Mars In Scorpio – Read All About It!

caught in spider webMars is high functioning in it’s home sign, Scorpio. People with Mars in Scorpio are stealthy and psychologically sophisticated.  You’re not likely to see them coming, unless by their design.  You wake up one day, screwed, blued, tattooed and that’s your first clue you’ve made an enemy.

If you have Mars in Scorpio on your side, you’re in luck.  Mars in this sign is keen and can suss out the enemy like nobodies business. They will provide you with a psychological blueprint of your foe that will allow you to exploit their weakness and come out on top.

Mars in Scorpio is naturally paranoid which allows them to consider everything the opponent might come up with and then some. Consequently they have bases covered you didn’t know existed.

If you want an example of Mars in Scorpio in nature, consider the spider and its web.  The web is built, you fall in and when you do, you’re toast.

Tell us about Mars in Scorpio. Yours or others…

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  1. My hubby has his Mars in Scorpio and although he dislikes confrontation, when he is forced to do battle, there’s one word that comes to mind STRATEGY.

  2. Be careful with their own poison
    Taurus blows and then returning back them
    (Presonal case)
    With scorpios i learned to be innocent truly

  3. true! i have mmars in scorpio…i never forget if somebody crosses me and i get back at them first covering all bases and then waiting for the jugular…

    tnx elsa for the insights

  4. I suppose I’d prefer “prepared” to paranoid(but does “naturally” mean it’s organic?), but I do appreciate the upgrade from jackal.

    Hey, who took all the WINK icons?

  5. Hi Elsa,

    I worked for 3 years for a VP of a large corporation. His mars was in Scorpio on the ascendant. To say he psychologically outwitted foes is an understatement, but his paranoia drove people from the company in their droves. Anyone he didn’t like, no matter how brilliant professionally, he took them down and kicked them out. I lived in fear for that time and the only trait that saved me was my naivety, my own fear and my guardian angel. My dad passed on and within 6 months, I resigned and flew from the gilded cage. I believe to this day that it was dad working from the other side. It taught me a lot about the darker side of human nature and the corruption that can come with power. Never want to go there again.


  6. “Paranoid” I get from, satori who has a Scorpio Mars. She is forever saying, “I am probably just paranoid but…” ha ha ha

    With an 8th house like mine, I definitely want to hear all about it, every stick or thing that’s crossed her mind.

    I didn’t realize, Dixie had Mars in Scorpio too. Interesting who I chose to work with.

    No comment on Lupa and Nota’s chart unless they reveal. But we are a stew ’round here for sure. 🙂

  7. Thank You Elsa P. for the Heads Up !!!

    I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th house so hope i can make the Thruth Prevail !!!

    I am having Neptune Square my Natal Sun Now so some people tricking or trying to and some months ago i was trying to help them because i do that if i can so some use your help to hit You cant believe that but it happends !!!

    Blessings !!!

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    Strawberry Fields

    Transiting Mars is smack atop my native Sun-NN-Mars-Mercury in the 8th house.

    For the last two days, and still ongoing, I have been busy busting a ring of “bad guys”, against which I had quietly been building a case (collecting evidence) for 3.5 years.

    They are currently in retreat, trying to figure out their next move.

    I’m waiting, ready.

    I’m not stupid however. I know this is a battle I will not win. I’m astute enough to know that. Thing is, I have not a thing to lose, and they will walk away severely and irreparably damaged. And ~some~ innocent people will be spared further harm.

    (But it’s like organized crime. You cannot stop it by jailing one kingpin. A void by nature is always filled, and quickly. Still. I’m doing this… because… uh, I guess because Mars is with me! 😀 )

  9. First ever girlfriend (Libra) had Scorpio Mars (and Mercury, which explained more after the fact). Aside from proving to not have much in the way of integrity I’m being Very Nice – she was a fantastic introduction to sex. In fact, I’d say I’ve never been as compatible on a purely sexual level as with her.

    Have a brother (Libra) with Mars in Scorpio who got into drugs and drinking as a kid and never came out. Also scratched the sexual itch whenever it, um, came up. I’ve got at least a couple nieces and/or nephews I don’t know about. His anger isn’t so much stealth but it’s sure as heck been about “til the death.” He’s no stranger to physical violence turned way up. Even has a few bullet-hole scars in a lower leg from a drug deal gone south. Still, I think it’s the sheer endurance and corporeal strength Mars/Scorp lends that has him alive and somewhat kicking today. There is, it seems, an extreme physical resilience.

