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  1. Soooooooo true!! I believe I felt tears come to my eyes when you mentioned the disappointment of yucky fabric. Hee. (and also pathetic..) My dad just asked me what I want for my b’day. Smart cookie, as a result of years or experience, I’m sure..

  2. This makes me wonder if my Sag friend has a Taurus Moon or ASC. She is extrememly picky. She has a hard time going with the flow when it comes to shopping or going out to eat. Every choice is a dilema, and she has to disect every option to see which is the best.
    “just order the damn thing!” is what I say.
    I can’t handle it..lol

  3. Elsa 🙁 at least you and the stars caught on early. That’s why I like books (that and Merc in Gem). They are always rich and valuable.
    Shell: I’m not sure Taurus really dissects, more like charge ahead or shun and meander in the other direction. Maybe your friend has Libra? Or Virgo?

  4. I’ve been told I’m picky too . . . but it’s Scorpio rising and Taurus on the DES for me (no planets in Taurus). My suggestion is gift certificates delivered with lots of hugs for Taurus. My SO is very happy for me to find my own gifts or give him an EXACT description! Then every one’s happy . . . 🙂

  5. Amen!!! My Taurus girl is having a birthday on Saturday and she’s into Ugly Dolls. She’s a collector of certain kinds of stuff, and when she gets into a phase like that, you pretty much have to get her something that falls into it. Last year it was Hello Kitty.

    Well, her dad got into a snit the other day because she specified that she wants an Ugly Doll with two or three eyes, but not one eye, because that wouldn’t fit in with the rest of her dolls. Unless it’s an Ugly Doll Dog, in which case it is a pet and therefore subordinate to the other Ugly Dolls, so one eye is okay.

    He got pissed and said she was being a princess about it. I think she’s just being specific about her wants, and I encourage that, as long as she’s doing it out of stating a preference and not being a dictator. I’m getting her a couple of them, and I had her look at their website and write down exactly which ones she likes and which ones she wants under no circumstances.

    Speaking of past toy phases, we have about 30 My Little Ponies from 2-4 years ago that I want to get rid of, plus all the pink plastic stuff that goes with. (Don’t tell her – but she’ll never miss them.) Any takers? Seriously, I’d rather just pack ’em and send them than sell them on eBay.

  6. And yes, she is a classic hoarder, but I have limited storage space and will not have my house overrun by Hasbro. So I frame it this way: If we get rid of some of this old stuff that you never use anymore, we can provide needy kids with cool stuff that they otherwise would never own and at the same time, make room for the new stuff you’ll be getting down the line. And her little eyes light up with the possibilities of new stuff, and she helps me bag everything up and off we go to Goodwill.

  7. *Has the good graces to blush*

    Yeah, I don’t make it hard to shop for me. I even concoct lists, usually, for people to follow. I get quite annoyed when they don’t follow it, or get me something from As Seen on TV. -_-

  8. My oldest girl is a Taurus and that is “exactly” how I gift give for her. All the kids get money to shop on bdays, but for xmas, I just ask her. She has no trouble telling me either because, like most Taurus, she likes her stuff. Oh but she does do chocolate & nuts.. I like em too 🙂

  9. Heh. I am a relatively easy Taurus to shop for (I totally agree with Elsa on the chocolate and crappy fabrics, though!), but yeah, I really hate being handed something I actively don’t like or want. I don’t feel like I can say no to it. Then I end up with things I’ll rarely/never use, like an ugly outfit or an appliance that I never wanted, but it was a gift that the giver loved, so I don’t feel like I can EVER toss it.

    Can you tell I’m feeling kind of bummed about my upcoming birthday? 😛

    The real fun though is if they won’t tell you what they want…

  10. Taurus people difficult when it comes to buying them gifts????

    One of my best friends is a Taurus and she’s the easiest person to buy gifts for. Whenever i go shopping for gifts for other people i end up buying gifts for her instead. I’ve already got this years birthday presents ready&wrapped and i can’t wait to give them to her!

