Sagittarius – How Restless Are You?

Restless bill matherSagittarius is a restless sign. It likes to move. Moon in Sagittarius feels at home, traveling. Mercury in Sagittarius has a mind the runs. Jupiter in Sagittarius does not want to be confined, etc.

When Saturn hits the sign, people who have planets in Sagittarius will feel pressured to take responsibility for their restlessness. The’ll want to work with it and perhaps, curb it to a degree for practical reasons.  This is not all bad and I’ll give you an example.

My husband and I are both strong Jupitarians. It’s the easiest thing in the world for me to leave. Put me anywhere in the world, with anyone, give me an hour there and I will feel an impulse to go.

My husband has been around the world, at least twice. He prefers the outdoors and hates to be cooped up at home.

You can imagine, any conflict we have triggers our leaving gene. It’s one thing when you’re twenty years old. It’s another when you’re married and expected to be a parent!

If you have Sagittarius in your chart, your restlessness can be channeled into something productive that leads to achievement over the next 2.5 years.  This is your early tip from the goat.

Do you have a restless nature?

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pictured – Restless by Bill Mather, for sale @ Fine Art America

32 thoughts on “Sagittarius – How Restless Are You?”

  1. Saturn in Sag-O degree. So I always have the urge to go and can’t? Frustration is what it should be called! So channel into something productive, eh? Thanks for the tip Elsa!

    1. Hah, three of us with 0 degree Sag moons.
      I am not much of a traveler either. I don’t spend much time at home on a regular basis (let’s just say I roam around the area I live a lot), but I’ve never had the money to roam the world (plus not driving means you CAN’T go very far in the world) and and I don’t really have much desire to roam outside of the US. I don’t give a shit about ever seeing Europe and I’ll probably never move away from where I live. I suspect I really don’t have all that much Sag after all.

  2. This is so me! I have Merc Rx, Neptune, Sun, Mars and DSC in Sag (with Jupiter in Leo- more fire)… I’m restless all the time. Always traveling/exploring even if it’s 20 mins down the road, or trying to move to CO or UT, or taking an internship in Europe, or getting ANOTHER degree. I’m turning 36 in Dec and since I was 13 I have had 43 jobs, moved 24 times, 10 different schools, and I think I’m at about 120 plane flights… AND I’m no where close to getting married (scared of commitment).

    Anyway, Saturn will be in my 6th and 7th house during this time… and last week I finally gave in to be in ADHD meds, I’m finally made up my mind this year that I’m never moving out of Ohio again (but I’ll just travel), that I’m done getting college degrees… it’s time to put what I have learned to work (like starting a photography/design business from home) and allow my job let me travel, and that I’m done running away from the people I love/in-love with. It seems like the more I love someone the further I run away! I’m ready to work through it and work through the vulnerability/restlessness. lol.

    I feel like I’ll finally be an “adult” once Saturn gets out of Sag… well, as much as a person with a Sag stellium can. lol.

  3. Channel it how, I wonder? I’ve been in love with a man for almost 18 years but we both have so much sag that after dating briefly we’ve just been really close ‘friends’. It’s the most absurd relationship. Everyone around us just wonders when we will finally realize we’re mad about each other and finally tie the knot. But there’s so much sag…! The most minor flirtation on either end results in terrified pulling away and putting up walls…because we know there’s no way it could ever be casual.
    Plus his Venus is conjunct my Neptune, so we could easily continue on like this forever. But we’re getting older, and it’s getting harder to pretend we’re just friends, especially once you start planning your later years. I can’t imagine mine without him, but in life you have to make solid choices to create the structures of the life you want to have. So discussions have started, but damn that sag claustrophobia! I have no idea if we’ll ever move into the next phase, or if we’ll just live half-full lives from across the street, like we do now.
    Any suggestions on how to channel such sag energy in a positive way for partnerships??

    1. My opinion, as a Sadge moon who finally committed and married after years of sidestepping….is to remove all the terms in what you just wrote that sound like what you have been told a relationship is or has to be, what “people” say, and create it your own way with him. Maybe as it is just fine. “In life you have to….”. “Structures….” and “half lives”. Just create. And….maybe, talk? About the fears?

