Pride & Regret

zodiac dresssLately, I’ve been trying to figure out why people maintain what amounts to  a death grip on their denial.  I understand the truth can be earth-shattering but the lies people will cling to are often quite silly.

It occurred to me that pride would be one reason. A person may not want to experience regret.  If you were wrong about something you thought or you did and you acknowledge it, you may experience regret.

I’d never heard these two things mentioned together.  I searched to see if others associated theses terms. I found references to the stock market. These two emotions drive an investor’s (bad) decisions.  I found another study linking them to depression.

Pride is a sun-ruled thing. We all have it. The rest of this; I’m looking at Pluto.

Pluto in Capricorn equates to “extreme humbling”. A prideful person is not going to want to experience such a thing. As a matter of fact, I feel many will grab their Mars and fight like hell to ever admit they’ve been an idiot or they did someone wrong.

I suspect the longer you push things like this away from you; or push them down, the more twisted they become.

What do you know about pride and regret?

9 thoughts on “Pride & Regret”

  1. This is so spot-on it makes me feel like an extremely bright light was focused on me. For some time I have had experiences, moments in time, come back to me with a vision of what my participation, my responsibility at the time was. It has been plaguing me as the incidents pile on over weeks and months. I thought it must be that fact that I am ageing and realizing all my faults, but it is too visceral and painful to that alone. I am not as astute as most here, about astrology but it seems Pluto in my first house Capricorn, right there with my moon may just be affecting these moments.

    1. I can relate! I’m sure I’ve struggled with pride and regrets, and regrettable pride, many times. But recently, as Pluto has been dancing with my late Cap 1st house Chiron, I notice sudden flashes of memory of countless regrettable past choices. What once my pride might’ve been able to rationalize can no longer be swept aside. Instead I have no choice but to examine in detail the influences, thought patterns, and motivations of the person I was, and what I’ve learned from my journey.

  2. Interesting, my tenth house Mars is in Capricorn. Used my Mars to push the thought out of my mind I had a problem and believed I was invincible. My pride was a big part of it. Too prideful to admit I need new equipment to replace the foundation I was born with, and mostly in denial for many years. But I can relate, Pluto in Capricorn has “extremely humbled” me and loosened my “death grip”on my pride, so I can get the surgery I need. Hoping the regrets will be few, and too few to mention.

  3. Damn Girl- I personally know two professional PhD’s in Psych- and there You are giving roadmaps out of the terrifying labyrinth of our own Toxicity….I need that book you wrote- I’m convinced this book saves lives( and souls IF you choose).

  4. There can also be lots of shame buried in regret. So a person can hold onto pride as their armour and never drop it. Shame can live deep inside, so deep we don’t recognize it as shame or as even there.

  5. A lot. I fell on my a** big time today – two life changing events that took me out.

    My Capricorn son, who I spoke to a while before I made this post, told me to stop living in the past or the future and work on now. Now has always been an abstract concept for me. It can’t be any longer.

  6. Wow I’m glad I found this! I’ve found myself reliving painful incidents in my life for ages now, escalating in both number and intensity as the years have gone by.
    You know how they say your life passes before your eyes as you die (or cross over if you prefer to describe it that way)? Well, I’m kindof oldish and I was beginning to think I was working my way there. I’m not scared of dying, but who will look after my son if I kick the bucket soon? And there’s still so much to DO!!
    Pluto has been transiting my 2nd house (intercepted), in Capricorn and tenanted only by my SNode.
    My natal Pluto is conjunct my Sun, in Leo 9H. I’d like to think that my leonine type of pride would never allow me to dodge responsibility for the negative effect I’ve had on a few people, but am I being entirely honest here?? It would be better to dig right to the bottom of the issue and feel the shame I should be feeling, otherwise I’d just have to go there all over again some time in the future.
    And WHY do I feel ashamed when I have let someone unjustifiably humiliate me??
    My Ascendant is in Scorpio too. People tell me they can see I’m not afraid of the dark. Well, in actual fact…

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