How Will Capricorns Feel With Pluto In Capricorn

Jilly asks on Speaking of Failed Banks…

“I wonder if Cap Risings will feel more secure or less secure? I mean internally. Not about outside circumstances.”

Jilly, that’s a good question and I assume it’s (sort of) addressed to me since I am a Cap rising. But it’s an excellent question in general so I’ll take a stab at it and maybe others will weigh in.

I feel very secure. With an emphasis on Capricorn, I’d say that I am pretty much constantly afraid of something but hard times? Forget about it – I’ve never had anything but and I am old.

Consequently I feel spectacularly equipped to cope and pretty much expect to emerge as a leader one way or the other simply because I am so adept at dealing with this kind of energy and these type scenarios.

I feel like for the first time in my life I’d be one of the first chosen to be on the team (and if you didn’t choose me, your mistake).

Bottom line, I feel empowered.

How do the rest of you Capricorn (Sun, Moon, Risings) feel about the circumstances as Pluto heads into your sign?

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24 thoughts on “How Will Capricorns Feel With Pluto In Capricorn”

  1. Capricorn Moon here. I feel that I will continue to feel as capable as I always do, but I get exhausted and I’m sure that will be the biggest factor in coming circumstances. So I have to make sure I do things like eat regularly and schedual in time for love, art, play, etc.

    Pluto just crossed my Sag ASC (26 degrees) and that was such a weird and wacky time but also full of blessings that have taught me a lot. I feel ready, for whatever I’m ready for, I have no idea!!

    I try not to think of the future too much at all because it doesn’t really fit in with my life “get-up” to do so.

    My SO has Capricorn Sun/Saturn conjunct natally and to be honest I’m far more worried about him than myself. Though I shouldn’t, really, because his Gemini ASC keeps him from weighing himself down.

  2. Well, the first pass of Pluto in Cap was with Jupiter so things were going pretty well for this Capricorn Sun early this year.

    In general, I thrive during hard times. People keep asking me: “Will there be a Depression?” and I say, “Yeah, but it will get people back to basics.”

    We need to retool our industrial base and get ready for an era that’s not dependent on fossil fuel.

    I know there’s going to be a lot of pain ahead, but I believe we can get through it together, by helping each other out.

    So, in answer to your question: I feel like the Rock of Gibraltar in the storm. But I haven’t gotten the full force of Pluto yet.

  3. My Capricorn moon is going to the movies to watch the cartoons. Oh…there are no cartoons at the movies! Is that way my movies play on my favorite at home cinema. The hard times are cracking banks and communications wide open. Like calling up my bank to stop a wierd and ABUSIVE transaction with the guys in brown between borders(Alberta and Washington-the dividing line) is too too insane. So, I find out there’s no transaction yet (that could be a good thing) AND oh “by the way your credit card/debit card expires TONIGHT. The “other card” we sent you will work just the same.” I don’t DO the “other card” I told the young thing on the other end. So, the universe is assisting in my own personal clean-up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The Looney Tunes
    scenario is par for the course. I’m so used to pulling through the shit, I am good at at. Next: Choose between a resentment and a miracle. That’s good advice from a course in miracles. I’ll take the miracle, and move over while the shit piles to all sides. To get to simple, a whole lot of shit swiping’s going to have to take place. Pick up a shovel.

  4. I’m going to speak up because if Rising is important, then DC is just as much? At least for a Libra…. I feel like Pluto in Cap has changed my relationships forever. So much so that I have the sense that I won’t even understand it for another 5-10 years. So far, it’s caused my divorce, my rebirth, my experience of the greatest partnership I’ve ever had. There’s no telling what it might do. If I didn’t have a Libra Sun (and other planets), I don’t know how much Pluto hitting my DC would affect me – but it’s extra.

  5. I can relate! Cancer Sun @13 cnj Jup14,Cap rising @ 9 w/Pisces Moon in 2nd house. Career is on the edge of busting onto a new level of status yet homelife w/husband is crazy w/$$ trouble, family ok though.
    Feel like I can meet the challenges but get insecure & don’t take enough consistent action.

  6. Cap Moon here… I’m already constantly afraid of a number of horrible things happening, and I’m usually certain a major disaster is coming sooner or later, so… *shrug* Eh. I’m not any more concerned or worried or scared than usual because really, I think I’m fairly maxed out on a daily basis.

  7. Cap rising, Cap Sun and Cap Mercury in the 12th! Merc squares Pluto natally and when Pluto first crept into Capricorn and hit my Mercury, it was a very overwhelming, intense feeling.

    It was like I could instantly tell who was lying, could see all the skeletons in everyone’s closet. Perhaps people sensed that I knew; I never said anything aloud but still I witnessed, and was the recipient of, some very nasty behavior. Ultimately I was forced to take back the power that people had been stealing through their cruelty, or see myself utterly destroyed. I do feel stronger for not having crumbled or sunk to cruelty myself.

    Overall it’s just shown me very clearly that the life is not an easy ride but that with these Pluto goggles on I have the means with which to cope and overcome. Pluto transits feel like being in a disturbing psychological war zone, but now I actually feel ARMED instead of utterly vulnerable.

    We’ll see, though! I am bracing myself for the earthquake when Pluto hits my Mercury proper once again and then proceeds to cross both my sun and ASC in the next few years. I think we Caps are pretty tough, though, we were put on Earth to deal with a lot of the garbage that comes with being human!

