Weird Encounters With Uranus In 7th House

My lumbar spine scolosisI have Uranus in the 7th house. I tend to meet eccentric people who are often highly intelligent. Being aware of this via astrology, I know how to deal with them.

That’s my spine. One of these weirdos fixed that thing in an hour!  That was how long the first surgery took.  Two days later, I had a second surgery to bolt it all down. It’s now three weeks later. I went to my follow up appointment with my surgeon, who doesn’t know me, by the way.

Nurse came in, I told her I was doing well. No pain.  Surgeon came in…

“Well there you are. You are one tough chick,” he said.  I think this is because I got by on Tylenol 3 in the hospital, plus I could get up and walk, unassisted, immediately after surgery. I could also climb stairs.

“Yeah,” I said. “Ask me my pain level,” I said.

“It says here, zero.”

“That’s right. You fixed this thing. I have no pain at all. I’m happy and appreciative and grateful.”

“I don’t know what to make of you.  You came in here one time, like a year ago. I never saw you again until you were lying on the operating table.” I laughed. “I didn’t know who you were.”

I imagined him walking in, seeing me there and asking, “Who is this person?” Like I dropped from the sky onto his operating table. “Yeah, I know,” I said.

“Your hair is different. Was it darker?”

“Yes, I am growing out my grey.”

“You do something with numbers, right?”



“No. You think that. You supposed that, so I let you because you were busy at the time.” He laughed.

“That reminds me of my college roommate. He said it’s not what you know it’s what they think they know.” I nodded.

“Are you letting me go now?” I asked. “Are you done with me?”  He looked surprised and amused.

“Well… yeah. But wait! Can you come back in five months and let me see another x-ray?”

“Of course. I’m happy to do that.  Can you make sure my primary care doc gets the x-ray of the job you did.”

“That should be automatic.”

“Good. Because I’m going to talk about you all over the place and make sure everyone is sent here to get help.”

“Well okay – we’ll answer the phone.”

On that, he gave me a fist-bump. His mask was half off his face. I think mine was also half off my face. I always say, you project your 7th house. I am not excluded from this!

I’ll get you guys a picture of my new spine asap. Brace and PT, unnecessary! I was told not to overdo it and I agreed to follow the instruction.

Do you have Uranus in your 7th, natally or by transit?

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  1. The transit is going to come around for me. Ascendant is at 28 degrees Scorpio. Progressed moon in Aquarius right now. When it started I joined a landlord association that is quite an eclectic group. Meeting a bunch of unusual people because of having to rent properties feels very Uranus in Taurus to me.

  2. Good article. I can relate to this. I have Uranus in my 11th house, so I have excellent and eccentric folks as friends. Always fascinating people. Always learn from them. With the Sun also being in my 11th, most of my friends think I am eccentric – but I am a Saturn in Capricorn conservative!! Enjoy every bit of life as much as I can!! I feel it is all your Capricorn planets in your first house that is giving you the strength!

  3. What a great story!
    Uranus is in my 6th House, sextiles a 7-8th House conjunction to Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo. My legacy (traditions and ancestry) are revolutionized by extreme solutions and health-related story lines as medicine. The partnership and marriage my husband is probably weird to most; and pretty weird and wonderful to me.

    1. Weird is good. Other than mercury Uranus, do you have other aspects to Uranus? You don’t seem to like your natal mercury Uranus aspect right? Do you have a negative relationship with uranian stuff? Or just nervous about a new transit?

      Uranus is transiting my 4th and like, I don’t know. I’m experimenting with unhealthier richer food. I don’t look forward to Uranus hitting my moon or mars, I’m nervous and unproductive as it is.

      I can say that I’m having a crappy time with my Neptune transit.

      I’m listening to Free by Ultra Nate (a very old song.) I started listening to it during my Uranus ascendant trine transit. I have to say it was a nice reminder and I got in touch with my fashion sense at the time. I enjoyed that aspect.

      1. Opp to chiron in aq, always the odd one out. (moon*sun loose yod with chiron, with uranus at the other end). So I am usually okay with the unusual. After all, do unto others —, right? But I have had to separate out bad weird, like radical just to be radical, or screws loose thing. I have uranus square neptune out of sign natally, but now that neptune has progressed to scorpio, it would be in sign by progression. And a loose out of sign uranus saturn trine, now in sign with saturn’s progression into sag. The one I am not fond of is the mars sesqui uranus, which can get me into trouble. Natal mars being rx helps with that. So the trying transits are mars uranus ones. When uranus conjuncted my natal mars, well not pleasant, but that’s long time over now. Had to learn me some copin skills. After answering you, I am going to look more at the progressed aspecting for some additional insight. Oh, and natal uranus will be going retro by progression.

