Are We Sure No Man Is An Island? Is The Internet A Giant Pacifier?

pacifierSpeaking of consolidation, about a year ago, I realized my internet use was confined to just four sites. One of them is my own!  Pretty narrow, don’t you think?

I was shocked, then immediately appalled. I believe I have an open mind, as a matter of course. How could this happen to me?

I was even more disturbed when I realized, three of the four sites were 95%, a waste of time. This site is my job. I work here!  But what am I doing on these other sites? It’s like going to my job and then going to another person’s job, if that makes sense.  Why log all that time when it brings no benefit?

I also had to question why I’ve restricted myself in this way.  Let’s say I want to waste time? Why the lack of variety?

I realized I was “captured”. I’ve worked to extricate myself since.  For the record, it’s a bitch to get this done. I’m not quite as transcendent as some of you other lightworker soul people out there. I’m a common addict, lol!

Last week, I was talking to, Scott, who was my boyfriend when I was fifteen years old… on and off, into my thirties! We’re still connected, obviously. He’s a pianist and retired now. He’s also a geek, an early adopter of technology.

“I’ve been wondering… what do you do all day?” I asked.

He laughed. “Well, I listen to music. I listen to piano music; I have 5000 cds now and I’m constantly listening… I guess I want to hear every pianist in the world, play!”

“Oh, so you’re doing the same thing as you were, thirty years ago?”

He laughed again. “Yes. Essentially, I am.”

“So how many backup drives do you have these days?”

More laughing… ‘I have a few,” he said.

“Right! You had a few, twenty years ago…”

Now it could be, Scott is a specialist.  My chart suggests I am also a specialist, but I don’t think that’s what’s in play here. I think pretty much all of us live in a “cubby” of sorts. Gives us the illusion of being in control.

The price for this fake control is isolation. And time marches on.

What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Are We Sure No Man Is An Island? Is The Internet A Giant Pacifier?”

  1. I say, get outside & walk a mile a day, then two miles a day. Speak to strangers. Stand barefoot on grass. Get grounded. I’m feeling feeble and ungrounded. I attribute it to three years of isolation and fear. I hear others say that something has changed with our planet but I think something changed with us and we have to identify our strength and claim it.

  2. It really depends on whether you want to be an island, largely separate from the world (like your friend the pianist) or you want to actually find out what’s going on in this world…If the latter, you can’t rely on major US media, who are completely captured by the Cabal, but need to get access to data and other opinions from independent journalists, academics and foreign media…Some sites which collect such include, the Automatic Earth, Zero Hedge, the Burning Platform, and

      1. Like all good lawyers, I weigh the evidence,and the credibility of witnesses, and my conclusions are subject to change if the evidence changes…

  3. I would have to agree that the internet is a giant pacifier. I agree with all of this. I think about it often and find it frustrating and disturbing. Frustrated with my own use and inability to put it away. It’s the perfect storm. Society that makes it very difficult to pacify our nervous systems in ways that have been natural to us for so long. Sunshine, nutrients , etc. While racing to live were slipping into what? The chance to get away from it all in the space of our home? I don’t know. It worries me. It’s one of the things I think matters most in our society today. Is finding a way to pry the grip it’s got. The attempt to even do so on an individual level is admirable beyond what I think most recognize.

    1. I have been seriously trying to wean off for at least six months. It’s getting easier to do, in large part because I’ve trained myself to see through the wavy lines.

      I use the freed up time to better take care of my house and have more balance in my life but the main benefit is, I am far less influenced / infected. This allows be to hook back up with my innate intelligence on every level. Rather than scroll, I work to snap cords…

      I am referencing my grandfather’s letter to my mother here:

      See: Letter to my mother August 8th 1956
      I literally strain against them, amazed at their strength to bind me. AMAZED. But I persevere and keep my mind open to what’s not controlled and the cords do snap, one at a time.

      To be thorough, I have had setbacks. When you fall for some crap for a long time, it’s really hard not to do it again and again and again. So there’s been some backsliding. But at least in my case, I know how joyful, having my full brain “on” is, so I keep trying.

      This leaves me to be isolated in a new and even worse way, but I choose it without hesitation.

      If I have to be the only sob to do something, I’m still going to do it. Further, it won’t be the first time, I’m in my own freak class.

      Anything’s better than the Borg!

      1. Agreed. I find myself caught in a cycle of feeling run down/overwhelm with work life blah blah.. yet knowing the way I feel after tidying my house, baking, sitting outside staring in the yard (all things I enjoy!) that the burnout I feel tries to tell me I’m better off not moving from one spot and just consuming a lil mindless mess. The strength to bind really is amazing. Cheers to effort

      2. “This leaves me to be isolated in a new and even worse way, but I choose it without hesitation.”

        I am right there with you. And I am not going to bother myself over it as I have for so long! I feel like I have been denying myself this joy forever. No more!