      1. In other words…view a relationship as an adventure, not as a locked room papered with 401k forms and etc. Turn off the tv and ads….don’t worry about how your friends’ marriages are formed…and just live. An older German writer once told me this: birds are friends of horses and goats, but only two birds know how to build the kind of nest they need.

        Hope that makes sense. Cheers and good luck. 🙂

        1. Thank you Villagegirl! Yes, I’ve suspected that if we get together it will be unique looking to others. It’s always been so fuzzy and ill defined, so I guess that’s just our way. But I do crave more certainty and structure, particularly around my loved ones now, as Saturn approaches my moon and my mother is dying. …I guess the key is to figure out which structures work for you and which are just other people’s ideas!

  4. I forgot to mention, my moon is 0 sag too! Did y’all notice Saturn will be conjunct that 0 sag moon on Christmas this year? Boy does that sound like a party… :/

  5. Arrow hits the target. Moon (at 12) and Saturn (at 8) in Sadge here. I have always been at home at the road even when I was little – my favorite rainy day game when I was six years old on was packing a little floral suitcase with all I thought I would need to survive somewhere else. I’ve lived in six American cities, and in Germany, and spent significant work time in London. I am at home anywhere. But lately I am pulled apart…home with my husband, trips to family….turning down good jobs in distant cities I long to take but feel I shouldn’t, like it is time to stop moving and put down roots and be committed.

    I had to jump all over the globe to support my parents/ other relatives for years since I was 20, so my Sadge bits were a lucky thing to have as I was able to go, adapt, and start in new cities over and over with interest not fear (my Virgo Stellium cautiousness balancing me enough to make mindful moves largely). I travel easily.

    The last few months I am struggling to stay put (be an adult and find a new life in one spot) versus travel calling. I have a sense I am supposed to walk away from the work I have always done and do work that I started to do but had to put aside (to the chagrin of others who have come out of the woodwork suddenly again to encourage me to do this other work). I turned down two faraway jobs in a month. Something is shifting….it is no longer suitcase season now, I can tell. So this post is so timely.

  6. I am pretty freakin’ restless. Moon, Saturn, and Uranus in Sadge (in tight oppositions to Mercury, Chiron and Mars in Gemini!) Also 9th house Jupiter in Aries.

    It’s true that I feel at home while traveling. I went a lot of places when I was between 18-24. Experiences abroad changed my life profoundly. That got to be a little much! I also love going to school. I went to do some post-grad studies in NYC, which is just an hour away from where I live… and I realized that I really love and feel connected to where I’m from, and preferred commuting. So lately I’ve been rooting myself at home-base, hardcore. I did a little bit of traveling within the USA in the last year, but still feel drawn to nesting in my regular spots! Outreach within my community is what I’ve been focusing on now. And harboring good habits. Sagittarius rules my 6th.

    I actually let my passport expire last year and felt good about it! I was graciously invited for a family trip to the Caribbean this winter, so I just had to get my passport renewed… but I’m a little intimidated by my options, almost weary of the doors that could open up.

  7. Yes when I was younger I would have described myself as restless. As a child we traveled extensively throughout the Southern US on vacations and also the Caribbean. As an adult married to a soldier I’ve lived in many different places including outside of the US.

    I’m always ready to go and don’t need very much coaxing to go off on a new adventure. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars, Ascendant, and Venus in Sagittarius. My Jupiter (chart ruler) is in 2nd house Aquarius but it has very few contacts other than a conjunction to Saturn in Capricorn (end of 1st house).

    However, I have learned a sort of coping mechanism for the restlessness. I channel that energy into what I call an intellectual restlessness. I read, read, and read. I must learn something new every week and every day if possible. It keeps me on a steady keel. I just finished my BA and will be applying for graduate school soon. I’m in my 50’s but I’m still going to do it. 🙂

  8. I have no Sag… Both daughters are… but the oldest born in 1982 has the stellium of 5 sag planets in her 5th house! I keep telling her all this year have your fun now. Uranus, Sun,Venus, Mercury, Neptune… all in the 5th house. Fun is her middle name when she’s not working (Mars in Cap in the 6th) Workaholic for sure! She’s already in a kickboxing class for anger management (Moon In Cancer in the 12th Oppose Mars In Cap in the 6th to the apex of the T-Square Pluto/Saturn.I already forewarned her. She knows… but not quite sure she’ll understand it until it’s here.

