Pluto Transit 12th House – Mine – Disappearing Act

Pluto is transiting my 12th house, direct now and going in deeper. I am beginning to think it will be impossible to stay in light, much if at all, during the transit.  I feel reclusive while I simultaneously try to social via my Woman’s Club and other venues.  I feel like a submarine that breaks the surface but not for long.  I’m heavy like that and when I show up, you notice.

I have 8-10 years to deal with this and planets in Libra and Capricorn that will be aspected.  I don’t see any point in being concerned about this but this next period does have me raising an eyebrow.

For one thing, Mars is going to be stuck in my 8th house for 8 months starting in November.  I expect to notice this to say the least. I am already up to my neck in awareness of other people’s nefarious activities and wonder just how disgusting it can get.

I also have a solar return chart that I would like to use as target practice but anyway all this sort of blows my plans of being a socialite, lol.  Submarines are rarely invited to dinner parties that I’m aware of, see?

I don’t think this is bad as far as this job goes and this is a relief because people need their jobs.  I’m not to lack insight or be confused or anything like that but I haven’t felt this dense since Pluto transited my Sun and moved from the front row of my yoga class, to the back of the room and eventually dropped off completely.

I can’t say I mind this. I value perspective and a submarine is going to see things that you aren’t.  Also, I feel as if I am the submarine rather than being inside one and this is something I can deal with.

I admit that I don’t like feeling large.  I don’t like taking up excess space but I suppose I’ll get used to and try very hard to maneuver carefully and surface with caution.


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  1. If I were to have a dinner party you would be the FIRST person on my list. unfortunately, if I were to have a dinner party you would probably be the ONLY person on my list. I wish I could be more help.

  2. I just called Leon and his Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn stellium in Scorpio. That helped! I will also try to schedule a marathon convo with Ben.

    Too bad, my husband is often in the void with this new job.

    HQ said he would call tomorrow… hopefully about my book.

    If that book gets published some of this can be channeled through that.

  3. When Pluto transited by 12th I had a very active social life but it was in the dark dens so to speak – quite literally – jazz, blues bars; friends who had cave like lounge rooms etc. Lots of one-on-one phone calls with friends for hours so no the standard social life I guess but I think it can still be quite active with Pluto transiting the 12th so long as the people you’re interacting with can deal with depth. It also happened to be the only time I had so many scorpios around me!

  4. When Pluto transited my Pluto-ruled 12th House I had no idea being light was even an option. I wish I knew about astrology back then…kind of. Maybe I would’ve been scared, I have no idea. I lasted my whole 20s. I had some amazing experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything:)

  5. Ditto, pluto in my twelfth house. Like the sub metaphor, being the sub, rather than in it. Yes, surface people will probably not find us too interesting…

  6. Pluto is in my 12th too but I feel I have no perspective. I don’t feel like a submarine but, yeah, life is more serious these days. I’m an 8th house sun anyway so maybe I’m accustomed to the dark.

  7. Pluto was in my 12th house for years and now it’s in my first. It is exactly like being a submarine. The problem is that when you get out of the deep water it is unbelievably hard to change back and not be a submarine anymore.

    I don’t think I ever will, to tell you the truth. An experience like that becomes ingrained.

    Welcome to the bottom of the ocean. Hey just for metaphor’s sake, check Sedna in your chart. If you’re lucky that thing will be unaspected.

  8. Elsa, I have the exact same situation coming up. Pluto passed into 12th recently (conj mars + jupiter now), mars will be in 8th around this time next month.

    I’m starting over from square zero after a breakup and feeling surprisingly alone in this – Though, keenly aware who I need to stay away from during this time as well.

    Then of course looking forward to t. saturn conj n. pluto (9h) next spring.. and after that the wonderful saturn return (10h).

    Business should be just fine for you Elsa.. I know someone who’ll soon be in dire need of your services 😉

  9. Pluto has been in my 12th house for some 46 years now. It is actually possible to go to dinner parties once in a while, even organising some yourself. You just need some other submariners, and all will be fine

  10. I think submariners’ gatherings are the best out there. You know, there’s only so much to discuss about the weather.

  11. I sure wish I had know about Astrology when Pluto was going through my 12th house, which began when I was 14. Can you say teen-age angst?!

    Elsa, you can point that submarine this way anytime you want- I’ll put on a spread for you and we can throw darts at your solar return! Pluto energy doesn’t scare me.

  12. LOL The submarine matephor is so on point, i even gained significant amount of weight to be able to withstand the depths, people tell me where have i been … i periodically disappear as well… not answer calls, mails, facebook, my Pluto has also now gone deeper into my 12th exactly opposing my 6th house Sun at the moment, i feel some s%$&t (or whats left of it from last years tough transits) is about to hit the fen, but i do not care i will elegantly submerge myself till alls clear … and reappear hopefully all clean & totally oblivious 🙂

  13. I really love this metaphor of the submarine – it fits with Pluto and also with the 12th house.

    Pluto transited my 12th house Scorpio the first 10 years of my life and you can describe my childhood self this way, as a submarine. There is something empowering about that image. It was a confusing time for me and when I approach my SR in Saturn (12th house) I will think about this metaphor. Thank you Elsa!

  14. But you get to party with the whales!

    But seriously, isn’t Pluto in the 12th akin to the 12th house to the power of 12 or something?

    That’s quite the adventure.

