Scorpio, The 8th House Inheriting Other People’s Energy

19My husband is a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon. His current Solar Return has the Moon in Scorpio; this will be interesting to watch.

Last week he ordered, Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia – Complete Set in 16 Volumes, 1968 Edition. He’s mechanically inclined but beyond that I know he feels our country is going down. It’s good to know how to fix things…in hard copy!

The books were delivered yesterday. I was taken aback when I saw they were shipped from a pawn shop. I’ve only been in near one pawn shop once in my life. I went with a man who hocked his Corvette, if you can believe that.  He needed a short term loan.

He went back a week later, with the cash to get his car out of hock. The shop owner was surprised and not happy to see him.

We went into the back room to pay the guy. It was thousands of dollars in cash, hundred dollar bills. I’ll never forget what he said as we sat at the table, in regards to the money. “Cough it up.”

My friend counted out the money; he got his car keys back and we left with me, saying a silent prayer that I would never have to witness anything like this again. The energy was just so bad.

“Your encyclopedias came today,” I said. “They came from a pawn shop. Some poor bastard had to go in there and sell his books.”

My husband shrugged. “One man’s bad luck is another man’s fortune.”

Clearly that’s true, but I will never walk by those books on the shelf without feeling a chill. I do expect to use them, though.

He’s not opened the box yet, but I’m pretty sure they have those glossy pages.

How do you feel around “goods of the dead”?

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  1. I love secondhand clothes, and thrift stores are great for this and other household objects. Many, many pieces of furniture, crockery, plates, glasses etc in my home belonged to people who are most likely dead now. When it comes to the dead old ladies’ clothes (one piece even has a name handprinted in spidery old lady scrawl, probably from when she was in a home). Have no problem with it. It’s like getting things passed down from your family, like your grandmother’s china. BTW, I also wear a lot of my mother’s clothes from the 80s/90s, as they are back in fashion – she’s still alive! I think people are too quick to throw away things and buy new stuff because it’s new. There’s so much out there that has lasted so long, looks better, is of better quality and actually works better than new cheaply produced stuff. Secondhand also has a low carbon footprint. Fairer wages and working conditions for whoever made it whenever. So many positive aspects to secondhand things, clothes etc. When it comes to your husband’s encyclopedia, you have no idea how that came to end up in a pawn shop. Maybe someone’s parent passed away and they needed to offload it. Not all pawn shop stories are negative. I have no Scorpio. No Taurus. Aries Chiron and Eros in the 8th. But I think it’s more my Cap Venus (love old things) and triple Aquarius (bringing the old – Saturn – and making it new – Uranus) coming into play.

  2. My husband is a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon.

    And I’m the opposite. That makes him the only the second of those I’ve come across, both male. Never run across my crowd (Sun in Scorpio, moon in Taurus) at all. Weird considering there are only a 144 possible combinations of sun and Moon.

    Last week he ordered, Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia – Complete Set in 16 Volumes, 1968 Edition.

    Sounds nifty! (Although I’d think I’d prefer one from the late 70’s when the general shift to electronic controls started.) I’ve got a complete Encyclopedia Brittanica from 1960, a series of Classic Collection hardcover from the 50’s, and a Gray’s Anatomy from 1942, all of which I inherited from my grandfather, all still useful.

    The shop owner was surprised and not happy to see him.

    Pawn shops are willing to give out high risk loans because they’re getting valuable goods at firesale prices. The pawn broker undoubtably did not want your guy to return because he got a hell of a deal on a used Vette. Maybe even wanted it for himself.

    The energy was just so bad.

    Well, pawn brokers, like payday lenders, are in the business of making money off of desperate people, a very profitable line of work if you’re a cold-blooded SOB. The atmosphere is bound to be bad. I avoid themself. But that specific to those places – EBay is the same thing without the exploitation.

    How do you feel around “goods of the dead”?

    With my grandfather’s stuff – well, he’s dead and he ain’t usin’ no more. I did my best to make sure his stuff, and he had a lot of valuable stuff, went where it would have a good home instead sitting outside in the rain being destroyed or winding up in a garbage dump.

    In your hubby’s case, the previous owner is likely still alive, and I’m sure hubby will take good care of it instead of letting it wind up in the garbage, which was what was likely to happen with something that obscure. Anybody willing to look for something like that is all right in my book.