    1. Heather

      I remember Elsa’s Finding Love workshop.

      – open windows when spending time at home with him

      – be together then go out for a run or a day with friends.

      – expand your mind and world studying something or going to a course

      A free spirit understands another free one.

      Guess you both could try being in a relationship where you are together yet doing your own thing a lot too.

      Good luck!!!

  9. I really like this post.

    Resonated with my strong jupiter and my uranus rising.

    My boyfriend is Sag rising.

    I knew it from before but this post had hit home to the point: we thrive on having our independence and space.

    Need to very self-monitoring with this side when kids come into the picture as they need stability, staying power and so on.

    Now I get why, whatever social plans with others I make with my boyfriend, he asks me to cut it to a few hours maximum. He’s on the move.

    Best part, he’s got a lot of taurus so he is on the move yet mostly in a contained manner.

  10. I don’t know if I’m restless, but I get bored very easily, so maybe that is a form of restlessness?

    I’ve got Jupiter in Sagittarius, but never thought about this. I still have a lot to learn in Astrology. Possibly a good project for Saturn in Sadge?

  11. Lately I need to apply my energy or the restless sets in. It’s a freaky and confusing energy restlessness is. I don’t like it much so I continue to tackle projects. Never a shortage of those. My sag sister stated to me this weekend that she did not understand people who get bored. How could anyone be bored when there is so much to do she asked. 😀 She always on the go. But then she has planets in Gemini too, like 3.

  12. I have Saturn in Sagittarius. I am a Virgo with an Aquarius moon, Libra rising. I have traveled all over the world many times. I have a lovely home and I regularly think about chucking it for a backpack and a tent. My windows are open all year round, tricky when it is below freezing. I am always outside. My idea of hell is doing the same thing in the same place forever, but I also crave home and stability and feel a strong pull to put down roots. I live in the town I was born in and think of moving thousands of miles away all the time.
    It’s relatively easy for me to send my kids off on adventures with my blessing, as three of the five of them are Sag as well. I just figured out how to change my business so that I travel every week, and I am plotting ways to travel farther and longer, for profit and adventure, bwahaha, Sag in Saturn indeed!

  13. Sag rising, with Sun/Merc/NN in 3rd house. Restless does not even begin to describe my life, which includes a ton of dance and music events, as well as an overwhelming desire to give out information on the same. I go home to sleep and hang out with my cat.

  14. I have saturn in Sadge in the 11th house. Mars in Aquarius sextile Uranus in Sadge.

    I’ve been called a quitter. A lot. But the truth is there is so much to do. But it’s also a confinement thing.
    I have to DVR everything. I fast forward everything. I can’t sit and watch tv. I get up and start pacing. I can’t sit still. And I can’t even go to the movies. I feel trapped. It doesn’t matter what the movie is, all I can think about is ‘I’m in a box. This seemed like a good idea when I was home.’ I have to remember it feels horrible otherwise I fall for it every time.

  15. Hi Elsa!
    I have my natal Mars at 26 degrees in Sagittarius in my fifth house. I have read that Saturn transiting through the 5th house ( which will start in Dec), will make the person feel unloved. Hard time with live affairs. Is this true? This scares me because I have been single for 10 years now, dating has been disappointing, so what do you think this could mean?

  16. My husband and I both have Venus in Sag we have moved A LOT, split up and came together for many reasons when we were younger, and first together. We’re older and still together. Somewhere in this thread someone mentioned being together and doing separate things/gigs. That is what works well for us! We are such different beasts both Water signs but one swims/dives deep the other prefers the crab-crawl and lots of chatter; it is best for each of us to have a passion to fire us, separately. That keeps the heat between us when we ARE together and that, is sweet at almost 70!

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