Astrology And The Left And Right Brain: Test Here!

Following up on the great discussion around types of thinking, remember this:

If you see dancer rotating clockwise, you are right-brained (creative), counter-clockwise, left-brained (logical).

Some can see her spin both ways.

She spins clockwise for me, clockwise for my son, and counter-clockwise for my daughter but both kids said they could see her change up and go the other way.

I stared until I got dizzy and could only see the one direction. What about you?

Can you tie this to your chart?

75 thoughts on “Astrology And The Left And Right Brain: Test Here!”

  1. I keep looking at this thing, and I cannot see it move any other way other than clockwise. My 5th house is empty, however in Pisces. And I have Neptune trine Sun in Leo//Neptune trine Mercury in Leo as well.
    My mind is very creative, but there seems to be a blockage when it comes to applying it. Frustrating as hell!!

  2. She has always gone clockwise and did today, then I read the tricks and I got her to switch. Maybe it’s the Scorpio in 5th that made me want to know the secret. Before I’ve just let her be…I like being right brained!

  3. She prefers clockwise for me. I was fighting with her for a good half hour, but now I can make her switch rapidly back and forth by blinking a lot.

    Er. Gemini much?

  4. She always starts out clockwise for me, but I can get her to switch quite easily. I’m attributing that to a ton of oppositions in my chart… 😉 Nothing else in my chart seems significant…

  5. A cool thing is I’m at work which is creative – when I come to this page it’s rotating clockwise. If I spend some time reading astrology etc. and come to this page it’s rotating counter-clockwise.

  6. If I look at the pelvic area, she will switch back and forth. I’ve looked at this before and to tell you the truth, it just starts to piss me off! LOL

  7. I saw her go both ways, but the default appears to be clockwise. But it’s the darndest thing.

    When I first looked at her two separate times, she was going clockwise. And I stared and stared, and she didn’t change.

    And then I got to thinking about something and looked off the screen, and when I looked back up, she was going counterclockwise (like right now – she was going clockwise, until I started writing!!!).

  8. totally all clockwise for me, three times, I’ve looked at this!! 10-10-61, 6:58am, gainesville, fl is the chart info if your looking for correlating the data. Wow, she’s making me want to spin around the room,

  9. Her right arm is higher than her left. It’s on the right side of the frame when her back is to the viewer; it’s on the left side of the frame when she’s facing the viewer. That means she’s turning in one direction, clockwise or to the right and that never changes.

    That means you’re all nuts or I am — and I’m perfectly willing to believe it’s me.


  10. I’ve seen this before and had the same experience. It starts out turning clockwise, but soon starts changing directions, virtually whenever I look away for a moment.

    Astrologically, I think, in my chart there’s a definite dichotomy, or rather, two sets of mostly separate aspects. I have one of those kite shapes, and there’s also a set that radiates out from the Ascendant.

  11. F–k, yes! After watching long enough I saw it. Like JJJ says it changes when you look away for a moment…

    How does this work?????


  12. So now I suppose you’re going to try to tell us you’re not crazy….. why should we believe you?! LOL

  13. Shoot! I voted for “counterclockwise” before I saw June’s suggestion. Now I can see both ways! 🙂

    Astrology… euh…. Virgo sun conjunct Mercury, both trine Neptune in Capricorn.

    When I’m paying close attention to the details (Virgo sun/mercury), I see counterclockwise. When I let everything relax and “blur,” she begins to spin clockwise.

    In this “blurred” state I can detach and look at her with my mind again, if that makes any sense. But as *soon* as I stress out, she’s back to counterclockwise!

  14. Avatar

    This reminds me of a test we took in 5th grade, years ago and I still remember. It had a pile of questions that we answered and then we added the answers. So many of a, so many of b, etc. etc. I came up with 0 as my final score. Then the teacher asked if anyone got a 0 on the test. I raised my hand, scared shitless that I had done something wrong (yes that virgo moon) and was made to go stand in front of the class in the center of the chalkboard. I almost started crying. Then the teacher aligned everyone on either side of me +1, +2, +3 etc. and -1, -2, -3 based upon their added scores. She then explained that we were more creative or more logical the farther from me that they got. I was the only one with a 0 and some balance but that was hardly a relief by the time I found that out from the teacher. Scared me good that day, made me feel pretty abnormal too.

  15. Drea,

    Thanks for the link, I read it and I would not use the word hoax based on this guys little study. While it was an interesting use of time to do this small study, he did not have a random sample, his sample was taken from a specific group of people, namely his bloggers. I mean I am not passionate about this issue, but I am passionate about research and stats. Also he didn’t do any stat tests other than percentages which may or may not mean anything.

  16. I got her to spin counter clockwise, clockwise and then clockwise.
    I have no idea how that works. Cancer rising, Gemini moon, Capricorn Sun. Mercury makes no major aspects to any planet in my chart.

  17. At my natural state, she goes clockwise (right brain/creative). But if I start to concentrate/think about something (for example, solving a math problem), she’ll start spinning the other way! After I’ve stopped concentrating on solving the problem, when I look at her again, she’s going clockwise again!

  18. Clock-wise at first and she started moving backwards- then clock-wise again. She does change her movement so it depends at what point in the gif you’re watching it. Took some tests today- high color perception, high facial emotions recognition from the eyes (in obscure photos too) and high musical iq. I have poor math skills and zero spatial awareness. I think the gif is like that duck/rabbit picture. Today it was rabbit for me! Gem sun, cap moon conj neptune exact, mercury in taurus.

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