The MC/IC Axis

“Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone; for the heroes of all time have one before us, the labyrinth is fully known; we have only to follow the thread of the hero-path. And where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence; where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.”
— Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a Thousand Faces)

Once you have a grip on the career/outer orientation of the MC and the home/inner of the IC it is interesting to note their interconnectedness. Where you come from impacts where you’re going. Where you are in the outer world impacts your inner world. What impacts one, impacts the other. Your family of origin impacts your career and the home you make for yourself. Your home and career impact your children’s future home and career. It’s very much personal but also familial.

Does your MC/IC axis represent your familial archetypes?

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  1. I have


    Just thinking about this today–trying to make sense of it. In the big bad world I fare well, am able to stick up for myself, be detached, have a voice.

    At home in the intimate world I am stifled, afraid, weak.

    I am really trying to figure this out. I have been living alone for the last 9 months because I realized I don’t know how to live in an intimate environment with someone else without ending up being/feeling hurt.

    I was called my guy’s wife today. I thought–I like the sounds of that. I better figure this out before we get married and move in together and I fuck up yet another relationship by going about it the wrong way.

  2. I don’t know why, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this concept.

    MC in Pisces, conjunct true node
    IC in Virgo, conjunct Pluto

  3. Oh, and my mother’s Saturn in Taurus sits on my Chiron. My Dad’s Scorpio stuff loosely conj. my MC. Yes. Yes yes yes.

    I have a chart loaded in familial stuff. And our synastry is tight. It’s painful, but I know I belong here, for good or ill.

  4. good stuff again satori!

    MC is conjunct my Jupiter Taurus
    IC is conjunct by Neptune Scorpio

    I get the Jupiter part loud and clear. My home life growing up was murky and confused yes, lots of fog which has now become lost in the mist of history. I’m not sure yet how it’s moving forward into the future.

  5. My dad is a strong Scorpio patriarch. I have Neptune on the IC in the last degrees of Scorp. My family dissolved then and has done so with my own children now. Every 3 years or so I move – majorly – and change the work I do quite dramatically. So home is nebulous. Taurus on the MC and the work I do is always ‘manifesting’ and practical in some way eg worked many years in a dark room colouring film and now working with the gold that bees make in their darkness. Also worked with water treatment for a long time on farms and now working with people’s body-minds healing with the help of astrology….all quite Scorpionic even though Scorpio is in the 3rd/4th and not in the 10th. My mother is a Gemini Sun who has taught me much about nature and yoga. Her father was an intellectual (drunk) with a love of the stars. She has never ‘achieved’ in her working life and I guess this translates into me as an ability to keep shifting even though there is a thread. The addictions (Neptune) run through also although there is enough Irish blood to stave off too much guilt and destruction. The love of the divine is also there – hopping and skipping through the lineage – again Neptune angular and IC.
    Thanks Satori, an interesting challenge

  6. Is Joseph Campbell anything but long winded?! That is how I loves me my intellectuals! But seriously now, I am a person who has Chiron on the MC and Saturn on the IC, opposing each other in a dance I can’t hope to fathom. If you don’t know where you come from you will NEVER know where you are going.

  7. No way, my IC is Aquarius and my parents aren’t remotely Aquarian, my upbringing was not remotely Aquarian!

  8. Here’s a funny tidbit. In April 2006 the sun was on my MC and the moon on my IC. Round about the time my second husband asked me to marry him. Trying the traditional thing again. Got the parents up here.

    How did that work out for me? Parents were happy.

    Interesting marker because the transiting sun is once again on the MC. When that goes exact tomorrow, the moon will already have finished its dance on my Asc (that was today).

    Living relationships the way I want to rather than trying to live my parents’ relationship. What a freaking concept.

    That’s about as far as I’ve gotten with this MC/IC stuff.

  9. PS. Also, I have dude gods around the IC – Quaoar, Ixion and Mars. And goddesses around the MC: Sedna, Black Moon Lilith. Also a wide conjunction to North Node.