  15. I just checked. If my Virgo tob is correct, Pluto was in my 12th house, in Leo then Virgo for most of my childhood – which was drowned, and heavy… entering when I was 2 (when I began to clash with my mother) – but started to get better around the age of 15/16 as he passed over my Asc c12˚ Virgo, due success at school, and transforming friendships – and as I accessed my BML/sexual power

    Alternatively, if as I’ve researching my Asc is in early Scorpio, Pluto entered my 12th house in 1973, the year (Feb) I committed suicide. It stayed there til 1984 the year we moved to Italy… certainly a lot of transformation: sex, loss (inc of self) and death in those years! also marriage, several moves, and two new countries

  16. This is one of the transits that helped to kickstart my anxiety problems, and make them worse – as it opposed my Aries planets, as well. Depending on charts used, it’s in my 11th/12th natally. I actually think I was better off when it was still there – it was after Saturn and Pluto crossed my ascendant that I had more problems anxiety-wise, and eventually became withdrawn.

    I’m sinking with Saturn in the 12th, and Pluto in the 3rd.

  17. To me Pluto is just all about plumbing.

    Still, poor Newbie. The first thing he or she hears is…well, in your case it’s a life long thing.
    Or, as I like to put it, it’s the “key” as in musical key, that you came in on. Say, the Key of B minor, or the Key of G.

  18. Hey Elsa, longtime lurker and occasional poster here, just wanted to offer empathy for you with this transit.

    I went through Pluto in the 12th for the last few years and it’s currently slow-fucking my ascendant. It’s been a hell of a ride through my own personal crap. I dropped out of high school and adopted hermithood for 3 years while dealing with bipolar and drug dependance. I thought I would never NOT be that way, I thought that I would never change and that my worst habits were the only reality I was capable of expressing. But now that it’s all coming to a close, I see now, in the light at the end of the tunnel, that I was buried deep in the earth so I could grow into a new and improved me. Don’t despair, it’s a heavy time, but transformation is a beautiful process 🙂

    just thought I’d offer up my two cents,

  19. Still got about 13 years left of this also. So far (Saturn in 8th too), it has been cathartic in accepting myself as I am – accepting the parts of me that I have severely criticized over the years – not only accepting them but realizing that these parts are what make me unique. Really got that the negative thinking was conducive to years of chronic depression.
    Really don’t care what anyone thinks of me anymore, I know I am a good person. Very liberating.

  20. Oh my gosh, I have pluto transiting my 12th house now – it is nearly on my natal NN. I have mars transiting my 8th – until may 2012. And I am currently being stalked by an ex employer – he won’t do anything that leaves me with solid evidence – instead he leaves porn, food products (always partly destroyed in my garden) – walks past my house etc… So, I am hoping that the pluto is definitely representing the police and not anything worse 🙁 My ascendant is 21 cap – so a long haul through the 12th for pluto – wonder if I can survive this???

  21. Julie, you will survive. I had this transit at the same time as Saturn transit to 8th. It is not easy but it’s going to eventually come to an end and you will still be you. ((julie))

  22. Kashmiri – Thank you – I do hope so. Did you also find that pluto transit was way worse than any saturn one? I wonder if Saturn is the planet of depression and Pluto the planet of fear… Both at the same time must have been so awful.

  23. @julie…I think Elsa and others have said that the Saturn ruled, as I am with Cap ASC, are fear ruled. They are right; and in my case it was fear of loneliness and not being able to measure up. Well, Pluto going through my 12th has really done a number on dispelling this fear for me. Don’t fear saturn and pluto transits. Rather be prepared to accept and like/love yourself more after they do their work.

  24. Avatar

    I just started this transit. Mars has also started transitting my 8th house and Saturn in Scorpio will be in my 10th house conj my pluto and mc. opposing sun and mercury. I am already starting to withdraw from life. Submarine is a perfect description I deep like Im getting deeper and deeper into myself being forced to look at my psyche, habits, and karmic BS that has been fucking up my life honestly for the first time n a while. I miss being social but at the same time I knew it was a facade very few of my friends are my real friends. The few I do have live overseas. The only person I really know who will last is my on and off boyfriend. He’s the only person who understands the things I’m feeling.

  25. Wowza, this series of entries about Pluto in your 12th house is amazing. I can toootally relate. I am a Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini, Capricorn ascendant and just realized today that Capricorn is my ascendant (I’ve been under the impression that I was a Sag rising due to an incorrect birth-time I was told) with Pluto transiting my twelfth house. I’ve been constantly questioning people’s true intentions (though I have other indications of that in my chart as well), am somewhat morbid, feel that I can’t relate with anyone because if I do it’ll be a bulldozer to their perceptions of things, and other such isolating factors. It’s nice to have a means by which I can understand where I’m at. Thanks for sharing Elsa, I’ll be sure to read more.

  26. Pluto has been moving through my 12th since 2002 (my 12th house is intercepted with Sagittarius and Capricorn, so Pluto entered my 12th house when it was at the last degrees of Sagittarius and 14 years on, it’ still in my 12th House Capricorn, will hit my ascendant soon. During this time (over a decade!), I hated to socialize, dreaded going out, turned into a complete introvert to the point where people were convinced I’m depressed (I was outgoing and bubbly before). I just craved solitude… peace of mind depended on my alone time, going out and socializing with people just drove me bats. I spent much of my time, reading and discovered astrology, regression therapy, hypnosis, turned vegan. I am not the same person I was and I don’t think I ever will be. Not sure if it’s a good thing or bad thing but the 12th house is a karmic house, so with a planet like Pluto wedged there for so many years, it’s karma time!

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