Should You Relocate A Progressed Chart?

zodiac blueSome astrologers will cast a progressed chart in their birth city. I believe this is the default setting on astrodienest.

Provided you have your own program, it’s more common to cast a progressed chart in the current city. This is my preference but I’ve never explained why.  Today, I’ll fix this.

If you move a short distance your progressed chart won’t change much. It’s when you move time zones, things start to happen.  So think about real life…

Let’s say you’re American and you move to a new city in the same state. No big deal, right?  But what if you move across the country?  This is what I did.

When I moved 1200 miles or so, my entire life changed.  For starters, all my black clothes that are so popular in Colorado did not work in the American South.  Seriously, I looked like some kind of emo ghoul running around. No one wears that stuff here, even to funerals!  I figured this out in about five minutes. I was going to need a new wardrobe,

Now check my progressed chart. The ascendant changed from Aries (with progressed Mars in Scorpio) to Taurus (with progressed Venus in Libra).  To socialize, I have to lose the edge, so to speak.

This alone convinces me the progressed chart should be relocated.  From the moment I landed here, my old progressed chart no longer worked.

I can add that my progressed planets changed houses with my new progressed ascendant, there is quite a bit in the 6th house and what do I do? Work, help, garden and be a caregiver.

These are my findings. What do you think?

Check out your Progressed Chart here.

7 thoughts on “Should You Relocate A Progressed Chart?”

    1. I understand. But I believe it defaults to your birth city. I say this because it’s fairly common people order reports from me and get a surprise. Invariably, they’ve seen their P chart on astrodienest. The conflict presents them with this question.

  1. So in astrodienst we would change the birth location to our new city and then look at the progressed chart? And The reference place would not matter unless you’re looking at transits?

    1. I don’t think so but I don’t use the site. Your natal chart is your natal chart. You are locating the progressed chart in your current city.

  2. If someone is born in Johannesburg,Africa and has lived in the United States for 25 years, would transits to the natal chart provide accurate information, or would it be best to use transits to the relocated progressed chart?

  3. I am currently working with someone who changes location CONSTANTLY. It has opened up a whole new area of Astrology for me. It seems that people can change the focus of events by relocating. For example, a crisis affecting a home can be shifted to a relationship by relocating because the chart for any particular year will have a different rising sign and house positions. Of course, the natal chart will always reign supreme, but my subject does seem to regularly mitigate his fate. For example, he was living in the US when his UK home was struck by lightning. He moved to Australia after a severe personal crisis and credits that with saving his life. It’s truly fascinating.

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