    But I like old things and I have a lifelong interest in archaeology, history and war, so dealing with the dead is basically mandatory. (And I’ve had Pluto through the 12th and across my sun AND across my progressed sun, so… you know, you get used to it.)

    [‘Gotta let it go at some point.’]

    Of course, I’ve

    1. The interesting part is that we really do not know who owned the books. It could have been that they belonged to the pawn shop owner and that person did not want to simply throw them out. In that respect, your husband has received a much desired inheritance!

            1. I get crap from places I never expected to have a certain type of store – or even existed in the first place.

              [‘Amazon is weird.’]

  3. We speak words of education gleaned from the dead.
    Whomever pawned those books rests peacefully knowing that they, now, are in the best hands that they ever could be.

  4. That encyclopedia is from 1968 – you’ll learn how to fix things that don’t exist anymore. All the new stuff being made are meant for throw away. They actually build it to not last OR, if it’s a car, they build it proprietary so the pieces inside the engine can only be worked on by mechanics that work for their particular brand. Mechanics may claim to be able to fix any car but that’s not the truth anymore (after 1990). You can’t even buy an instruction manual for your own car. It will give you basic operation but not how to fix it if it’s broken. I took an auto mechanics coarse and found out that some car manufactures make everything digital so it “learns” your driving habit and adjusts like the pistons injection of gas into the engine to what it’s expecting from how hard you press on the pedal. BUT, and there’s always a but, it only adjusts itself to its drivers habit after 6 months of driving. So if someone else drives your car and has a different driving habit the “check engine” light will turn on and you will think there is a problem with the engine. why does this matter? Because you take it into a shop and they charge you $40 to clear the digital memory and not because there was any problem with the car. Since the check engine light could be something serious you won’t know the difference between nothing and something severe. Either way they pocket $40 every time you take it in. Make where only your own licensed technicians have that meter which resets the memory and you just generated an additional income stream for your company. I guess the point I’m making is the future won’t have objects that can be fixed on your own. Back in ancient times when the Romans conquered a new town they would pour salt all over the farmers fields so the people would be forced to rely on them for food….it’s the nature of the corporate beast. They need you dependent if the system is to work.

  5. That whole mad max vision of the future is not logical because a future of that kind won’t have gas…and therefore cars…in it. In fact, all things requiring coal(electricity) and oil will be obsolete once the well dries up (the supply is finite). Maybe future inventions using Tesla’s universal magnetic energy will be in place? Something corporations can’t meter and charge for, ya know? It will be like horses and buggies again…but with modern devices that operate electromagnetically. We’ll be like good lil’ Amish communities with fancy devices that work harmoniously with what is already freely available. I don’t believe it will happen without a corporate fight so it will be a mess before things turns this way. When you live in an ivory tower you don’t voluntarily step down from that grandeur to give it all away to some greater good you may or may not believe is possible. If that were true, Tesla’s invention wouldn’t have been scrapped prior to implementation. They only took the inventions he created that they could put on a grid and meter out a cost for…back to that dependence thing.

  6. On a positive note, if you have something expensive, even if they give you very little for it, that just means the cost to get it back out again is that much less. It’s like buying storage with tight security for your more expensive items. They hold it for you, and protect it from thieves, while you walk away with a few bucks in your pocket. That’s a win-win situation if you use it the way it was intended. it’s selling things outright that make you think you were gipped out of a fair price. Pawn shops may appear shady but they’re a blessing because those same goods you feel you were cheated a fair price over are goods you likely would’ve left or gave away if the wolves were scratching at the door and you had no choice. Better to get something than nothing.

    1. Oh dear, I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose that is possible. Some psychics pick up energy of the owner from their possessions. Oh dear. Thrift shopping will never be the same.

  7. Unless I know the owner of the goods, I refuse to buy or keep them. For one, I have allergies to old dust. Like I get seriously sick with a nasty cough. For two, you take on the energies of that person. For three, yard sale/free goods are a no bueno. The energy of the goods are now tinged with a sense of being rejected or cast out instead of being gifted.

    For a long time, a friend kept dropping off bags of clothing and toys for my son. Like I was the Goodwill or something. They were in pristine condition but her son gave me the creeps. Like you know something isn’t right in the circuitry but you can’t put your finger on it. I didn’t want to be rude so I allowed my son to use some of the clothing and play with some of the toys but then my son started acting like that little boy. All sorts of behavioral issues and back talking and disrespect.

