Pluto Transit The 12th House – The No Accident, Accident: Drunk On Pain

pluto-small.jpgI wrote the Compassion bit and then went out on some errands. I recalled several people specifically requesting posts about Pluto’s transit through the 12th and I think the piece smacks of the energy. It is healing (Pluto) that occurs via ethereal means (12th house) and this came to the front of mind because I had an email exchange with the soldier’s son.

Now he is just back from war and as you might imagine considering who his father is, he is quite intense. I am always deeply impacted by his communication and I think this is unavoidable.

See, our Moons are conjunct. Our ascendants are also conjunct. His Venus is conjunct my Mars… all of these conjunctions are very tight so you tell me how we are not going to impact each other? I mean it’s simply an accident waiting to happen where “accident” should not be assigned a negative connotation.

So at this time, he is coming off a war. He is a young man and he lost some his friends obviously. His communication is imbued with his experience and I absorb it.

Since Pluto went into my 12th I have seen boundaries between myself and the collective disappear. This means I send a few mails and I get a few mails and the pain in them penetrates. It’s not that he’s writing this stuff. He doesn’t have to because I can feel it. I can feel our shared burden (Capricorn) and it comes from the deep (Pluto).

Um… make that burdens and I could put words to it today. Tomorrow, I don’t know. But I think the Sisters Of Mercy song is a very good representation of the energy. I may be a “sister of mercy” but I can find one too. Where? In my imagination of course.

Last night I was drunk on pain. ::smiles::

How’s that for Pluto in the 12th? I am completely saturated with other people’s pain and inexplicably comfortable with it. I just think it’s bizarre.

4 thoughts on “Pluto Transit The 12th House – The No Accident, Accident: Drunk On Pain”

  1. I think having Moon in 12th feels like this, a little. I can definitely relate to being drunk on pain. You have put yourself in such a good position to absorb, and since you have Capricorn I bet you are good at shouldering the burdens. Maybe I would be better off with even more people’s pain- just channeling it.

  2. Pluto’s transit through my (Sagittarius) 12th House has definitely changed me (for the better).
    I started studying astrology when Pluto was about 4 years away from being conjunct my ASC.
    So many things made sense, after the fact. In fact I just (as in, 2 weeks ago) was contemplating the most brutal time of that transit (late 2002-2003) and realized *ding* that was when Pluto was conjunct my 12th House Neptune, triggering my 8th House Saturn/4th House Mars grand trine.
    No wonder I felt like I lost my ballast.
    Astrology is amazing to me.

  3. Moon in Leo right now is transiting my 12th in opposition to my natal moon, and soon my sun. It hurts, and my impulses are under control, but raging below the surface. And, being a lunar transit, it’s all too familiar.

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