Buckwheat Honey – Real & Fake

buckwheat honey

You’re looking at raw, buckwheat honey. I love this stuff, but if you want some you better, “bring some friends and pack a lunch”, as we used to say. It’s not that expensive but it’s very hard to get.

This is because, I’d estimate 80% of the buckwheat honey sold it not buckwheat honey.  Yes, I am talking about going on Amazon and buying buckwheat honey that is actually syrup… er, syrup isn’t made by bees, right?

I’m talking about going on Esty and buying buckwheat honey and receiving clover honey, which I don’t favor at all.

This is our world right now.  Fake honey, fake kindness, fake friends, fake concern, etc.  We know things break out 80/20. Probably about 80% fake because it’s surely not 20% fake.

I’m real and get such a ration of crap over this fact: I’m not fake.

If a person is real, as in a human being, they are going to have good days and bad days. They are going to have good moods and bad moods and they aren’t going to be FAKE liking everyone, because guess what?  Human beings have tastes and preferences.  They also fart, by the way.

This seems rudimentary, but there’s such a fake world out there, people think they can control others like they do their phones. They get “big mad” as they say, when they run into someone who is able to resist being controlled.

thick buckwheat honeyThis is also buckwheat honey. If you look at it at it and think, I don’t want those chunks in there, then you you’re going to want a more refined product or you need to get tricked; sold some fake buckwheat honey that’s more palatable to you.

Others are going be like me.  We’re seeking buckwheat honey and we will not be tricked, nor will we settle for “sorta buckwheat honey, I mean it is dark“.  We want to grapple with the raw product and in fact, anything less will never satisfy.

This just kills me; how I’m good for this and good for that, but I took a deep breath one time and you can’t deal with it. I think this is ludicrous. It’s like raw honey crystalizing, oh my God!  Better throw it out!

Modern business strives to make onloading very easy. They want everything seamless and invisible. People have this expectation. They don’t want to be uncomfortable or challenged. They can change their preferences on just about anything.

That’s fine, but you can’t change your preferences on another human being. If you can’t figure this out, you’re going to have real trouble in relationships. You’re going to have a problem with me, for sure.

I’m real and mutable, like buckwheat honey. I adhere to my own natural laws and I don’t want to be anything but what I am.

It would be nice if you liked me but if you don’t I still don’t want to be anything else.  And while buckwheat honey has endless uses it’s not going to go with everything, right?  Sounds like normal life!

If you’re dealing with a machine – it has to get along with you. You can make it get along with you.
If you’re deal with another human, it’s a lot more complicated.

It’s too complicated for a significant percentage of people at this time. Not that you can’t step up, if you want, but I won’t be stepping down.

I just talked to a gal on skype – 0 Sagittarius sun. She’s got some Venus in Aries dude transfixed with her because she’s so true, complex and interesting.  Jackpot, okay? In his world, she’s the jackpot and I agree with him.

This is why he leaves her and then calls her the next day and talks to her until two in the morning.   He’s like me. He craves the elusive real aka Saturn in Pisces. She’s his buckwheat honey.

This “swipe left/right” world has destroyed people. It’s made them into delusional tyrants with fake power.

If you’ve resisted this, congratulations!  If not, you can always correct.

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  1. I really valued this, Elsa. That word ‘raw’ so powerful: loaded with meaning. l have never heard of Buckwheat honey…l thought it might be another name for Manuka–they have similar but different chemical compositions apparently. And yes, we had/have problems with ‘doctored'(fake) honey here too.
    Miellereie unheated raw Leatherwood Honey from Tasmania is my all time fav.Varroa mite causing big concern here as well, it’s not in Victoria yet…if we lose our bees we are in Big (bigger) trouble.
    Also, noticed your Mars Scorpio post.
    l learnt something about myself last night (l had dinner with the neighbours)…l learnt that l sometimes set myself up to defend before there is any attack. And yes, a person in a bad mood one day might be sweet as pie the next. l developed hyper-vigilance in childhood-it’s hard to out grow. Last night l learnt that l dont have to have sentries at every gate… all the time.

    1. It’s less expensive than Manuka, but has more of the good stuff.

      If you want some, I would buy from a farm and call them first to make sure it’s authentic. There is only a small area here (Northeast) where buckwheat is plentiful enough you can get a real buckwheat honey.

      I have have manuka honey as well. I liked it but this is 10 X better.

