Full Moon in Cancer: December 26, 2023 – Calm ‘Less You Cross Paths With A Insane Hothead!

Cancer crab moonThe full moon in Cancer will take place in the evening on December 26, 2023.  The moon itself  looks stable as it’s supported by Saturn in Pisces, which also supports the sun in Capricorn.

This looks like family support to me. If you have a problem under this full moon, it will be due to other factors and “other factors exist.

I’m talking about Mercury and Mars, tightly conjunct in Sagittarius, and squaring Neptune.  This configuration can manifest as misguided anger, drunken rage, etc.  The Sagittarius factor can send it over the top.

Mars is associated with blood, Mercury with cars.  Sagittarius is often overconfident, Mars takes risks, Neptune is associated with impairment… you get the idea.  Be careful when you leave you home… and if you live with the impaired person, carefully, leave the home!

I often mention, things are illuminated under a full moon.  You’re reading this; the lights are turned up on what will be going on, the day after Christmas.  Please note, Neptune is also about avoidance.  In this case, you want to avoid violent people; men in particular, not because I don’t love men. Everyone knows I do. It’s because – MARS.

If you care to take this advice, you can have fun time, cracking bawdy jokes. This is would be far better than having a bad time in the emergency room. Everyone knows they fill up under full moons!

You can see the chart here.

What will you be doing on December 26th, under the full moon in Cancer?

9 thoughts on “Full Moon in Cancer: December 26, 2023 – Calm ‘Less You Cross Paths With A Insane Hothead!”

  1. Wooo shaking my crystal ball it’s just looking snowy but I’m going to be looking listening and waiting like children staring out a window waiting for the pizza delivery guy??

  2. Mercury & Mars are on my natal Saturn Uranus in the 2nd. The full moon in my 8th, I’ll take the Saturn support in my 4th.

  3. Full Moon in Cancer will aspect my Sun in Cancer,Mars in Cancer,Uranus in Cancer, oppose my Moon in Capricorn and square my Neptune/Saturn Libra. I have a cozy day/week planned after Christmas!!! LOTS Of AT HOME TIME!!!!!ANd it sounds like that is THE place to be!! Will be journalling,cooking,napping, and resting up. 2024 is gonna be a doozy!

  4. My son is visiting us for Christmas and will be in TN on the 26th! I’m glad he’ll be here. Like most here, I had a rough year, and ending it like this is really nice. 😊

  5. The full moon closest to the Solstice is the traditional time of year for conducting the Headless Rite. This will be some tricky space weather for such an intense undertaking, but if one approaches it with sincerity and their “head on straight” (sorry, couldn’t resist a little bad magical humor), it can still be a very productive experience with one’s Holy Guardian Angel, or Agathos Daimon (depending on your spiritual perspective).

  6. We will be driving home from Christmas….

    I’ll be sure to let my BF know he has to be extra careful and keep an eye out for sudden idiots with road rage. His Cancer Sun is at 1 degree of the sign, and my NN is at 5-6 degrees Cancer. Looks like some erhm… interesting times coming up!

  7. It’s the last day of my paid time off vacation. I’ve been very sick and in terrible pain the whole time so far. I’m also very alone, which is quite scary, having no one to check on me, no family, no friends.
    I invited a few local girls from a meetup group over on Xmas, specifically calling it a low key Christmas for loners who have no one else. I don’t know how I’m going to pull it off. My body is scaring me, and I can’t afford to see my Dr til Jan 2 when my FSA account is recharged to pay the copay. What am I doing???
    For anybody interested,my sun/Mars/Saturn/Chiron are Aries in the 4th house, moon Capricorn 24°2nd, and rising is Sag. Any words of support or thoughts are appreciated. This is an extremely difficult time, as I finally am moved into a rental but one I absolutely cannot afford, which is also terrifying, in Eugene OR the homeless are literally on every corner, in every spare spot. And I just left a totally toxic living situation after divorce and 2 moves, am running out of money, and my partner in the UK is sick and trying to get his visa to come through for 2 yrs now. I’ve been having very very dark thoughts. As in…. maybe this really is the end of the road for me.

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