Astrology Short And Sweet: Italy, Italians, And Jupiter’s Sense Of Adventure

The soldier (Jupiter in Sagittarius) talks to me (Jupiter rising) about going to Italy and fact is, it does not take much for one to talk the other into an adventure….

“When we go to Italy…”

“We’re not going to Italy,” I said. “Why are we going to Italy?”

“Yes we are going to Italy. We’ll be in Italy some day I’m sure. Why don’t you want to go to Italy?”

“Well I have just never wanted to go. I am already Italian and they don’t want to see us over there. We’re Americans! Italian people don’t think Italians who are American are Italians. They hate us!”

“I got news for you, P. Italians hate each other, too. They hate Italians over here and Italians over there. Italians hate people in general,” he said.

“Oh yeah. I guess they do,” I said.

“Yeah, so we’re going for sure. Doesn’t matter if they hate us. In fact we should go over there and ask for some Parmesan cheese and really piss them off.”


“Yeah. They don’t use Parmesan cheese the way we do. That’s an American thing but I say we go over there and order Parmesan cheese with every meal. They’ll get pissed off but you know how Italians love to be pissed off.”

“Okay, I’ll do it. We’ll go over there, order some cheese and see what happens.”

“That’s the spirit, P. Give Italians someone to hate or be pissed off at and you’re doing them a favor.”

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5 thoughts on “Astrology Short And Sweet: Italy, Italians, And Jupiter’s Sense Of Adventure”

  1. haha….is that like someone going to Mexico and asking for Pace Picante? 🙂

    Italy, now thats a place on my list of places to go before I die.

  2. Jupiter in Sagittarius, no wonder the soldier seems like family. Parmesan cheese with garlic on a bagel. For breakfast nontheless! Who cares if it pisses them off.

  3. Oh Elsa!!! 🙂
    Italians, spaghetti and mafia, lazy people, and now even easily pissed off …. hahaha! How many more labels are we Italians going to get??
    You and the Soldier should come to Italy and have some good parmesan (the real thing – ha!)- eat as much as you likeof it, stuff yourself with parmesan and have fun!
    And I’d love to meet you both!

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