – age 17, here. That summer, I decided that I was intent on learning to be fluent in the majority language of where I was born: Québec (in Canada, still, so far).

    I don’t much follow politics – any variety – except brief moments of fact checking. I just wanted to be able to have real conversations with the other half+ population people who were born around where I was.

    That’s one of the ways Pluto through my 12th house erased some fears and shyness. I was polite for years, while some disbelieved that I wasn’t francophone from the cradle – Libra Ascendant, aspecting much of my natal chart…

    During my Pluto through my 12th house years, I did a great many verb conjugaision excercises, as well as many vocabulairy lessons: long arduous – happy – times. When Pluto crossed into my 1st house, I was enrolled in an advanced level of instruction – NB my previous courses (beginner level) gave me a solid basis, similar as if I’d learned French in babyhood.

    Oh. Roger than that, where I really resonate with what Elsa wrote about Pluto transit… Due to retrogrades, Pluto’s transit to my Moon lasted freakishly long, and, was freakishly painful. But, since then, I so very much don’t care about random strangers’ opinions. People close to me, yes, within reason. (Moon= public in general)

    Thank you, Elsa, for documenting your own saga! For shining a light into the dark. A pioneer, as much as tout grandfather was.

    Thank you.

  18. I have a Capricorn 12th house, that houses, my sun, moon and mercury. The question I was asked from Pluto – can I handle pain? I can. Now I’m being asked to look at pain in a new way – now the question is, can I handle witnessing pain in others, in all of its beauty without trying to rescue them from it.
    Loss figured prominently during the Pluto in Capricorn transit. It plucked off each of my immediate family members one by one. To be honest the shock in it all was the fact that they were each hidden enemies. Or as one of my mediumship teachers shared, they were all a part of the conspiracy of love. I even lost my oldest child, even though he’s still alive. My chronic inflammation and illnesses waxed and waned. I started the transit working in western medicine. I ended the transit applying all of the eastern medicine techniques I learned.
    There was a period of time in the summer of 2016, where I was surveying the land, reflecting on all of the destruction that had taken place between 2008–2015. And just like a light switch all of these mediumship abilities appeared. I was not prepared for that, however, it’s been such a beautiful healing tool.
    I have Mars conjunct the south node at 4° of Aquarius. My ascendant is at 8° Aquarius. I’m approaching the light and it’s difficult to see. I definitely have photosensitivity now and I’m using somatic bodywork to prepare my physical body for the next round.
    Witnessing how humans co-create their pain has proven to be the most difficult – there’s nothing left except compassion.

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