Best Case Scenario In Synastry

two loversThis was for a client in regards to a potential relationship:

“There is definite affinity and attraction here as well as long term potential provided both parties want that and are willing and interested in overcoming impediment to being with another.  Notice I said “another” not “each other”. This is because the problems that exist are in each individual, rather than something that comes up when the two of them relate…”

It occurred to me this is probably a best case scenario and I’ve never seen it in this light before.  She’s got challenges and he’s got challenges but they do not necessarily give each other challenges. There is support and stimulation between the charts but they do not burden each other.

Now a person who doesn’t have hold of themselves causes problems and burdens everyone so this couple can still go south, but the trouble is not built in and I think this is cool.

I wonder how many others are lucky like this but don’t realize it.  Hmm.

Does your partner give you problems that you’d not have otherwise?


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  1. Yes I have an ugly 8th house, I gave my first two husbands burdens they don’t have without me. I’m working on ’em. The burdens I mean.

  2. Edited to add to the above: With my first I thought they where so heavy that he couldn’t handle them and thought he was better off without me. So I just left him without ever telling him why, never gave him the option to make his own decision to opt in or opt out. By the time Saturn went into Scorpio I was so stuck in my marriage to my second husband it took me 21 years to get out of it.

  3. Whoops! I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing, daisy. Your 8th house is your 8th house. I am talking a case where synastrically speaking, there are not difficult aspects between the charts. The moons love each other for example. The Saturn contacts are trines…

  4. Gotcha, sorry my mind is obsessed with these second go around transits.

    I guess this second go around of stuff has my brain tweaked. What you speak of I have no idea how it would have turned out.

    All I know is if I could fix my own burdens then I got a better shot at it.

  5. Can the outside challenges for the individuals be prevented from draining the energy out of the relationship? I have seen it happen if commisseration or misery loves company becomes a theme.

  6. I’ve been dating super scorpio stellium guy close to a year now and I have known from very early that we just plain belonged together. Our suns trine each others watery moons and my sun and mercury trines his saturn. My introverted scorp has finally found someone he feels comfortable talking to and i gain so much from that. We lean on each other in a healthy way, we build each other up and with his venus right on my pluto the sex is hottt.

  7. “She’s got challenges and he’s got challenges but they do not necessarily give each other challenges. There is support and stimulation between the charts but they do not burden each other.”

    Yup–describes my relationship:)

    We tease each other because I am generally pretty lucky (Jupiter-ruled) and he is…not so much (Pluto-ruled). Though he has had some killer bouts of luck–few a far between (like winning lottery and a tropical vacation).

    So when he’s gloom and doom and I’m upbeat, he’s giving me a foul look, like–ok smiley. I just poke him and say “that’s why you wanted to date superhappypositivegirl!”

    He is the first person in a LONG time, I feel safe teasing/playing with. Usually people who tease me make me cry (I am too sensitive) but he’s got the right touch.:)

  8. My bf and I had easy compatibility like this, but it wasn’t enough to hold us together. Like Elsa said, he had his own set of issues not related to our dynamic which became insurmountable to him. It’s incredibly painful having a relationship die on the vine that had so much potential.

  9. My last ex really gave me a ton of problems I would not normally have. I felt like a giant weight lifted off me about an hour after he dumped me once I realized I would not have to put up with his crap any more. That was when I started enjoying being single.

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