Breaking Up The Monotony Of Your Life

Everyone is subconsciously driven to some extent. What are your underlying motivations for the things you do?

A lot of people do things simply to break up the monotony of their life. They join dating sites or they maintain relationships that aren’t healthy for them, all to avoid staring into the void. They may drink or get high. In some cases they cause trouble for others to stave off their own boredom.

An individual decides for themselves what is important to them. It may be that breaking up the monotony of life is the key thing a person wants to accomplish.  But many don’t realize, this is what’s driving them.

If this post resonates with you or if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s probably a sign that you want change (Uranus) on a deep level (Pluto).

How much of your energy is spent, trying to avoid staring into the void?

20 thoughts on “Breaking Up The Monotony Of Your Life”

  1. This post just reaffirmed that I’m on the right path for myself…I stopped drinking and dating guys just because I was ‘bored’. I like feeling life to its fullest. Thanks for the great post Elsa!

  2. I have a billion hobbies and am rarely home because I’ll be taking classes of one kind or another. That’s how I break up the monotony.

    I am…okay, I guess. I am not excited for life, but I haven’t found any one thing I really, really want to pursue (and that I have talent at) either. I’m so tired of looking, too. I really needed to have found The One Thing like, a year or two ago by now. Now burnout and apathy are taking over my desire to search, and it just feels easier to settle and realize that this is all there is.

  3. WOW! I’ve just been slapped in the face with you post. Right on the money for me, scary. This is more than resonating within me. I feel like a damn Tuning Fork right now. I have a lot of Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus within me. Imagine someone gave you an empty canvas with plenty of oils, acrylics, crayons, etc. Yet before that, burned all the artwork I’ve had saved over the years.

    Sour Patch kids commercials ring a bell.

    But in reality, it’s time to push the distractions aside and focus on what’s important more than I have been lately.

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    Nope. Never had that issue. Uranus strong signature on midheaven and in 6th house. It has kept me on my toes my whole life. I dream of monotony. I dream of quiet times in the garden and to read a book. THAT would break things up for me 😉

  5. Hmmmm…I don’t think boredom is 100% unavoidable but doing stupid stuff to fill in the gaps of boredom is. I am trying to use my life more constructively. Stopped wasting time on someone that didn’t feel the same for me as I them though continued to call me like he did. Stopped worrying about how to get ahead at work when clearly I have not only hit a glass ceiling, I have been squashed by it. So now, just revving it up to make more money is something I have a passion for. Of course the obstacles keep coming so have to jump over, under, go around, duck, master plan, take two steps back, give up, start again, etc. But I am NOT giving up just because. And I am not doing this because I am bored. I am doing this because Saturn is prompting me. But I sure feel the Uranus/Pluto pull. Man o Man!

  6. Yes, I can have a bit of restlessness, but I have figured out how to use it constructively. 🙂
    And I love the Saturn in Scorpio energy, I feel more driven than ever before. I feel more focused, less confused, and less scattered for sure.

    Now that I’ve figured out where I can put my passion to use, I feel so motivated…:D

  7. This blog post is particularly deep. Staving off boredom used to take up all my time. Now my life is pretty productive, with even most of my “hobbies” geared toward improving me in some way. This isn’t to say my current job speaks to my truest calling, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. But it still sets the stage for something bigger and better.

  8. Hey Elsa–You are spot on, as usual, with this post. Just impeccable timing 🙂

    Im one of those early Librans, being crushed with that Pluto-Uranus action, and have Saturn in Scorp natally, as well as a Saturnian Asc. I have basically been the eye of the storm!

    Where this post resonates for me: being “bored” because I am too scared to follow my deepest goals/dreams/instincts, which has put my identity into crisis (Cap rising! Self-judgement, anyone?).

    Saturn in Scorp is prompting me to face that and create this deep transformation (Uranus-Pluto)so I can stop being bored (bored=unsatisfied with my activities, not productive personally or within my hobbies/vocation, nervous to really embody my true nature etc). The monotony has been more inner than outer, really, but the feeling has permeated, almost like Ive been wearing a facade or veneer while existing on autopilot.

    My past few years of “boredom” have been rather busy and productive, actually–I attended school, moved across the country, and helped out others extensively in their own projects (bosses, family, friends) and crises which was very libran indeed, but only because I was too scared to face that void and commit to myself to undergo this transformation.

    The busy-ness was the veneer; the void, what was underneath. And now this reality is unmistakable.

    Thank you for this post!

  9. Oh, for sure. I have Uranus in the 4th square my AC/DC. I’m always looking for ways to break up the monotony but it’s difficult bc I’m with Saturnian types who are slow and lethargic to change things. Maybe it is my M.O. in life ??‍♀️?

  10. As a Scorpio stellium person, boy am I very much aware of this. Every so often, I gotta *do* something to molt, since its exactly that kind of itchy, niggley, under the skin imperative.

    That can (and often did in the past) lead to some interesting exercises in impulse control, but these days I just time it for when my next haircut is due.

  11. For the most part, ive surrendered to the void. I still have some desires/motivations though.

    It gets really subtle when you come down to attachment of life itself. Nothing outside has ever really satisfied me. No distraction has ever been enough. Im really bored when i look to events to fulfill me and i think i tried pretty hard at that endeavor for a long time. When i melt into that void of myself, theres no axis of boredom/entertainment. Theres nothing to be bored or entertained.

  12. Yup monotony can be comforting some times. It is far better than total chaos & constant uncertainty. I have discussed this “Void” with a female friend.

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    Wow. Hmm… I’ve started this habit of avoiding things, distracting myself from the pain, filling the holes with “being busy and constantly trying to be productive”. Mostly as a defense mechanism for how I thought “success” looked like, but also to feel better. The wonder is whether I’m actually getting better.

    I think what has often stopped me from mindlessly continuing… is a deep sense of responsibility that I want to do more for others (doing things because of a feeling of meaning, purpose and spirituality), but also my own health crying out. I’ve been fighting a bout of deeply draining sadness that I think is depression (an engulfing experience of the lack of meaning). It makes everything painful and heavy. Yep. There’s the void staring back at me. Woohoo?

    Maybe it’s okay to sit with the pain that my life might be meaningless for a little bit, but I’ve been struggling with how to let it leave. I just want this period in life to fade… it’s too much. So yeah, anyone else going through this?

    1. Im not going through this now but i have. I found meaning through responsibility and making a positive impact in the lives of those around me. Love basically.
      Its all up to us to give our own lives meaning. It doesnt come to us, it comes from us.

  14. I have uranus conjoin Jupiter trine sun and Saturn. I do look to escape boredom. I have to have something to do. I cannot imagine just doing nothing.
    I love to meet new cultures. But same time keep old ones. Back and forth. My aunt asked me once, when are you going to choose between the city and the country. Probably never. Lol uranus Begin a journey my fourth house. I seem to do the oppposite.

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