Scorpio Woman Sending Mixed Messages

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Dear Elsa,

I guess being a Capricorn male, it has taken me a while to get over my break up (over 4 years). But now I have set my eyes on a Scorpio women (yes, like a moth to the flame). And being a cautious Capricorn, I don’t want to move too fast and show my hand.

I have known this women for over 8 years (she is recently divorced too). I have always fancied her, but we have both been unavailable. I have suggested that we go out, she always seem to shrug me off. But when I see her (I only see her when she is at work), we always have a good connection. As soon as I feel like I should forget about her, she will drop a hint. She recently gave me her phone number, but when I call her she is always busy. But she seem to always dangle the carrot in front of me.

Is this a typical Scorpio playing hard to get? Is this the game you need to play to get a Scorpio women?

Capricorn Man
Untied States

Dear Capricorn,

It may interest you to know that you have your Moon and Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. This combined with the fact your Sun is in the Scorpio-ruled eighth house would indicate that rather than being “Capricorn”, you are predominantly Scorpio yourself. So if you want to know games Scorpio plays, well, you’re very qualified to answer the question yourself.

As to your situation, you and I have similar energy and I don’t favor games in relationship at all. So I would be trying to close this deal and I would do it in a “balls to the wall” type fashion.

On the extreme ends, you have two choices. You either withdraw completely and see if she comes to you (very likely) or you hunt her with your pure intensity, which may also bring a good result.

What you don’t do is project all the desirability onto her, which is where you are failing. See, all your Scorpio is in the seventh house and you think she’s the sexy one – but in reality it’s you. You’ve got the cards, you’re just playing them wring and it may take you awhile to figure this out but I am telling you, I am right.

Good luck.

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  1. Rox – not my point, really. The 7th house gets projected and this guy has all this Scorpio of his own (in the 7th) and believes himself lowly Capricorn up against this dynamo when I bet he has more energy than she does.. or at least the equivalent. If he were to own and become aware of this, I suspect he could have most anyone he wants including woman in question.

  2. Ahh yes, I did get that from it.. I was just interested in the connection between the 7th (and scorpio in it) and coming across as sexy. I guess scorpio just about anywhere would have that effect though – death/taxes/sex

  3. I’ll take a piece of him after you’re done, Togi. Nothing I <3 more than Cap men with a lot of Scorp.

    Not to make you feel like a piece of meat, there, Cap Man. 😉

  4. I was the one who post post. I did ask her out He responce was “that would be great…..i will call you someday”
    I got the feeling she was blowing me off. But 2 weeks later she called me and we have a date next week,

  5. sweeeeet! take it from a gal with a man with significant amounts of Capricorn and Scorpio: you’re energy is like gold fairy dust for some (as if the above comments didn’t attest to that already 😉 )

  6. I’m a gay capricorn man, inlove with a gay scorpio boy. So I can relate. But my scorpio boy keeps giving me the brush-off. We had a thing a few years ago, I screwed up & pursued someone else – because I didn’t know how he felt about me then.

    Ever since then, it seems as if he’s using it against me. Occasionally delivering mixed signals. Sometimes he’s nice to me, other times he’s just plain evil. You know go on dates with other men, but refuses to accept a date with me or stands me up. Should I keep pursuing him or should I give up hope altogether? My scorpio boy’s natal chart:

    Rising Sign is in 26 Degrees Virgo
    Sun is in 14 Degrees Scorpio
    Moon is in 18 Degrees Aries
    Mercury is in 29 Degrees Scorpio
    Venus is in 20 Degrees Sagittarius
    Mars is in 23 Degrees Capricorn
    Jupiter is in 09 Degrees Capricorn
    Saturn is in 18 Degrees Scorpio
    Uranus is in 12 Degrees Sagittarius
    Neptune is in 29 Degrees Sagittarius
    Pluto is in 02 Degrees Scorpio
    N. Node is in 27 Degrees Taurus

    The last time I made a date. He accepted it. And then didn’t even show up! Help?