    This will maybe sound self-serving but I mean it in a clinical way: I’ve never met anyone I would want less as an adversary than myself. Like Sagittarian, I’m pretty cool and it takes a lot to get me to agitated, much less truly angry. But when motivated…well…I know the extent to which I’d wait – as long it took – and that I’d take the lesson to the level of Art. A little blood (literal or figurative) and poetry are not mutually exclusive.

    My most recent war was a cold war, with a cancerous narcissist, a poster child for it. Leo sun, fwiw. (I happen to think that was a pertinent element.) To go face to face, out where a scene could be made, was what he wanted. To drag me into the mudpit with him, because really a lot of what he wanted was me to be as dirty as him. Once sized up, I plotted my course, which involved, basically, ignoring him, like he didn’t exist, except to acknowledge when necessary, and even then in a way that let him know he was just smoke to me.

    It wore him down, always searching for a way to push a button, push something, ANYthing that would engage me. But all I’d do is be polite (if not particularly warm) and watch him anguish over that. Knowing what was inevitable (this guy didn’t know subtle, so was not equipped to deal in nuances, and was too arrogant to consider he might be barking up the wrong tree), I fed him the rope he demanded.

    He recently used it to hang himself, in a figurative kind of way.

    Anyway, some personal Mars in Scorpio stuff.

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    Strawberry Fields

    Thanks Dix.

    Back to say… I’ve been loafing in the tub and thinking (laughing at self) … about the paranoia part… 😀

    Mars in Scorpio is naturally paranoid

    My Mars in 8th (and overall heavily Scorpionic chart) thinks…

    …everything is a potential clue

    …every clue is potential evidence

    …until proven otherwise! 😀

    So hell yah, I’m paranoid!! 😀

    But when I’m bang on, I’m bang on! 😉

  11. I have mars and ascendant in scorpio (neptune as well). I am cautious, paranoid – but never considered myself a big threat to anyone. Well, I didn’t know the extent of my strength until my job was threatened (which to me, is my survival).

    I was accused at work of something I didn’t do and being positioned to be fired… Because it was executives making the allegation, no one would listen to me or believe me. It was as if my stellar reputation up to the point, meant nothing and I couldn’t believe what was happening. What they underestimated was my determination to fight for myself and for truth. I spent hours upon hours digging up evidence of my innocence (just like in the movies – LOL). Needless to say, in the end, one executive was fired, one demoted and one disciplined and probably scared to death of me. They thought I’d be an easy target, scape goat. Boy were they wrong…

  12. I have mars in the eighth in Leo squaring my moon in Scorpio. It’s not exactly the same but I never forget a slight and I do not have an easy relationship with the world.

    I really want to be at peace and have no enemies, with the sun in Libra that’s why it takes me so long to get mad. But I seem to draw them in droves, be forced to defend myself, and live in a kind of wartorn world emotionally.

    I used to believe that if you offered peace to all beings the world would offer peace back to you, but quite frankly it never works out that way.

  13. I love my Scorpio Mars, it’s my built-in bullshit detector—it has saved me more rotten people/situations than I can count!!!

    It’s conjunct the MC, tightly opposed Saturn in Taurus, wide trine to moon in Pisces and sextile sun/ASC. Repressed anger for years but the Saturn opposition also prevented me from cutting off my own nose to spite my face. Now I am much better at directing my anger in a more positive way (heavy exercise, picking my battles carefully).

    I had many problems with being repressed by authority figures in my younger years, but have learned to raise my standards to accept no less than respect and dignity.

    While I will admit to indulging in a fair amount of Schadenfreude when people who mess with me get their just desserts, I generally don’t have to do anything directly to them—karma bites them in the arse every time, and I avoid getting the proverbial blood on my hands.

  14. I was involved with a Pisces sun man with Mars Scorpio and Scorpio moon conjunct neptune – liar, liar, liar…never again!

  15. Remember my mother’s chagrin when I’d dissect things people said. She’d say, Can’t you take anything at face value? Like it was a personality disorder.

    I got in trouble when parents let an uncle’s BIL stay on our property in our trailer so he could help them build a deck cheap, I didn’t like or trust him and told my family so. Caught hell from immediate and extended family about it…he was practically family and I was just rude!