  10. IC in Libra (my dad’s sun conjuncts this, and I have pluto in scorp in the 4th)
    MC in aries

    Be perfect, get accepted socially, please others (what they told me to be) VS. Don’t care what people think/progress in any form or shape (what I am).

    In an ironic, simplified way, my father’s family believes in being Aries to get to Libra, THE goal. But I have no Libra, so I’m just Aries.

    Confused? They’re saying, “It’s okay to rebel until you get to where you want to be, then you have to conform to our traditional family.”

    But I’m saying, “Uh, no.”

    I don’t have the “perfect” gene. My nose is crooked, I have a voldemort side, and I’m too strange. But I have staying power because I’m the first grandchild. I’m still queen, and it’s because I am the outcast. The grandchild born after me is a Libra. She’s really social and takes some of the weight off. It’s nice that I can sit back in my throne and relax.

  11. My MC is in Aquarius IC in Leo. Not sure about this representing my family. My moon is in Aquarius, my mom wore the pants and ruled the roost. Hahaha she is born the year of the rooster.

  12. I think mine traces my journey from home to the world. IC goes from Cancer into MC in Sag. Coming from the world my Mother described into the truth of the whole world. Trust me, it’s been revelational.

  13. Great post Satori! I’ve not dived into this too much and it’s now on my radar.

    My IC is in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter. My early childhood was while my father was building his career, which meant a lot of moving. My stay-at-home mom was happy to be so, but instilled in all of us kids to follow our hearts, be trendsetters and reach for the stars. Uranus conjunct MC in Leo.

    I believe I’ve lived this out on my own, since adulthood. I’ve moved many times, as a parent myself, I was (and still am) very unconventional. My career has been an independent one that includes both artistic and technical skill and is published for the whole world to see.

  14. My MC is aries. In my career, I have always considered myself a warrior. It comes to a shock to people who have come up against me in court that I am really mellow in my homelife. I don’t have any need to control my spouse. I married to a loving pleasant man. My IC is in Libra.

  15. I’m like Miss, Aqu MC and Leo IC.
    Saturn is in Aqu, 10 h, opposite Moon in Leo 4th house. So strong family themes. It is also a day/night thing for me too. During the day I am Saturn, hard working and concientious, by night it is time to play and relax.
    Great post/topic

  16. Tropical MC Pisces IC Virgo moon conjunct IC Pluto in 4th

    Sidereal MC Aquarius IC Leo moon still conjunct IC:-)

    My mom isn’t/wasn’t very good at being a mom and both my dad’s(paternal and step father) left when I was very young.We moved around a lot.

    I’ve never held a job for more than 3 months,but I’m now in college.

    I’m not sure if it fits or not.

  17. IC Gemini, hmm let me think. Yes! There is something really black&white, twosided thing, because my parents came from two totally different worlds. Dad from a catholic socialist hardworking family, Mom from an orthodox-like religious family with al lot of sisters ad no freedom. Hard for her, because she is an emotional artistic person. Dad was the only child who went to college in the family and he was a bit spoilt, but he worked hard all his life. After 13 years of marriage my parents separated. So, what archetype should I live up to, with this misty Neptune-Mars conjunction and the NorthNode conjunct my MC???? I still have no idea! Sometimes I wish I married early and had my own family so I would not have to worry about my career. My career is (beside my absent lovelife) my biggest problem still. I am a freedom lover (MC Sag!), a thinker but also artistic (Nept conj MC) and a real socialist and like to work alone, individually (Aq asc). I would like to have my texts published one day, but I haven’t written enough and am still practising. If I can’t make up my purpose/career soon, I will probably be a medical secretary for the rest of my life. Which has nothing to do with the archetypical familyjobs, which were house-owners and carpenters.

  18. Oops, although both my parents work and worked in the care-for-old-people business, my dad as the big boss, my mom as receptionist…

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