Self-Hatred, Steered and Engineered

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When I launched this blog it was centered on giving advice. In fact, it was called, “ElsaElsa – The Advice Blog”. I’ve been reflecting on the changes that have unfolded over the years.  Adapting To Change Over The Last Twenty Years. I had another realization that startled me.

There was a point when people started writing me about about, “all men” or “all women”, as in, men suck, women suck, all men want… I hate men, I’m sick of women…

I responded to these people by pointing out they were referring to half of the people on the planet. “Do you really want to reject half of all people, who you’ve never met?”  I was truly astonished by this sentiment.

Yes, I realize I’m a weirdo with Libra, but if you think about it, does it really make sense to cut off half all people for possible connection?  Friends are already hard to find!

Now twenty-some years have passed and the hate of numerous large groups has done nothing but proliferate. You pretty much have to hate and loathe (certain) people in order to belong. I don’t think these feelings are organic.

If I’m right about that, it means you’ve been infected somehow or invaded. Hate is introduced and is now raging through your system and then what happened?

People have isolated. Is it so they won’t get their hate triggered? Flared up and raging like an auto-immune disease?

I think this is right, though not necessarily conscious on the individual’s part.  A person tries to keep their hate in check but this is also when they horrible magic happens; that hate becomes self-hate.

If you’re with me so far, think about what containing your hate and rage does to you, physically, spiritually and mentally? Never mind, with everyone cut out or cut off, you’re left with your screens, your phone which you know is not exactly on your side. What’s this? Another enemy? Rectangle-shaped?

Activity levels drop, both mental and physical since you’ve become primarily a consumer and judge of others you encounter on your screens. This causes illness which appears when you look in the mirror… provoking even more self-hated?

I hope this is not too upsetting. I am posting it because I think knowledge is power. If you see yourself at all, and you don’t like it, you can perhaps extricate yourself. If  you can manage it,  you can help others. More importantly, you’ll want to help others.

You’ll also want to prevent such a thing from happening to someone else.  Namely, the un-biased babies, born into this world, every day.

18 thoughts on “Self-Hatred, Steered and Engineered”

  1. People have anger…for various reasons. It benefits (government ?) to have this anger redirected instead of people directing it themselves or even learning from it, ha…and who knows maybe God forbid even turn it into something positive! Here’s an enemy you’re allowed to hate. It’s an old tactic. West is bad, hate the west. East is bad, hate the east, for example. You know, instead of looking a lot closer to problems that we can actually do something about.

    1. I think it’s a lot worse than this.

      Divide people by gender.
      Divide people by religion.
      Divide people by region.
      Divide people by color.
      Divide people by sexuality.
      Divide people by politics.
      Divide people by age or generation.
      Divide people by by status / wealth.
      Divide people by opinion on “x, y or z”.

      Pretty soon, everyone is separated from everyone.

        1. Yes, and then marketing includes subliminal instruction to stay where you are. But the main thing is to isolate you because people will spend a lot of money to fill that hole!

          1. You know what I’ve realized, what scrolling (fb, insta, news, whatever) is for in my case…escape. It’s a tool for dissociation, I don’t want to be in my head with my feelings right now, get me out of here. And scrolling does just that, in fact it’s specifically designed to do just that. Read about dopamine labs recently, I’m sure there are others,many many. It’s a dose of numbness. That, you’re right, has its own subliminal messages for its own purposes.

      1. You may want to consider Chiron in Aries, which has really stepped it up. How identity politics is a wound used to hurt others mostly by division (polar opposite Libra). Identity has become weaponised. If you are not with me, you are the opposition.

        As Dianne M said, divide and conquer, an old trick to get people fighting EACH other instead of the REAL enemy – those Pluto Capricorn people in power. Prevent revolutions happening (well, Pluto goes into Aquarius soon. That one may be inevitable once people wake up!)

  2. Yes, divide and rule (conquer) works, and those in power stay in power like the elites in Greece and Roman… Our modern world is based on old world ideas that under pin everything (history passes it on)…including ‘bread and circuses’…comsumers with screens as you say, Elsa. And more than ever before if you deviate, you will be medicated…and our disconection from the natural world does not help one little bit. Change must happen at the grass roots…little pockets here and there. Groups of people just getting on, supporting and helping one another standing side by side.

  3. I see it – yes I see it all but it is not my reality with the people around me. There are actually places – biiiiig places in the world the strategy of division is noticed and people resist it. Maybe because they had their share in the past and know the smell of it, maybe because of the sheer necessity of having a roof over the head and food on the table – it is easier to get when you are not an asshole who spews hatred around wherever you go.