    Midsummer he talked them into loaning him their car to drive home in the mountains of North Carolina to pick ginseng for pharmaceutical companies, big money in it he told them, and they let him take my 19 y/o brother with him to cash in on the gold.

    Turns out they were stealing people’s marijuana crops and the one-week trip turned into 3 months. After a short while my dad wired $400 to have the car engine repaired, guy took the money and split w/o bro, leaving him with the pissed-off moutain folk who hate lying, stealing Yankees. Soon someone started bro’s tent on fire with him in it; someone else put a gun to his head for a game of Russian roulette; and at the end he was sleeping on park benches at night (a quarter in his pocket), trying to stay alive.

    Mars in Scorpio can get you crucified when people don’t like paranoia and/or the truth. It is the dirtiest of jobs but, as I learned early, somebody’s got to do it.

  16. It’s interesting how Satori and Leah also have Neptune in Scorpio with Mars (as do I). Based on Leah’s comment and other posts on Satori, perhaps the addition of Neptune in Scorpio kind of camouflages, or adds further cover of innocence/naivty? Like either with others mistakenly thinking you’re all innocent/helpless and/or with the self (Leah: “never considered myself a threat to anyone”)?

    Many astrologers say Mars conjunct or in other aspect with Neptune generally weakens Mars. But as Elsa said, Mars is strong in Scorpio, so I think in this case Neptune in Scorpio serve to further camouflage/soften/deceive about the true Mars in Scorpio issues.

  17. “…everything is a potential clue

    …every clue is potential evidence

    …until proven otherwise! ”

    LOOOOOOOOOL Strawberry fields! I have a packed 8th house & scorpio sun and that comment cracked me up. In fact all the posts have cracked me.

    Now I dont have a scorpio mars but good friend of mine does conjunct Saturn. People dont think he is lethal being a stellium cancer guy and he is a truly nice guy but dont be fooled. In fact that muthaF*cker has got under my skin and now I’ve damn fallen for him. Didnt even know what was happening ;). But anyways thats another whole other story….

    About the scorpio mars guy, we traded scar war stories one day when we were first becoming friends and this was his….

    He thought he would go home with a girl one night after music concert for some harmless fun 😉 …. until the next morning when he woke up after being stabbed by this random girl’s crazy ex boyfriend. Not the nicest story but boy did I laugh when I discoverd he had mars in scorpio. He also is prone to paranoia and over analysis but he knows dirt on people thats for sure and people give him dirt without him even asking

  18. i feel that mars in scorpio is extremely formidable. i worked in a large corporation whose founder was a taurus with mars in sco and man, id never want to work there again. i worked directly with him (lucky me)
    Employees actually used to comment about the guy and compare him to a python. Though, he is one of the few people I have immense respect for.
    I have a nemesis who is a leo with mars in scorpio and she just keeps resurfacing.
    i have mars in leo and pluto rising conj my ascendant but i feel that i lack the drive that she has. i feel that i just sit and seethe intensely, while she channels her intensity and goes out and accomplishes things.

  19. I have a scorpio sun with mars and mercury in scorpio 28’57(anarectic?)in 5th.
    I have a very strong survival instinct(my body stopped producing blood cells,I had a staff infection and I was anorexic(80lbs and 5’1),they said I would die for sure,but here I am),I can have alot of drive,yes I’m paranoid;for good reason.
    I don’t like confrontations and so I won’t get really aggressive unless I feel threatened or backed into a corner.

  20. Eva..Your comment from last month hit me right on my id! 😉 I have that same question & have had it all my life, also..wonder what planetary configuration brings that to a person? I’ve blamed it on Karma, even. Like why do bad things happen to kids, for instance(?) Anyway, more to the point here, how to make sense of the seemingly, contradictory quotes, of “Opposites attract” and, then: “like attracts like..birds of a feather, flock together”..? I have always been a peacemaker..a diplomat who soothes feathers between others, who will then try and turn the tables and bite me in the hoo-ha! Maybe I should just let them fight it out amongst themselves, family or no..and have each other for the main course; instead of eating dessert (me) lst!(?) 😉