  2. So true beautiful honey;totally agree and have been suspicious for so long on so many purchases. When you are on that little site, they got you your moneys coming their way. What they send you doesn’t matter they got your money there’s no pride it’s missing no integrity not to say there are groups that have beautiful products for sale and via the phone we get them but then there’s this other automated branch of life that’s just waiting for you to pick up that number and they’re going to send you a box of some thing, even if it’s Karo syrup ?
    honey is a natural antibiotic it is an anti-inflammatory there isn’t any part of your body that you cannot put this on my opinion it works I wish the world could see the evil part of sugar. I wish the schools could begin to accept. I am currently in my battle of the week with a farm group who has gotten beaucoup bucks from the government , many young, lovable people getting a paycheck however, they invite small children to dig potatoes and don’t have any education about the dirt and it’s parasitic flavor of bacteria ,7-8 years old digging hundreds of pounds of potatoes these children then to go on to school. Without washing their hands ????I tried telling them and it’s pointless. Easy to understand why the planet is jumping up and down , I’m almost 65 !I went to sign in for my Medicare the young woman wonderful kept telling me I needed a Plan B kept telling her I do not !she signed me in anyways for $1000 a month ,discovered this when the letters came from the government I explained , at the time a Hospital cannot deny me service, they are federally funded privately owned and cannot imply interest on my bill nor can they take me to court if I pay a minimal two dollars a month !why would I pay $1000 a month when I can pay $24 a year I’m not paying ahead I’m not intending to destroy my health,Crazy is here ,thank God for our young they will change and challenge and fix , my opinion . I have these tiny wars daily. I was talking to a policeman the other day how I was bothered that There was no safe walking path painted or delineated for children around a new school being built ,he told me get over myself and I said it really isn’t about me here ,he said yes, you like to complain I said no I like to fix things were children are involved .
    I’m sure he will. At some point show me he can give me a ticket anytime he wants. What can I do ?I’m not giving up my little fights I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut. That’s why people have two Ears they can let my words come in one ear and go out the other, if they don’t like me .
    Good health to everyone it’s not a bad thought is it?

  3. It’s like men like me, using “dating” apps, like grindr.
    Swipe left, swipe right.

    I’ve become disillusioned when I get ghosted by who I’m talking to, thinking it’ll go somewhere…
    and then it’ll come back on me..
    “Am I a square peg in a round hole? Am I ugly? Am I fat? Am I sexy enough?”

    That’s the power being held over me! don’t know if it’s tyranny but if I know one thing, gay men have become a toxicity to themselves thanks to the tyranny of our politicians.

      1. I mean, self hate and low self esteem develops over time… all these policies and laws that restrict and harm LGBTQ peoples will eventually erode a person down. All the advertisements featuring unrealistic body types will cause a dysphoria in a person… Gotta double my time at the gym. six pack abs. Gotta get that plastic surgery. etc. All in the name of greed and what sells. Tyranny has a lot to do with it. On one hand, politicians love to exploit a person like me. Restriction, shame and self hate from the right. On the left, I should aspire to be a cash cow, affluent stud with disposable income, good looks and the ability to get any man I want.

  4. My daughter the Saggie, 22 in a few weeks, is buckwheat honey.

    (I bought the real thing (the honey) years ago. It’s wonderful.)

    After a few awful experiences, we’re getting her together with the son of my husband’s boss. Crossing my fingers that he appreciates buckwheat honey.

  5. I reckon buckwheat honey, however delicious and rare — would love to try it — is the metaphor here.
    Yes to authentic people, warts and all, and yes to those who won’t be controlled!
    Time for control freaks to give up or languish in their futility.
    Never give in!
    Thank you, Elsa, for remind us of this!

  6. Avatar
    Bob (in Australia)

    Send me some please!
    Love your analogy!
    This is what 5D is all about. The intuitive flash about what someone is really trying to tell you is at some cosmic speed but you can grab it at that speed and know instantly that it is yours and own it & feel it in your body.
    Thanks for working so hard to portray the importance of “Authenticity”!

    1. You’re welcome! I am aware real people on the internet are being eradicated in every form. Pictures, for example. So I am trying to honest in the hope it helps people note the difference, Quit drinking syrup and calling it buckwheat honey!

  7. This “swipe left/right” world has destroyed people. It’s made them into delusional tyrants with fake power.
    OMG!!!! Truer words were Never spoken!!!!
    That’s coming from a sun,and 4 planet SAGITTARIUS girl! I’m standing and clapping!!! Thank You for your wisdom Elsa!

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