    I had to pitch that stuff. Things started to calm down again. She came by yet again, unannounced with more bags of clothing. ? I smiled but declined. We have plenty already! The next day, her husband is hanging out at the neighbor’s house and my son was over there playing. He came back to the house dragging 2 bags of clothing that “Mr. Guy gave me…” Sneaky maneuver on her part to unload her crap on us but I threw it in my trunk and dropped it off for charitable donations. I haven’t spoken with her since.

    Oh and my suspicions about the boy? Proven right. My son is totally forbidden from seeing him again. ?

  8. I have 12th house Scorpio sun with moon conjunct venus in first house. Cancer on 8th house cusp. I was once told I was like a combination of Taurus and Cancer, which may be part of the problem (LOL). I love shopping in thrift stores and my favorite thing to do is refurbish old furniture. Have heard the stories about transference of energy from one person to another and sometimes get skeptical about some items but so far, so good. My 1st house moon is trine Pluto in the 9th, which as I understand it, proffers unto me the gift of transformation. Sun conjunct Saturn – love old things. Not a hoarder though, just like to keep things for a long time.

  9. Pluto in the second square Mars in the fifth. I am all too familiar with pawn shops, garage sales and Goodwill. I don’t give it much thought. Right now I’m living in my ex-husband’s home, surrounded by his dead grandfather’s paintings and art books. I dig the energy. He was a Cancer and was my double Leo ex’s favorite person. I look for every opportunity to teach our double Scorpio son about his ancestors.

  10. Side note: I was watching “Juno” with the ex on Sunday. Juno reminds him of me. I was thrilled to discover Juno had my El Diablo lunchbox displayed in her room. I bought it at a flea market last year to carry as a purse. It actually caused a fight with my boyfriend at the time…Scorpio sun Taurus moon Leo rising. He thought the guy who sold me the lunchbox was hitting on me.

    1. Scorpio sun Taurus moon Leo rising. He thought the guy who sold me the lunchbox was hitting on me.

      I used to rag my ex- about that. She was certain some guy was just being nice. She would stop to talk to somebody, he would see her, eye her, scope out her rack and his eyes would promptly widen and he’d start the patter. I’d rag on her not because I was angry (she was built exactly like Marilyn Monroe at the time – if he hadn’t done that, I’d have wondered if he was all there) but because I thought it was funny. She was so certain she wasn’t hot.

      She, on the other hand, was the possessive and deeply jealous type, as she was wont to inform me. I was supposed to avoid interactions with other women, lest she be forced to kill someone.

      [‘Nope, don’t understand getting mad over a lunchbox.’]

      1. Ha. 🙂 I would get moody at his art shows whenever I saw him working the crowd. Men, women…didn’t matter. I guess my jealousy issues come from the Mars Pluto square…or maybe my first house Virgo moon.

        1. would get moody at his art shows whenever I saw him working the crowd. Men, women…didn’t matter.

          I don’t understand that. In her case, she was quite attractive, and given enough time and an attractive enough dude, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had a moment of weakness. People are horny and screw up. That is the way of it. Possibly I am just French at heart.

          Lying, on the other hand, wouldn’t be a good idea at all because then she couldn’t be trusted. Unfortunately her favored method of avoiding conflict was to lie about things.

          I guess my jealousy issues come from the Mars Pluto square…or maybe my first house Virgo moon.

          She was a Virgo with Cancer rising and a Cap moon – but also a Scorpio Venus and a Libra Mars with Pluto.

          I think with her it was first and foremost that hungry Cap moon plus Scorpio Venus (square Jupiter!) vindictiveness.

          [‘A little overdetermined really.’]

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    “My husband is a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon. ……. Last week he ordered, Popular Mechanics Do-It-Yourself Encyclopedia – Complete Set in 16 Volumes, 1968 Edition.”
    — Still grinning. Memories of two of my exes. Made my day, Elsa, as soon as I read the “1968 Edition.” Classic Scorpio. Good luck trying to get rid of them, should you ever ponder that thought. lol He may soon start sleeping with them or eating them if Taurus takes over. lol Please share his rising sign. (“The good old days, when things were done RIGHT!” Ignoring, of course, all that has changed or become obsolete since then.) Think Scorpios would regard these 1968 books as valuable collector’s items regardless if they were in less than stellar condition and, yes of course, they’ll come in handy when the electricity goes out (as long as there’s a light source available!) :))))))) Or, was 1968 a very important year for him?