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    Hello everyone! I’m another person with Mars in scorpio, ASC also scorpio and i’m a aquarius sun…like said before i’m paranoid and everything is potential evidence and a clue! I’m a very private person to. I didn’t really knew what astrology all meant until i figured some things out, not all still looking at my birth chart, but having a scorpio ASC and mars in scorpio life is not a game and certaintly not fair, it always for some reason gets you in trouble and not law trouble because i’m busy with police education go figure í’ve heard that’s like something all scorpio’s do. I also suffer from perfectionism and not being able to forgive. I wonder how can it be i’m nothing like my birthsign? Is the scorpio invluence so powerful it rules my birthchart? btw sorry for any spelling errors english is not my first language 🙂

  22. My ex is a Scorpio with Mars in Scorpio in the first. Because he’s also got Scorpio rising he’s a pretty private person, but with his Sun in the first he’s still a “What you see is what you get” type of person. A very sweet guy by the way, one of the sweetest i’ve met. When he broke it off with me though, i knew he meant it and that it would stay that way.

  23. I have natal Mars in Scorpio (along with a 2 other planets there), and an 8th house Sun. It touches many planets: Sq Sun, opposite Moon, conjunct Saturn, semisextile Uranus, inconjunct MC.
    All I want to do is think. Think deep, look ahead and deep. Read and question everything and anything. Problem is my interests lie in the philosophical/psychological plane. Playing chess no longer interests me, but I do love strategy games combined with a psychological aspect, like very technical fighting games or interactive puzzles. If there’s a small audience who likes divulging in talks exchanging info, I’m fine because otherwise I’m pretty damn boring for most people. Love my comedy a little on the dry side, e.g. Curb your Enthusiam.

  24. i have mars in scorpio in my fourth house, square my leo rising. i am very perceptive, presence, people often underestimate me, i have been my own lawyer in a divorce case against an unethical, not very smart lawyer. i h ave gone up against the board of directors of a non profit who gave severance to people who they fired for bad, very bad behavior, ie counselors sleeping with clients, then fired me for no reason, i demanded the same severance and also demanded unemployment and got it. i am very compassionate, but can pull this out if i need it

    1. I also represented myself in a custody case, against multiple lawyers, over the course of three years and won. Really I think it was just me being immoveable and waiting for the other side to mess up and quickly making my move when that happened.

      1. good for you, i hope to have the same outcome. forced them to acknowledge a pension that they were lying about until they got caught after seven months, now i think i am dealing with fake income taxes

        1. Good luck. You have the stamina. Thats always been my best tool, especially with exhausting processes. Im also good at recognizing moments or qualities of weakness in opposing parties and taking advantage of those. As well as standing up to intimidation.

          Keep the desired outcome in mind, and just let your own strength guide you to it.

  25. Can tell who has one from a distance. No matter if it’s a pisces, if it has a strong gemini stellium, a sag rising, I know exactly who has mars in scorpio just based on my gut feeling. Kidding, it’s based on their eyebrows and back of the neck, really. But the system never fails. On that note, Andrew Scott, damn you, sir.

    1. X-Ray,

      I know this is a old post but characteristics of a person based on physical attributes really interest me. My son is on spectrum and I have noticed that most on spectrum children have a particular shape of their fingers.

      1. Hello Cass, yup astro physiogonomy, people’s faces and quirks are fascinating. Virgo sun/moon have a thing when they move their mouth to speak that’s very specific and some of them would stutter or have a cute lisp. Saturn in 1st house have a beaky nose as in a bit downturned that would get obvious especially when they smile, moon in 1st have similar cheeks, the moon could be in any sign whatsoever it doesn’t matter and it would be easy to spot in that house, even mine in capricorn – similar cheeks. Pisces rising women also are visible, they have the neptunian eyes, fuller lips, glowing skin and aura. The mars in scorpio thing is still valid- it’s by my gut and admiration. Can’t count on my hands how many more mars in scorpio talented people I found after writing this post years ago. 🙂 Speaking of hands and as you mentioned your son, I noticed sagittarius suns have some bendy type of fingers, earth dom have squarish palms and air types can have elongated thin fingers.

