Building During A Saturn Transit

My husband and I are both having a Saturn transit. He’s in the process of building a grape arbor similar to the one in the picture. It will be set in concrete, built to last. Because the terrain is uneven, one of the posts will be sunken, more than thirty inches. Posthole digging, anyone?

Saturn is transiting the angles of his chart. It’s all about structure and definition. The arbor is great representation of the transit.

On my end, it seems to be about shoring things up. Bricks and mortar style.

There’s a crack in our front walk.

There are some minor gaps between sidewalk next to the house and the foundation.

There’s another gap on top Lila’s brick wall that needs repair.

I want all these things done, this instant. That’s my Mars. But the fact is, they are best done, methodically and slowly but surely.

I have to shore up my character at this time as well. I’m finding out where I am lacking. I have to work to fill in the gaps.  It’s another slow process.

We’re moving like snails but we’re constantly moving.  And it’s not all heavy…

We’re also building the kid band.  We’re honorary grandparents, you could say. Turns out we’re good at it. It’s deeply satisfying.

Are you having a Saturn transit? What are you working on?

12 thoughts on “Building During A Saturn Transit”

  1. Transiting my 4th. I am so agitated that I will be moving this summer to a rental. I don’t have the money or the job to buy. I guess that will be my project because my son will be on campus (that was a twist) and I will decide what town and what house I want to buy and how while I’m in a rental.
    I’m mostly aggravated because my exes (as I’ve mentioned, sorry, venting) have had the established jobs, freedom from child raising and help (mine) to build their security. They’re not figuring out their housing situation.
    I’m in Scorpio mode as I call it- where I hammer away, and I WILL get what I want. And THIS TIME, once established, I will absolutely never make decisions that are not based on my material security. Enough of the woo woo fantasies and following my intuition. No more believing the cherry picked stories you read in self-help about amazing coincidences where someone opens their mind and looks for clues and suddenly the guy at the coffee shop serendipitously mentions his cousin has a free house looking for a caretaker while she teaches in Peru for a year. Lol
    Honestly it’s a miracle and perhaps I’ve been protected, that I’m able to pick myself up over and over despite believing a lot of magical BS and using my intuition rather than just effing saying, do A= get this, do B= get that.
    This is why Capricorns stay on track. They aren’t influenced by woo woo. I’ve admired them since I was a teenager.

  2. Transiting Saturn tries my Natal Saturn through October of this year. It’s an interesting time: Inner Stability. I have learned some things about myself and the success as a result of experience, over time. I will turn 70 soon after Saturn moves out of trine, and one of the main things I am working on is to move back to my home of birth. We left almost 10 years ago, and have been living a self-exile life: learning to understand the illness exacerbated by pesticides and on-avoidable chemical products. Iu have lived through the steep learning curve, and now can proceed on the basis of that understanding.

    This year seems to be able paying attention to the way I live with others (relationships) as t. Saturn moves to the edge of Sagittarius and into Capricorn.
    I have reached a point of equilibrium. It’s also true I don’t know EXACTLY how it will be to return to my culture of birth. The future is always different, and what happens in the future depends upon what is true at that time. So I need to keep my mind flexible and keep studying my native language (online/distance learning) to keep investing in shoring up my native cultural practices while I am in a different culture. Strengthens my commitment muscles.

    Great post and personal examples for reflecting on Saturn transit.

  3. I put in a fence a couple of years ago. It had always been a bit rickety and I’d replaced panels every few years. I decided to do it properly and sunk the posts two feet deep in concrete. Probably the hardest part is actually finding somewhere to temporarily put the earth while you’re digging it out!

    All this happened while Saturn was transiting my 7H and after years of neptune transits had blown me wide open and created a lot of vulnerability. I was rebuilding my boundaries.

  4. I’m having a Saturn square and Chiron return plus Saturn will retrograde back to square my Moon. I’m working on internal things. My New Year’s resolution was to work on the quality of my minds jabbering and I have. I am playing my guitar every day just for me. I am learning/relearning/expanding my knowledge of graphic design just because, just for me.

    Also since my natal Saturn/Chiron is in the 10th house I am working on my energy at work which will be good for me and everyone else. What I am trying to accomplish is using A Course in Miracles at work. It’s just baby steps but I feel really good about it.

  5. Saturn has just crossed my IC and will be retrograding back over it. I’m in my first Saturn Return. I also will have Chiron crossing the Descendant too. All kinds of angle hits this month. I’ve been having all kinds of miscommunications and issues at work. I’ve seen this hit lots of people hard.

  6. I am just a couple of years off my 2nd Saturn return. We’re building a wisteria pagola, with concrete pillars and good solid beams over the top. My husband has rock paved a walkway underneath it, and is about to build a small rock wall on one side of the pagola. It’s big and rather dramatic at the moment, and has turned a few of the neighbour’s heads (and I don’t think it is in admiration!). But just wait until that wisteria grows over it, and we get to walk down a pathway with long purple flowering racemes above our heads.

  7. Saturn is transiting my 5th house. I hardly even notice ut, compared to Saturn through the 4th. It’s reining my Venus in the 9th and like I said on another post, I’ve been accepted at a super good school and it’s a wonderful opportunity. I’m going to be meeting all kinds of different people from all walks of life because this school is in a very urban setting. That’s the Uranus part, but Saturn is just having me tread carefully…I’m slightly worried about my safety in the area of the school so I’m thinking of taking a self defense class. I’m also trying to keep myself very realistic about the whole process so I don’t burn out.

    I was wondering if you ever got all those weed things you were trying to get rid of when you guys first moved in there. I forgot what it was called but you said it was a tough job because there was so much of it… they were like ropes or vines that grew around other plants and trees.

  8. Saturn is sextile my mars in libra. It feels great. I have an aries moon and am often antsy and often ‘spinning my wheels’ when it comes to getting things done, patience is sometimes very stressful for me. But mars’ transit in taurus and the current saturn transit are great for me. We’re back home from hopsital with my son after his intensive chemotherapy so we’re building a new life for us. Physical changes to the house, decorating and bringing to life one of the out buildings – hopefully eventually the whole property will have three separate flats instead of one big house where everyone complains there’s no privacy. Will be good for future sale and or renting out, if it’s too costly for us. Also we’re rebuilding our family life, more time together and of course rehabilitating my son after his nine month chemotherapy treatment. His hair is starting to grow (just a fine fluff at the moment but. . .)And there are now some real transformatory changes in our town concerning the youth movement that I’ve been trying to help get into action. There’s serious grass-roots change going on here with a new team moving in. A great group of positive people and I will be very much part of this . . . it’s what I fought for, what I cried over, worked for, prayed for and these people are simply awesome, so talented and they’re coming to us! This is the time to rebuild all relationships in our town and transform it into a place of joy, I’ve seen this happen in the city where the peoeple who are coming to us are from. Simply beautiful. I truly thank our Bishop for his genius, wisdom, vision and promise! (His sun is in cancer and his moon is in Taurus)He never forgot about us. This is my Saturn building time, ready for Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn! – My eighth house and home to my sun and merc.

  9. You have a beautiful property Elsa! I hope everything you build holds up for the long-haul. And yes–you’re so right when you say that there is satisfaction in taking the time to build things slowly and steadily. That’s why modern homes don’t hold up. Everything is pre-fab and the whole house is done in 30 days or less. There’s a reasons castles in Scotland and the ruins of ancient civilizations still stand and it’s because they were slowly, steadily, meticulously, and with high quality materials. All Saturn themes.

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