Capricorn Fear Of Failure (And Success) in Business

capricorn mountain goatHi Elsa,

I’m desperately trying to make the transition from the prison of a day job to a self-employed gig. So far one effort’s gone down in flames and the second one turned out to have problems. Some of the problems I created with my own actions, and some of them stemmed from my boss’ personality type.

I’ve been contemplating starting a business which would dovetail with the current one, but suddenly I’m afraid. Do I have any business being in business?

Please advice,
Burned Now Shy

Dear Burned,

You are a Capricorn.

There’s not a Capricorn on this planet that does not have natural business acumen. This includes the ten-year-olds. Aside from your Capricorn sun, your chart has great emphasis on the Cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. These signs were born to lead and this is why you’re so miserable working for someone else. It’s because you are a natural boss.

I can’t see how you can be born to do something and fail. It’s clear to me you must persevere in spite of your fear of failure (and fear of success). This fear, by the way is another trait you share with every other Capricorn on the planet. So this is my first advice:

That mountain in front of you? You’re going to climb it. You’re born to climb it, so just forget about looking left and looking right and wondering, should I, will I, can I? You should, you will, and you can.

Also, you (and every other Capricorn on the planet) are goal-oriented. PERIOD. Without a “goal” and a lofty one at that, a Capricorn is barely breathing. You’ve got to climb, regardless of how treacherous it is. And I know it’s treacherous. But have you ever seen a mountain goat spend their life in a meadow? That’s a joke.

Looking around is wasting your time. Climb.

Good luck.

20 thoughts on “Capricorn Fear Of Failure (And Success) in Business”

  1. Thanks Elsa ๐Ÿ™‚
    I suspect that moon & jupiter trine saturn & Venus in Capricorn opposed saturn prolly counts.
    Another ahaha (aspects being a blessing & curse at the same time) moments Elsa. If I did not have uranus on the ascendant I would be screwed……LOL the venus sextile to uranus helps too.

  2. Avatar

    @Elsa – You could have written that for me and/or my hubby. He has a packed 10th house with Saturn in Taurus in there, too. I have Cappy Moon 8th house and Saturn in my 10th in Aqua… We are going to be launching a business AGAIN, next year. We have had a home-based day care, a jewelry making business, art gallery with a music venue and now will be venturing into the vermiculture business. Failure hasn’t and never will stop us from trying! We are both fixated and hard-working and an incidence of failure here or there never seems to deter us for long… Your advice to Burned Now Shy is spot on, can the fear and keep your eye on the goal. If you fail, take the time to process it and vent it out and then get back up with your newly learned lessons in hand and CLIMB… You are so gifted in readings and advice, Elsa, we all learn from you daily! Thank you for reminding all of us that we can!

  3. Excellent, inspiring advice, Elsa.

    Burned, I’d like to pass along some advice I received from a friend when I was afraid of starting a business that had plenty going against it. She said, “Go ahead and be afraid, but do it anyway.” We can be afraid, but still have the courage to climb that hill.

  4. awh….so true…us capi’s … My sun is in Cap, but with moon in Scorpio and Cancer rising…I sometimes forget that I have Hoof’s for climing ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Thanks Elsa,

    I just sent someone close to me(who has six planets in Capricorn), a link to this page, along with my support and encouragement. She’s super disappointed today after being rejected for a project; something she’s worked so extremely hard to be chosen for. She even let out a rare expression of her 12th H Aries moon. I’m reminded of the Tourtoise and the Hare. I would think that Capricorns can tend to be late bloomers that go on to become more successful than we can imagine.

  6. Hi Kids(!)
    Hey, I have no use for the aesthetics (physical or psychological) of mountains but this bar-made acquaintance asked me if I wanted to go climb an indoor mtn with her. I went, I saw, I conquered. She asked me when I’d already said I’d had enuf to just go once more – and I did an 80-foot climb. So cool.
    Dbl Virgs here – Cappie the 4th with Mars CJ North Node – as in right this FN MINIT. I gotta go up. Elsa hit it bout fear of success so start with indoor rock climbing – success with no fear: I always preferred to compete against myself. PS to you personally: never look down, just keep moving forward.
    (I failed in biz and lost more than my own dough, but I’ve made money since and look upward to better accomplishments still.)
    Sides Sistah, duh North Node has yer back!

  7. Well, I’m confused (surprise! lol)
    I have Capricorn rising & I’m hopeless at all this stuff I’m reading I should be good at!
    *scratches head*

  8. capricorn born to lead,i’ve seen it in my capricorn uncles, they were always doing work where they were independent (as traders, doing their own business) as owning taxi services and if they work for a company they were managerial such as manager or assistant mgr of a mechanic auto repair and supply company, or cooking independently owning their small bakery restaurant. they were super happy that way. I noticed this too with stelliums in 10th house as well; i have nothing in 10th so i dont care to lead, but i love the homelife (4th house dominant)
    and my mother in law the capricorn sun loved being independent and having her own way. my grandmother was a capricorn and she did oversee the household since she was stay at home mother, as she had nine children to take care of. That’s alot. lol my grandfather (taurus) did hire some maids to help her out with the cleaning at least, and errands. since he was taurus, it was cheap wage lol but they lived there at the big house and was never hungry and was taken care of.

  9. ‘Do I have any business being in business?’ Yes, you do! ‘If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal.’ Cardinal do, cardinal go. You’ve goat this!

    1. I realized the plan quote sounds like a one-track mind so I want to add this. Persistance, endurance and grit are great but there should be a degree of adaptability to your needs, goals, external circumstances and current self in order to allign to a goal that’s for ‘you’.

  10. Spot on Elsa! I have 4 planets in Cap and the only way I can work in an organization is when I have lots of autonomy.

  11. Like Mckenna, I too am Capricorn rising. I am Taurus sun and very grounded. I do fear taking off on my own, donโ€™t know how to do that, and financial stability sits heavy on my shoulders. Currently student loans and the loan forgiveness program have me tightly wrapped in chains. How do I break free?

  12. Well my husband has this same dilemma in his life. He’s miserable working for someone else. He’s gemini Sun, Capricorn rising. His Saturn is in Virgo and he is always ready for very hard work. from my amateur astrologer viewpoint, he’s blocked by Venus and Mars in Taurus. He craves financial stability and risking money to start a business is his worst nightmare. he’s thinking about this for couple of years now. I’m encouraging him to start his own business but he’s not ready yet obviously. I don’t want him to stay miserable all his life.

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