  26. I have mars in aries with venus in taurus. Whatever random, known, unknown person or pebble that has mars in scorpio has my attention and somehow they always have a skill that I love seeing them excel at. Their mars will gravitate near my midheaven, there’s a dose of admirable quality towards this placement. But I only like those who aren’t playing game with people or being cruel, the more straightforward type. Whenever I’m drawn to a person, they have a mars in scorpio. I assume how elated mars in scorpio can feel if the attention comes from the right person/ and they get planety of attention/ and how grossed out if it comes from the *wrong one. But we have tension. Lately I am pushing towards lusty abstinence so we’d stare at each other until one of us drops dead. 🤷

  27. So, is it highjacking the thread to ask, do people find you approachable? Is this a Mars Scorpio thing?

    I am not, never really have been.

    1. I didn’t consider that! Especially given I have Mars square Pluto, so it makes sense that the square to Pluto might give a “Scorpionic” tone to Mars.

      Never been described as a handful haha 😂 but then one’s perception of the self is worlds away from other people’s perceptions of you. Of course, I see myself as all chilled and mellow and floaty. Other people, however, may have different views!

  28. I have Mars at 6 Scorpio, in my 3rd house. It is cj Moon at 6, Merc at 8, and Neptune at 10. I was just told by a great psychic that I am in a constant state of channeling. To illustrate, I was in the waiting room for my doctor the other day, and there was a horrible, toxic, vain woman there, which so disturbed me that I suddenly bolted from my seat, remembering that since he had moved his office, he had a new view from the 20th floor of Viña del Mar, Chile. So I stood at the window intently registering the old and new buildings from above for a good while, and then decided to sit in the hall with a view of the window. Then I noticed the woman rush out and retrieve her phone which was plugged in below the window, and I could tell she was thinking I might have had designs on it. Ridiculous. But she went in to see the doctor before me, so she was a friend or something, but when I went in, the doctor was suddenly cold, after a 7 month relationship that had been much warmer. I deduced she had shared her paranoia about her phone with him, so after being confused at first, I decided right there that the relationship was over, because it was not worth explaining. I understand Chilenos do steal, but they do not understand that I don’t, and so I decided to never contact him again, even though I still could have used more physical therapy slips from him. Done and dusted. Looking back, I believe I was channeling that woman’s thoughts about her phone, which led me to almost tread on it!

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    Bob (in Australia)

    Amazing! What a response! Intense energy for sure. Too many comments to read right through.TL;DR.
    Might even be close to a record for you?
    But can’t resist putting my 2 bobs worth in and a bit convoluted but it might be useful for someone if they need to go digging. I’ve got a retrograde Mars(in Gemini) as the focal point in a YOD anchored by a conjunct Neptune/Jupiter & Mercury in Scorpio buried deep in the 12th house on one foot of the YOD. I’m so fortunate (psychologically) that the language of Astrology gave me the skill to figure out how this Mars/Scorpio energy has transmuted itself in my life, just like a mirror to this wonderful post. Thanks for digging Elsa!

  30. I have Mercury in Scorpio in the 4th. Transiting Mars should be conjunct soon. What can I expect? I suspect that I will need to watch my mouth! I might get punched in the mouth. Should I have a dental implant?

  31. Whoo boy, was just about to post and read all this! Mars/Mercury conjunct at 20 Scorpio (full disclosure wide sq to Pluto), that’s me. Got 2 cents to put in too. 1) It’s an inbuilt bullshit detector, the other side of paranoid, just to be clear about that. 2) It’s SO easy to cut off deadwood, total benefit! 3) Requires authenticity no matter what (just me?). With Venus in Sag at the MC I have to tell it like it is, my lucky escape valve. I refuse to carry shit around, old and just not gonna (never did)!

  32. my mars is in Taurus 10H opposite my moon in Scorpio 4H. They are in mutual reception and that makes up for their debilitated position by sign. Not exactly a Scorpio mars energy but good enough..

  33. Mars in Scorpio conjunct Uranus in the 11th, sextile Saturn/Jupiter. I’ve been thinking about desire a lot lately. Mars in Scorpio’s first desire will probably be self preservation. It’s primal. Beyond that, it’s not so easy. Scorpio is fixed so that adds some clarity but water doesn’t lend itself to definition. I KNOW that I can have whatever I TRULY desire, but only if I can define it in some way. It’s like it’s gotta be channeled up from the subconscious level to the level where willpower can be accessed consciously to actually be used effectively in the human world. Otherwise things just happen intuitively. That’s not a bad thing, but it can make for a very confusing existence because Mars in Scorpio wants power over it’s reality…ultimately. And we don’t like surprises.

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