Can Astrology Help Me Find Love?

I had a gal ask me about my love and relationship classes.  She wanted to know which class would help her the most. I don’t promote these classes enough. I should promote them though. They’re effective and there are no gimmicks.

Here’s my response…

The video course makes everything you come across all the time in dating, easy to understand and work with. All common problems are included. It’s the knowledge I’ve collected over decades of consulting.  A person who takes the class winds up with tremendous clarity. They go back out there with a lot more confidence because of it.

I’m proud of the class. There is not a word wasted. If you constantly lose in relationships, you’re bound to see why via this class. You’ll also be able to identify potential partners who will do nothing but waste your time.  It’s a pretty class… for ninjas. I have Mars in Libra after all.

The Soulmate class is specifically for people who have Venus Saturn indicators in their chart. Venus in Capricorn, Saturn in the 7th house, Venus in aspect to Saturn (any aspect), Venus in the 10th house, etc. These things show true impediment in relationships.

Nobody wants to work with this population. Seriously, astrologers tend to skirt around love that is hard or practical or a “business deal” as they say.  There is a real void of material on this topic. I decided to fill it.  If you’re plagued with feeling you suck, if you reject people to spare being rejected and/or if you feel unlovable in general, this class is for you.

If at all possible, I would take both classes. The video class first… and the Saturn class if those problems apply to you.  The cost for both classes is less than an hour of therapy. It’s impossible to expose yourself to this material and not be changed.

End of PSA!

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  1. I can certainly vouch for the Venus-Saturn class being eye-opening, truly. (I wrote a positive review of it but that seems to have disappeared, lol.)

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