Astrology, Neptune And Gullibility

hall-of-mirrors.jpgI would characterize myself as extremely gullible. But I notice is it’s the other person who is ultimately harmed.

I think this is what happens when you’re screwing around in a hall of mirrors and you forget it’s in a hall of mirrors.

Slap me and you’ve slapped yourself with no idea how it happened.

To me, this is a pure phenomena and nothing but, day in and day out.

What do you think? Where is your Neptune?

14 thoughts on “Astrology, Neptune And Gullibility”

  1. I’m pretty gullible.

    I get to the other side and I get all ‘oh gosh, how’d I miss that?’, and I do indulge in fooling myself on purpose at times. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t.

    Regardless I believe what goes around comes around so when I can get perspective on it Meh . .

    Neptune in the 12th in Sag.

  2. yeah, pretty much. i’m a lot better at not taking people personally nowadays, so it doesn’t usually bother me if people snap at what i leave out there.

    there’s a lot i don’t leave out there, too. there’s giving people the benefit of the doubt, and then there’s trusting them. two totally different things, in my book 😉

    neptune in sag, loosely conjunct the IC in the 4th. trine venus. sextile moon. sextile pluto (like everybody.) trine pallas (who’s conjunct saturn, but the orb between saturn and neptune is loose…)

    oh, and that pesky square to mars/pisces in the seventh. also square my ascendant. just to keep me focused 😉

    i often imagine i’m invisible. that extremely few people are actually capable of touching the solid parts of me. so when someone swings at me, all they get is fog. because they can’t see what’s really there because, honestly, few people seem to be able to see/understand who i actually am. they assume a lot of cultural stereotypes and get confused when i don’t exist there…
    it’s an active defense mechanism i’m been working at for awhile.
    …and maybe i’m just puffing smoke in my own ear. but i’m more likely to be hurt by the awful things people do to each other than something done to _me_.
    (and then there’s the lessons the universe teaches me… and that’s where i often hurt myself, but who better, hm? ;P )

  3. With merc sag square pluto, no, i don´t think I swallow easily without looking into other´s second intentions (or sometimes even being paranoid).Unless, of course I´m foggily in love, thanks to nep sextile venus.

  4. I tend to take people however and can be gullible…though my radar usually goes off but I decide to give the benefit of the doubt. I dated someone for three months before I realized they were an alcoholic (and they told me!). I also dated someone who ‘smoked’ more than a few times a day and didn’t even know it! Not that I’m proud of this…it was saddening to say the least. Plutonian to be more accurate in the feeling of it falling apart. I have uranus and pluto in the 7H.

    As for neptune, it is in 9H and squares my 6H mars. I get a bit of confusion at work…uggh.

  5. On both topics, I suppose…

    I can be momentarily confused by specific situations, but overall I’m pretty clear. If I can see the big picture, then I can see when someone isn’t following that or things don’t feel ‘right’. I think it’s possible for people who really want to to one-up me, but I’m normally very aware of what’s going on even when I Libra-Ascendant pretend I’m just going with the flow or don’t have a clue.

    When I was a kid, I found myself in a LOT of situations where people had tricked me into a particular result or got me into trouble in their favor. This was pretty much my daily life for years. Of course I don’t care for people who do this, so, they’ve all been weeded out as best as possible – for those that haven’t gone away, I always have a “plan b” when I have to deal with them. I can see this kind of behavior coming now, thankfully.

    Neptune in 3rd.

  6. Neptune conjunct ASC. I am waaaaay gullible. But it’s a sort of teflon effect — just slides right off with no serious consequences.

  7. Lol, this phenomenon happened to me today. It never occurred to me consciously that I do this, but apparently it’s an effective way to trick the tricksters. Confusing and confused to the point where it’s hard to distinguish who’s tricking whom, hehe 😉

    Neptune in 6th conjunct DC, Pisces Mercury in 9th conjunct MC

  8. I’ve got Neptune conjunct Saturn in Libra, so the mirror is there but the wall is always there too – reality check.

  9. This is a chat with an pal (lawyer) last days: “I asked him if he had sold my lot, and he said to me he had doesn’t done it” The expression of my lawyer gave me the answer. Then I asked to myself ‘why would he lie (the swindler)’ This is a pluto transit to second house (oh I forget it!). Luckyly for me venus #11 sextile jup and conjunt sun still help me in hard situations. The fraud is legally controlled now and it can come undone-I hope it- but I ask me over and over Why was not I more distrustful. Neptune 12 trined with a pisces Sat, Sadge ASC

  10. Over on the other post I said I was gullible, but I think I misrepresented myself somewhat.
    I’m certainly gullible in the short-term; I’m always, without fail, surprised by the surprise party. But in the long-term or about big things I’m pretty darned hard to fool.

    Neptune in Sag/6th sextile Mars-Venus-Pluto, trine Sun-Mercury-Saturn.

  11. I’m very gullible. Neptune in the 12th opposition Mercury, sextile Pluto. I don’t like it when people lie to me for their own fun. I also don’t suspect people when I first meet them unless they seem weird or unusual. I don’t understand the energy Scorpio types put into suspecting every other person. Unless strangers or people that seem suspicious approach you, it’s best to be friendly and observe them until you have cause to suspect. Then again, there is always the Ted Bundy effect where the person you don’t suspect turns out to be a problem.

  12. I have Neptune 2nd house Virgo. Wide square Jupiter 11th house, just short of a square to 5th house Venus. Opposing south node. Nothing good there. I don’t know enough about it to see how this played out. Or I am too dense.

  13. I have neptune exactly on my sag ascendant, w/ jupiter in the first as well, and I am gullible about my own needs–it takes daily, conscious, literally hourly (I keep a TIMER in my purse to go off to remind me on the hour, on my good days, is what I am saying here) to check in with what am I feeling, what do I need. Other people’s needs and what the conversation will take to stay happy & interesting is so much easier & more fun for me than to focus on the very real, VERY real (and currently slightly dire b/c of ignoring them in the past) needs I have that I can just blow off in 2 seconds once another person walks in the room. Because my norm is just to merge. It is fun usually–if there is really dark energy I spot it instantly and am out of there. So it’s like, for the deep stuff, not remotely gullible, for the everyday stuff, which has finally become a problem as I’ve grown older, I don’t see things for awhile.

    Like those late night infomercials for the girdle thing that makes you look way thin, 800x better–it’s not like I bought it, but I kind of thought, you know, maybe? and googled it. And then of course the first thing that comes up is all these shockingly bad ripoff complaints, they keep charging your card after the first purchase kind of thing.

    The key for me has been trusting my vibes but remembering earth for me–what do I need right now? Saying it, drawing a boundary, leaving if I need to. A constant discipline, and really helpful.

    Whatever I’ve been through before—alcoholics, drug addicts, and most recently narcissists—to hell & back, can spot them before they even speak a word. How they open the door to the cafe–you can sometimes just know it’s a narcissist this way. This I think is the benefit of Neptune on ascendant—with experience it is a wonderful early-alert system.

  14. I’ve thought people were worse than they actually, but I have never been the ‘I thought everything was great and man was I screwed’ variety of human.
    So, no I don’t think I’m gullible.
    Except when people lie about things that just seem stupid to me.

    Quite a few years ago, I met a man who I liked who asked me out. I agreed to go out with him, and he sauntered off with my phone number, “I’ll call you.”
    As soon as he left, his friend leaned in and said “Yeah, you should know that dude’s actually married.”

    I was so pissed off. But see? Even if I am snowed it clears as soon as it happened. I had all of 15 minutes to be snowed before reality arrived. This must be a Neptune/Saturn aspect.

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