    It’s going to be very interesting… intense, hellish at times, I’m sure… but interesting! I like this Winston Churchill quote, I think it summarizes the Pluto experience perfectly:

    “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

  8. Cap Sun here – later degree – and my daughter also – early degree. I seem to pick up the transits earlier than they take place and so my life right now is sooooo simple. There is very very little money and all work that comes my way seems to veer away from me just before I am actually supposed to start it. Not once, but constantly at present.

    Each day there is a very simple lesson that I seem to have to grasp – fix the fence today…hang your crystals in the tree for your friends who have died recently…talk to the whales today….take dog to vet…..speak to that person about what really happened today…etc.

    Thing is, my home is happy, my children are goood, there is healthy food on the table. everyone is growing well amidst the deprivation and the blackouts. There is a strong presence of a realm that I am unable to see and it feels to be highly supportive in these ungenerous times.

  9. Well, Cap Moon, Cap Rising.

    Well, I can’t separate my job description from my personal persona so I guess that is living my chart.

    I’m a money mgr so I’ve been feeling this disintegration/downturn for 18 months and have been trying to protect myself and wake up those in my circle of responsibility.

    The one thing I didn’t count on was the extreme stupidity and denial of those in charge: the fed res, the treasury, the congress.

    At least we had that illusion that someone was in charge and now i’m not sure if it was a case of the emperor had no clothing or the inmates were running the asylum. I don’t expect the residual effects to lessen for at least 18 months to two years and i am prepared to tough that out.

    I always plan for the worst case scenario and that’s probably very Cap.

    One a personal level, i haven’t slept more than 3 hours in any night in the last 27 days since my Cap moon SO broke up with me in an extreme fit of self pity and low self worth which I interpreted as “i’m not good enough for even a loser like you to stick with in tough times’.

    This will go down as one of the major disappointment in my adult life as I had really worked hard to put my skepticism aside and trust, believe and love. So my Cap nature was not surprised when he totally bailed on me. I’ve had a lifetime of this.

    I feel appropriately concerned about my future when I try on the idea that I might be under the bridge and wasn’t planning on being there without a partner.

    That being said,even when I imagine myself propped up against the stolen shopping cart, I still see myself giving others advice and counsel. I still see myself as a leader
    and one that others go to to sanitize and organize their latest mess. It’s just always been like that for me since I was a kid.

  10. Cap 6 degrees rising here…I think if we addressed all the Stuff Pluto in the 12th stirred up psychologically and spiritually for many of us, then we will fare better when Cap restructures the self in the 1st house. I know I have done a lot of processing the last few months, reviewing the last 12 years of my life (corresponding also with the Jupiter cycle). Mother dying this year and major relationship ending badly have not exactly made me feel like I am reaping the benefits of Jupiter in Cap…After that minefield of disaster, can Pluto over my ASC be any more dramatic? Like VenusFlytrap, I feel like I’m on the verge of something big…and I’m hoping it’s something positive this time. I do know I’ve been ready for a positive change in my life, and it feels like I’ve been waiting forever, but at least waiting somewhat productively. Still, as Tom Petty says, “the waiting is the hardest part.”

  11. (((Ms Scarlett)))

    “which I interpreted as “i’m not good enough for even a loser like you to stick with in tough times’”

    Ach, I hope you consider the possibilities of re-writing this interpretation…your clients and your corner of the world will likely need someone with your strength and intelligence and if Pluto does one thing it is trim the fat off our bacon.
    Which sucks when you love bacon. 🙁

  12. Pluto has been in my 6th house. As it moves into Capricorn, it appears it will be affecting my health and that worries me.

  13. Cappy Moon here. I echo what everyone else has been saying. It’s interesting, it’s like the rest of the world is now experiencing the kind of fear which is my normal emotional state. I feel utterly normal while the world is spinning out of control. So yeah, pretty secure despite external circumstances.

  14. Thanks Kasmiri:

    Who doesn’t like bacon?

    I only get the ‘I shoulda known it was too good to be happening to me’ on the personal relationships.

    I’ve never have it with the biz side.

    I just never had anyone go to all of that trouble to convince me that he was my best friend only to leave me on the side of the road when he got a hang-nail.

    I’ve had marriages that I’ve gotten over quicker than this and its starting to piss me off.

    Thanks for responding.

  15. Mercury conjunct Mars 0 Cap, Venus 8 cap, South Node AND Part of Fortune also in Cap 9th House.
    Packed, packed packed. Have enrolled in higher education! (phd) and the timing feels good.
    When Pluto hits my Merc/Mars will help with deep investigations and research.
    I’ve a Sag Sun (8th) and survived Pluto transit through there, along with Pluto square Pluto. Phew. So I’ve had some practice with Pluto.

    Overall I’m better than I’ve ever been before. Feel strong and confident, whereas I was always a bit wobbly before.

    One thing I have noticed is increased and more complicated paperwork.Its like the bureaucracy is burgeoning under its own weight, like needing many signatures to sign off, supporting documents as evidence in triplicate, proof of prior blah, many identity docs etc and thats just to redirect my mail! Can any one else relate?

  16. I have Moon at 0 Cap (3rd), forming a t square with Sun, Saturn, Mercury in Cancer (9th) and Pluto in Libra (12th). The past year and a half has been a total nightmare on a personal level with Pluto starting to hit my Moon and destroying the non-functioning relationships in my life (which has turned out to be pretty much all of them), but as far as the financial crisis goes … like others are saying, fear, turmoil and restriction is something I’ve got used to. It’s just that now it’s outside as well as in.

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