  4. l do waste time on this machine. l chase ideas, mostly. And yes, it is so easy to fall into scrolling mode…definitely a waste of time. Unlike this site which is human driven…
    We are creatures of habit. True. l am home a lot (health issues) so
    lockdowns did not have a big affect on me…only becs l was/am used to it. l try to have more good habits than bad…otherwise, payback.
    l smiled when l read Jaws. Some days l am feeble too. l might be able to walk 2 miles on a good day,if l plan for it, but l would be on the couch the following day.(Payback) So l will walk to the local shops, or around the block…do a touch of gardening each day.Pumpkins look good. l read an old school Newsaper each day too(l only follow recognised news services, Gemini7, and l vet my experts carefully…but l do get my diff. views too… Here for example). Had to laugh.l did stand barefoot on the grass recently(Jaws) and managed to pick up a weird foot rash…l blame the Ibis aka Bin Chicken (The scared and profane, right there). Dont think for a moment l dont have bad habits…l do. But l really actively try to follow: Nothing in excess. Everything in moderation. And yes, Elsa we need variety and ‘new things’ or we will end up fixed in place endlessly repeating the same actions like an automaton. We are messy humans and that is fine. We learn. (Hopefully)
    The last few days (trans sun/chiron/nodes) have been on my North node 8th… and Mars Cancer. (And more…).All sorts of stuff getting shifted around. I said NO to my Aries cousin (a bit of a user on his 4th marriage…)…l have been saying no a lot…not my usual habit. There is more to this…there always is.

  5. This is something I have observed in others to an extent. But not something I experience myself.

    This mindset of “same thing every day nothing changes”, is one I have noticed even as it does not relate to the internet. Sometimes I have talked to friends, and then they have referenced something that happened ten years ago or so as though it happened yesterday. As though they were emotionally still there. As an example, a simple one without a big emotional theme. Let’s say I show someone music I think is good and the person says: “Oh wow, you’re not usually interested in club music”. — OK, I made a big thing about not being into club music when I was in my teens but my music taste is more developed now.

    The thing is for me is that I am in a unique situation. I was very ill when I was younger but I did not know it. Now I have a medical device that changes that, and I am changed right down to the hormonal level. Others don’t have anything in their lives changing them right down to their physiology. This means I have things in my life that are different now. I can relate to others in a more relaxed, less irritable way. I have the calmness to read. – I hope as I continue on this path of physical self improvement I will get a kind of “limitless” effect as my IQ improves through better brain chemistry.

    Further, a big part of my treatments in general is vitamin tablets as my blood doesn’t always retain the ideal amount of vitamins as shown in blood tests. When I take these I Feel very different because I think I have been deficient in some of them for a long time. Last year I went so low on vitamin D I couldn’t walk. I was not able to exercise before. I am not able to ideally exercise now but I am refining my medication and diet to do so.

    But I have been talking about on another comment section how it is like we, as a society, are in a giant holding pattern. Nothing changes. It is like we are globally a LinkedIn page which produces the same five articles every week. “How to get on with your boss” or something similar.

    But it won’t last. Every moment the forces of stagnation have to do things to keep everything as it is. Such as lockdown. They reveal their hand and thus, energise other equally powerful forces to move against them. This is a process.

    In my personal life as well, since I am doing very different behaviours, since I am engaging with people in ways that before I couldn’t because i didn’t have the energy, or clarity, for the fight. I am the agent of change bringing new situations to others.

  6. No man is an island isn’t true any longer in the same sense. Now, it’s about the supply chain; I work remotely and can cocoon at home. I can order everything online and have no in person contact. 1995 movie The Net with Sandra Bullock is true for many today, almost 30 years later. I make an effort to walk to local stores and visit the library. I love Elsa’s site, but also like to visit international astrology sites like Marjorie Orr b/c it’s like watching BBC – it’s not a U.S. slant – more of a global view. I can change up my digital sites I visit; I drop in at CNN, but also will checkout Fox News for example. I make an effort to diversify. Same as I make an effort to walk to a few local stores. I also go to the library. Now, at 67 I find I don’t have the patience with people drama, but I try. As a triple Aquarius with fixed Grand Cross – I can get in a rut, but I don’t want to be bored. Elsa’s site is never boring; she makes me think.

      1. Elsa, you are very welcome! Thank you for being you and creating an environment that we can share our thoughts and feelings without censure.

  7. Welcome to the specialists cubby! Finding a balance in an increasingly complex world is an extraordinarily challenging task.I don’t see any harm in the introspection encouraged by our collective love of Astrology and membership of this community aided and abetted by Elsa’s years of dedication to expose us to the intricacies of the art.
    I consider Elsa to be a personal friend (even though we have never physically met) and part of my little soul family.The ties that enrich us are going to be increasingly relevant in a more fragmented world.
    I too suffer from angst that I might miss something vitally important by not being more connected to the “outside world” but have gradually realised that the Universe always had some plan for all of us (individually), if we just leave ourselves open to “synchronicities” (which is our intuition messaging us, after all). We are ultimately all alone in this world anyway but our connections to others enrich us if we can learn to choose wisely.

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