Pluto Direct In Capricorn: October 2, 2019 – What’s Inevitable

Pluto red Pluto will turn direct at 20 degrees Capricorn on October 2nd. I see this like a third of four engines, firing up to move us along.

Jupiter turned direct in August.
Saturn turned direct in September
Now Pluto will turn direct in October.
Then Neptune will turn direct in November.

It’s oddly cool.

Specific to Pluto, some people will notice the shift. Others may not. This is akin to a shift in a fault line, deep in the earth. Animals know.

Pluto in Capricorn describes something inevitable. That’s how I see it, anyway. Something inevitable, like aging.

But what’s inevitable is not always negative.  A person might be particularly talented. You see them and you know they’re destined to be successful.

What’s core here is that with Pluto turns direct, we’ll officially enter the final period leading up to the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January, 2020. They’ll be no more delays or reprieves or blocks or anything.  Just a slow roll to this remarkable point in time.

If you want to know more about the Saturn Pluto conjunction and how it might affect you, personally, check this:

The 2020 Jupiter Saturn Pluto Conjunction: Effect By House

You can also check the tag – Saturn conjunct Pluto.  This conjunction is of special interest to me. You’re sure to gain a deeper understanding.

How do feel with Pluto turning direct? 

22 thoughts on “Pluto Direct In Capricorn: October 2, 2019 – What’s Inevitable”

  1. I was just looking at my husband’s chart wondering if Pluto was possibly the impetus for good news. He was let go from his job (that he wanted to leave) at the end of April. He’s been seriously looking, and a company he interviewed with in early August has finally placed an offer to him…to start on October 7.

    Glad to see that Pluto does not only destroy!

  2. This will oppose my Merc in H8 and Trines Pluto/Uranus in H10 while sextiling ascendant and Neptune (on asc). Pluto just finished opp my sun in H8, Saturn too! I can barely recognize the person I was! I’ll take it for what it’s worth, it’s worth a lot! Change is good!

  3. I’m getting a crown made that day for my root canal (finally!) After that. I have two other teeth that need root canals, so I’m moving forward on that.

  4. Sounds potentially positive. I know I’ll have a project wrapt up by the end of the first week in October, so I am looking forward to this ?

  5. Pluto direct, just into 9th H, I’m looking forward to the 4th engine. I really like that idea, the 4 engines, that’s great thinking. Looking forward to the site redesign too Elsa!

  6. Avatar

    Well, it’s inevitable that I am going to move out. I don’t even know the specifics just that it will happen.

    Tr. Pluto is in tenth house and my career is very likely to change in order to move out.

  7. I just booked a half-hour phone consult with you, Elsa, hoping to have a look at Pluto and Saturn over the next months and into 2023 when Pluto changes signs. All of this grinding and digging right over my Sun, Moon and Venus! Ai-yi!

  8. I don’t know what to expect actually.

    Pluto is transitting my 12th house.
    Is he finished going back over already “dug up material”?
    This is kinda like in math class when you multiply two numbers which has a minus in front of them. The result is positive, not negative. Feels like it with the Retrograde/direct stuff.

    He has already been digging up rotten corpses since 2008 in the 12th, so for me it kinda makes no REAL sense, since the 12th house is all about looking at stuff that has gone rotten long ago, and is watery/fishy, eh?!

    The “only” notable thing is that he will sextile my Sun-Venus-Pluto conjunction and start his sextile to Chiron.
    Next year he will start the square to himself.

    *runs to get the shovel to make graves for the stuff that’s gonna die during this process*

  9. I’m excited. Soon Pluto will make his last and final square over my boyfriends sun and ascendant. There’s still saturn to deal with but our home life will finally start lightening up. It’s been a wild ride for ppl with multiple cardinal planets in these mid to late degrees especially with Saturn in the mix. I had the conjunction and it was a challenge to say the least.

  10. My two daughters and I are going for three days to the mountains to stay in a haunted hotel. It should be fun. They both like the scary stuff and I’m really looking forward to it. My daughters are 11 years apart but fight like cats and dogs. Hope we can all get along. My husband says just don’t bring any entities home with you!! I have decided we will get a bit of outdoors included and go to the botanical garden in that city. So happy the weather is cooler now to enjoy the outdoors.

  11. Lovely Pluto has been grinding down my poor Venus in the 8th at 20 Cap. Last year my best spiritual friend turned tables and did a backstabbing Judas on me and my husband, totally did not see that coming from that corner. Roll on 18 months hubby and I are separating, moving house and starting afresh. It’s been a rollercoaster alright. Fingers crossed there’s some good transformative news re Pluto and the money side of Venus, the love side has definitely seen all the crappy stuff!
    Oh, and can’t wait for Pluto to conjunct my Aquarius sun soon lol…

  12. nothing would surprise me. Winning the lottery or calamity. Both are possible. Thats always true, but the understanding of that principle is especially poignant for me right now. Pluto has taught me that NOTHING in life is guaranteed.

  13. Pluto has been squaring my Venus Mars Aries conjunction 20 degrees since 2017. I hope this signals the end of all the major drama that ensued since then – some good and some very not so good. I feel like I’ve changed enormously and learned a lot, so I’m hoping life levels out a bit for me now. Although Pluto Saturn will soon go on to conjunct my descendant at 26 cap so I feel it’s not over yet!

  14. The day Pluto turned direct I traveled to see my parents. This was significant because I have not been to their home in 3 years. Have not seen my dad in almost 2 years. He was in a bad car accident a few years ago and didn’t want his kids to know how debilitating his injuries were. Very strong Aries who can barely walk now. Sad to see in person but I plan to make more trips to check in on him. My mom Aries moon was keeping his little secret.
    Oh and my ascendant is 19 Capricorn. Very rough 2 years.

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