    The screens – well yes, but they also bring people together for good, it just depends on how we use them. I am looking at a screen here while I type 🙂 There is an African saying ‘ To get lost is to learn the way’ and that’s what’s happening. Only by ‘losing’ we come back to paying attention, only by ‘going astray’ we remember the details that will tell us that we ‘have been here before’ and are not advancing.

    As for the old men who rule – they won’t live forever. As for the young people, they will come up with new ideas. My grandson achieved his Masters in Neurological and Behavioural Biology today – not that I understand his study but it has something to do with the way LIGHT is being sensed by some insects using specialised neurons in their tiny brains with the effect of an inner clock that resists all manipulation from the outside. ‘So, you are saying that these tiny flies have something that we humans wish we had?’ He said ‘It’s not what we call ‘light’, not what our eyes see. It is some other energetic phenomenon that they pick up.” I am excited and say, laughing ‘You mean the rays that come out of the universe? From some other planet?’ And he answers – thats very possible! Maybe there’s something to your astrology after all…

    1. I love this Su.
      One of my favorite wise women is Rachel Naomi Remens, an MD and granddaughter of a mystic and orthodox Jewish rabbi, and one of the finest storytellers. That light that Your grandson speaks of may more than likely be the light Rachel Naomi Remens wrote about when she retold her grandfather’s story ( one of the Kabbalah) called The Birthday of the World. Perhaps you or your grandson have heard the story?
      I love the story, heard Rachel read it and talk of her relationship with her grandfather. It reminded me of your comment.
      That light it is alive, in all of us(bugs include d of course!)

    2. Congratulations to your grandson, Su. Exciting stuff:light. l remember a title ‘Light as Medicine’ by Lieberman,J ( B. A. Brennan’s work too, on energy fields) and the current ‘dark matter’ experients make different understandings possible. Made me think of the ‘Holographic Universe’…Lots of new amazing ideas(or very old ones) l have just read Moki’s take…living light. Love that.

  4. Yeah. Case in point: My sister.

    She is so isolated, but is having trouble connecting too, due to the rage and hate she carries.
    … Your hate will make people stay away, as you say. I have tried, but I can’t stomach it. I can’t take all that anger and angry energy.

    She has gluten intolerance, and funnily enough, I read in a book about this allergy that it’s a psycho-somatic problem, when you ar feeling cut off from the world and cannot participate in it.

    She has no job, lives very isolated compared to me, have a daughter and a husband and two diagnoses – and no medical aid, as the medicine gives her all sorts of emotional issues.

    She is not even on her screen/phone a lot though, so even that way of connecting is difficult. She doesn’t have the energy to connect with a lot of people, due to the demands of daily life, and it’s just a circle with no end.

    I get so depressed just thinking about this, as she and I have been fighting a lot this year too… she has an Aries Moon , I have a Libra Moon, and she needs to fight and be slaying dragons, and I need peace and quiet… *sigh*

  5. Thank you , this way of breaking it down is helpful.

    I can’t help wondering, the solution seems essentially to be ‘be more discerning compassionate and open’ but how to find that starting place in your heart to break out of the isolation among so much uncertainty, insecurity, shame and doubt?

  6. I agree that faith is essential – but I also know that faith as a principle of hope has been hijacked by power and is being used to keep people where they are. From a trauma perspective (thats my work) we have a dire need to reconnect to our body, in a grateful, loving and kind way. Why ? Because stress, trauma, anxiety, depression,anger are just descriptions of something that happens in our body, mostly unwanted, mostly reactive/instinctive and the energy (actual life energy) it takes to try and control, suppress or navigate that is not available for joy, fun, pleasure and play. Being angry and resentful toward the body that is trying to help us survive – dismissing its needs, numbing it down or pushing energy up short term and desperately insisting on top town control, thats an epidemic, based on the assertion that mind should or can rule. It doesn’t, just the opposite, just try not to sleep or eat and see what your mind says to that.

    Feeling safe is not just a matter of our environment, feeling safe in and connected to our body profoundly impacts our ability to connect with others, learn and recover.

    Faith – yes. Faith that negates, curtails or otherwise diminishes our connection to our body, No. Faith in something outside yourself ? No. Faith in something that gave you this body and this mind for your own good? Yes.

  7. I grew up in a family that you were with them or against them. Have a different opinion and you were shunned. This is how the world is now. We isolate ourselves from people who are going to battle with us for thinking differently. There are less and less people in our lives. We can’t put on our warrior suit every day. Sometimes I say….let’s talk about peace and how we can help each other. Sometimes there is a positive response. Sometimes there isn’t :/. Let’s keep on trying bc we must change the division all around. Thanks Elsa for your clarity.

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