  12. I have some estate jewelry and pre-owned furs, most made into teddy bears. I like to think these things were loved once, and that someone is up there looking down glad that the things they adored are being cared for again.

  13. “How do you feel around “goods of the dead”?

    My whole house is full of goods of the dead. From my Great-gram to both grandmothers to antiques. My home was built in the 1800’s …11 ft ceilings, pocket doors… the whole show.

    My attic is full of things from my grannies. My mother was afraid she was going to die and I wouldn’t get what she wanted me to have so she had me come over and bring so much home….good grief. We are never going to be able to move out of here.

    Funny story. When we first moved here a lot of our stuff was moved into the basement. Before we could move it where it was to go (mostly attic) our basement flooded one day. (the only time its ever happened)

    I almost had a stroke and called my husband home and my son to come over….they were flying up and down the stairs to get my stuff out of there….

    My oldest son, tired of dragging all those old end tables and old rockers and such up the stairs said ‘What in the hell is wrong with you mother’??? ‘Why do you have all this old crap’ ?????? ‘Don’t you dare leave this old crap to me when you die because if you do I will throw it out in a pile and burn it’ hahahaha (you had to be there, it was funny, he was sweating his ass off hauling all my old ‘crap’ up in 100 degrees HA….

    My kids do NOT want any of it. And, that makes me sad….cos it belonged to my grandmothers…I am hoping that my g-daughters will want it. They will have actual furniture from their great great great grandmother, great great grandmothers and great grandmother. Then….their grandma…(me) 4 generations of women that came before them….and all the shit they left behind (and its all in my house)

  14. My friend used to work in the back room at a pawn shop, I think doing chemistry to distinguish different metals. Now he runs a vintage clothing shop. He’s just that type of guy!

  15. Yikes, almost got creeped out. Warning warning mars backing into scorpio. So stuff is just stuff. I don’t have OCD. I have some ancestoral stuff that came with the ancestoral home. I considered letting the outhouse fall down, but my sister was like no no you can’t do that. Like it’s my duty. So I reshingled the roof, just like the original, cedar shingles. So this dead people stuff I have, some useful, some just taking up space. If I pass it on the youngers, then they will feel obligated to drag the stuff around with them. When I do give stuff to them it comes with a deal that when it is time for them to get rid of it, they will do it. Without guilt.

    Now passing on craftsmenship, that is a good good legacy. I live in a house and utilize carpenters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, foresters, small engine repair people, etc. I am concerned with the increasing age of these people. I have spoken to some of them about it and have heard more than once that people don’t like to work with their hands anymore.

  16. The books don’ look like they have been used much. DIY books usually show the signs of being in a work environment. A good chance the books now have a home where they will now get used.

  17. My brother is a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon. He coveted all the family heirloom stuff, Civil War coat buttons, daily journals, etc. – some valuable, some not. I’m a Taurus-Taurus conj sun/Ascendant with Cap moon and he can out stubborn me any day!

    I can have some old things if I know who owned them before, otherwise…no. Retrograde Chiron in 8th H only. If I have to go through some old things, I can totally freeze up, potentially let years go by and never go through them.

    1. My brother is a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon.

      And so am I! 🙂 So that’s one I’ve met and two I’ve heard of.

      I’m a Taurus-Taurus conj sun/Ascendant with Cap moon and he can out stubborn me any day!

      Oh, yes, we’re stubborn SOBs. Easy enough to outlast a Cap moon.

      Retrograde Chiron in 8th H only. If I have to go through some old things, I can totally freeze up, potentially let years go by and never go through them.

      Gotta deal with all the snot and shit and goo and gore of your body, don’tcha? Dusty books are way cleaner to deal with.

      [‘Ghosts are more of a pain, but can be dealt with.’]

  18. Do you think that new products sitting on store shelves come with energy from the process of manufacture? I’m wearing a $5 tank top from Walmart that was made in Cambodia. Does the materials themselves from the cotton it took to make it all the way to the factory that put it all together leave a energy footprint on the product itself?

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