        Transits don’t make me nervous. Crazy vindictive mean people make me nervous. It is good to know what is coming, so I can consider, especially those planetary pileups when I am about to be blasted.

        1. In my simplistic understanding, I feel like chiron in Aquarius the way it’s aspected would complicate your situation with Uranus and maybe put you on your guard.

          What coping skills did you learn?

          1. Grounding Kri grounding. Had to ground with all the sizzle. And making relaxation time. And developing focus discipline. I always have alot to do and being fried and paralyzed is never comfortable. I learned somehow that instead of being paralyzed to just start walking around and taking care of things. The energy had to be channeled somewhere.

            There is no recipe for uranus chiron. There is no recipe for uranus. There is a recipe for what I was told I should be. That recipe was not my recipe. I didn’t have a recipe. Uranus has to do with individuality I think. Groups don’t like that. Other individually minded people do. My message is Do You. Nothing outside of me could ever define me. I just can’t relate to the programs. I know it’s hard when a person wants to belong to something, be defined by association to group. I wanted that too for awhile but that’s not my journey, it’s just not allowed for me. If I believed in past lives, maybe I do maybe I don’t, I would have lived lives in cults, no self, no decisions to make, no finding out who I was. Like my old pal told me, It’s hard to be an individual.

  4. Way to take a major surgery in stride! My husband has Uranus in the 7th too. I guess that makes me highly intelligent, if a bit eccentric? I could do worse, though I dress pretty conservatively and think I blend in pretty well. I should mention I have a retrograde Uranus in my 1st.

  5. By transit. I had been searching for a place to rent in a remote place several hundred miles away for months, with no luck. We went to a music session while staying there last year and I mentioned it in passing to the accordion player during the break. We were introduced by his eccentric friend, a long-haired guitarist in a floppy hat, who entered the room with his dog and promptly handed me his guitar to look after while he went to the bar. So the accordion player then just basically decided, on the spot, to let me his flat for 6 months. An amazing view of the harbour with a balcony, a year ago today I found myself living a completely different life away from home while I studied. I started going along to the sessions and open mic nights, taking part. It was social and liberating. Then, due to lockdown it all just stopped. I had to cut short my stay and move back home unexpectedly. We remain friends and it also triggered a whole life change for my ex-landlord, a Capricorn. I’m waiting for the next thing now. I am hating the boredom of lockdown and want to shake things up. But you can’t engineer the unexpected!

  6. Avatar

    I also have 7th house Uranus too and I love this exchange 🙂

    There was a whole year where I met weirdos on the bus, who wanted to talk to me, out of the blue. Volunteering with a tech weirdo right now to help more healthcare workers & other folks at homeless shelters

    Ah shucks, your face mask comment put me into a mini-anxiety spiral lol, because I’m working closely with people really affected by the virus. Not fun (Sorry, sh*t I also have Scorpio Saturn on my descendant. Ughhh. Saturn is no joke) Y’all seem blessed in some kind of magic halo in my mind however

    Anyway, thanks for this ode to weirdos 🙂

  7. Hmm, was about to say that I’ve never met anyone with uranus in 7th house but my friend has it. It was instant friendship. Otherwise we’re both introverted with 4th house personal planets emphasis. We complement each other well. I have uranus in 1st so I need my freedom, she has it in 7th so she needs her space, we’re caring with each other but also we don’t have to communicate very, very often, we can wander around then come back like nothing changed and usually nothing changes. It’s also great that we have 9th and 11th synastry stuff going on which is fun, endearing and helpful but then we’re also cap rising/ cancer rising. Sorry I strayed off a bit on the topic, but hey, uranus also rules friendships. 🙂

  8. Saturn was in Leo my 7th house when I was in university. I had absolutely no chance of a relationship bein all fat and stuff, but I cemented a lot of my truest friendships at the time. Before that I didn’t really have real friendships at all. My Saturn is in the 11th and it has all taken time. Will it last? I sure want it to.

  9. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Yep – 7H Uranus @ 29 degrees…

    I used to call myself a “shit magnet” because every fricking oddball would find me! In my youth I didn’t understand this, thought it was a curse – LOL! Once I understood that like attracts like, and accepted that I am a tad on the odd side, I no longer am a shit magnet. I have learned to appreciate myself and those with quirkiness. There’s ALOT to glean from us weirdos! Another thing I attribute to my 29 degree Uranus is that I easily bolt when I’ve made up my mind. It’s kind of shocking… no pun intended… although that is kinda funny.. Uranus, shocking.

  10. Uranus AND Neptune in 7th house. Is this why I meet so many weird people, and why they don’t really bother me like they would others?

  11. Yes! Uranus in the 7th trine Mercury on my 12th house cusp. I am the biggest weirdo I know and my husband is the second biggest weirdo. I love being weird. I’m never bored except when I’m forced to be around others who are too normal. Lol!

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