    Confused Cap Man

  7. Maybe it’s not so much about who he is and more about why you love him.
    Maybe you feel like you can/could look after him – like he doesn’t feel safe and you can ‘rescue’ him. Capricorns are very chivalrous.
    Is this why you keep holding on?
    It’s a nice feeling to have for someone.
    Pluto in Scorpio people are the secretive ones in our society still working it all out – they’ve got the attitude but the depth has still to develop.
    Sounds like if you leave it he will call sooner or later.

  8. i’m a scorpio girl. i get along with capricorns very well. a word of advice- be very charming and funny. witty- no stupid jokes. and blow her off evry once in a while, but don’t be too mean about it.

  9. Hi…I’m a Capricorn Man and have a scorpio girl…
    first time i saw her…she is the one i’ve been looking…i believe she’s my heart desire…
    we’ve been together for a couple of month… first she is very soft and carrying but after view month i notice she have a very bad temper.. I love her alot…but i get hurt alot too…i care about my carrer but for me the person i love is more important… if i have passion i my relationship my work is getting better…she doesn’t show a lot of attention that i need but i realized now… better to love and be love… all i care is that i can give her love as long as i can…to be loved by her well i guest it will be hard.
    i know it’s fool.. well i guess so..but i’m a man who don’t like to give up easily..i believe that carring for one you love is a matter of being true and brave… love is easier to play without a heart and i like go to the hard way…it built who i am, what i am and what i’ll become

  10. Hello, I’m a scorpio women who is involved with an Aries man for a year now. However, I have a male friend whom I met at the same time (1-year ago)and he is a Capricorn. Mr. Cap is also involved with someone for a fews years and we’ve talked about the other’s relationship from time to time. The bottom line is, we are so attracted to each other, but I won’t mess around even though it’s hard. We actually have more in common than my Aries guy because we understand each other, we have the same goals and he’s a true gentlemen. Not to mention, he is so SEXY to me. He’ll tell me how beatiful and sexy I am. I am thinking it, but I won’t tell me. If he only knew. I guess you can say I play hard to get because I can easily slip into his world. And I can’t allow myself to do that unless we are both committed to each other (period). I’ve tried to just leave him alone, but after a while he’s call me and the attraction starts all over again. He is hard to resist. I still try to just be his friend, which I am, but I really want more. It’s weird when we talk about each other’s relationship we both seem so unhappy but we both hang it there thinking things will get better. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do. Help!

  11. Avatar
    Capricorn Man

    I was the original person who posted this post a little over 2 years ago. We did end up dating for about a year, she did have a boy friend the whole time she was flirting with me. But I feel she need a “better deal” in front of her before she made the move to leave him. SO as soon as she left and started dating me. At first it was a match made in heaven, everything seem to click. But after a while it seemed like none of the energy that was putting into the relationship was being returned, but instead used on taking her clients/male friend to dinner, cooking and hanging out with ex ex(s), buying gifts for her friends and family. It was as I was this endless stream of love, support and finance and every one got a pice but me. The whole relationship started to be about her and only her, had no concept of my feelings. While a dinner when one of her many “male friends ” called and instead of telling him that she was eating with her”boy friend” she said she was eating and would call him later. Later in the meal I commented on something else and she told me the I can “leave her anything” thinking that I never would. So at that point I made up my mind, paid the bill, dropped her off, then the next day while she was at work ,returned all her stuff and keys to her place and never looked back.
    A few weeks later ( after me not calling her) she sent me a “dear john letter” I think she was shock by my respones : I have been waiting for this letter, all you stuff is already back in a box in your closet.

  12. I’m a gay Scorpio male who is in love with a gay capricorn male but the only problem is… He has a boyfriend. I’ve had a crush on him for a couple years now and I fell for him hard. When I told some of my friends that I liked him, they would tell him which made him uncomfortable I think and he would tell them that he wasn’t really interested. This year we recently became good friends and his face seems to light up whenever he sees me. I try to play hard to get and not give him a hug or say hi directly to him so he feels the need to hug me and say hi. The other night we got drunk with our friends and I asked him to kiss me and he did, but we didn’t make out. I wish I knew if he really likes me in a sexual way because I can’t stop thinking about him. I hate that he has a boyfriend. What do you think?

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