    Now i must admit, i looove buying gifts and almost always know what to buy other people (maybe due to my Cancer rising + 12th house Moon?).

  11. Aw, I have Venus in Taurus and that also described me very well. I had tons and tons of toys as a child. We kept most of them and some of the more interesting stuff that got away secretly I still miss. I had one of those Ewok teddy bears. Man, that was cool. As someone with Taurus energy, I beg of you, Avery, to tell her that you need the space and let her pick a certain number of ponies to keep, if she wants to. You could give her a choice though to keep fewer ponies and get some other kind of reward. Because if you include her on the descion to de-stash it will help her learn the value of letting stuff go. And she won’t still be scouring ebay in 10-20 years for some obscure pony that was her favorite.

    As an adult, I’ve let go of a lot of things, stuff-wise, but I still have a few key things like a replica of the first toy given to me by the tooth fairy, my cat robot, and various tiny little doll things that bring back happy memories for me. Usually, my mom let me pick what I kept and it did help. If things disapear with no explanation it might cause your daughter to hoard even more than before in fear that things are going to mysteriously disapear.

  12. I am in TEARS laughing at this. I’ve got so much happening in Taurus in my chart that this describes me to a T. Especially about the “it better be good because they’re going to be stuck with it for thirty years”!

    Be careful with a Taurus. My mom constantly asks me why I don’t throw away dinky little sentimental gifts given to me fifteen years ago, and I just look at her with big cow eyes. She also tends to get “sick” of old Christmas decorations and want to throw them out every few years, which is where all of my Christmas decorations came from: Operation Rescue From My Mom. I give her the big cow eyes over that a lot, too. “You’re throwing THAT away? But we had that when I was a little GIRL!” *glimmer sniffle glimmer*

  13. Avery, my mom threw away my ponies when I was twelve, saying that I would never miss them.

    To this day, I wish I still had those ponies.

    *sniffle* *big cow eyes*

  14. thank you for caring about what I like!!!!
    yes! I hate scratchy stuff, I on occasion prefer pure chocolate, but anykind will do.
    (BTW what sign does not like chocolate? let me know.)
    An airbook. A massage. Flowers. Delicately scented ayurvedic oil. An organic set of essential oils -forget perfumes! A gift certificate for: music, art, art supply, a massage, a nice stove, a 6 month vacation. An organic birthday dinner party. Money is always nice too. oh and if for some reason it’s bedding then –soft please, natural fabrics please, light colors like greens (but no avocado green), or dark but rich colors, no print except for intricate beautiful paisley. No forget it, never buy really personal things for a taurus unless they pick it themselves. triple taurus.

  15. Taurus sun here…

    Oh my god I laughed so hard while watching this, tears were streaming down my face!!! I should show this to my huband. I’ve been trying to tell him this for years, poor guy, he tries but just doesn’t get it. I’ve learned just to smile and accept what I get at birthdays, Christmas, etc., then go buy *exactly* what I want later!

    I’ve often thought: “Why doesn’t he just ask me what I want?” But years ago it became clear that he does for me what he wants me to do for him – surprise him!! He’s a Pisces sun.

    BTW – your videos are *excellent*. Truly. Thanks so much.

  16. My five year old daughter is a Taurus with a Scorpio rising and you’ve described her exactly! She knows what she likes and getting her to compromise on such things is of no use. She wants a pink DS for her birthday – she made it clear that it has to be pink and so I guess you can figure out what she is getting…. 🙂 She also hates scratchy clothes, and insists on wearing skirts and dresses even in freezing weather. There are colors she won’t dream of wearing at all, and if a shirt has a little bit of that color in it you might as well just give it to goodwill. The food thing is interesting, she loves eating, but hates for the food to be mixed up in a casserole or stew – everything has to be separate.

  17. Recent exchange with my five year old –

    “I’ll give you 5 dollars to try that fried calamari.”

    My Leo child – “I’ll do it for a dollar!”

    My Taurus child – “Make it 20 dollars and you have yourself a deal.”

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