When Good Synastry Is Bad

Magnet steelGood synastry is great, right? No. Not always.

I worked with a gal yesterday who is in a bad relationship with good synastry. This is not about her situation, but scenarios like here.

You’re walking down the street minding your own business and WHAM!  You meet someone and the chemistry hits you like a (good) brick. Your head turns, you light up, you feel your crotch twitch – uh oh! You’re instantly engaged.

But what if the other person in this equation is dangerous? A narcissist? A psychopath, even. Now what? You’ve got an instant connection to a person who is going to degrade you.

If you get involved, you’re going to have a hard to extricating yourself from the situation because of all the ties. I can tell you this for sure, because I have met my husband’s astro-twin. Talk about having your senses jammed.

Have you ever been connected to someone, to your detriment?


15 thoughts on “When Good Synastry Is Bad”

  1. Never have I have ever had an easy synastry chart with anoyone that I am aware of. For that my generational planets would have to be in easy game mode or my inner planets should be in other signs. There’s always a saturn block, a pluto chain, a chiron papercut, a mistyfing neptune or a batshit uranus, the usual suspects. I think this is an ask for the grand triners and sextilizers.

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      Shimmering Light

      Great comment! Same here. My take is that since I’m conflicted in myself (as shown by my natal chart) I cannot expect to have simple, easy, harmonious synastry with another 100%. Whenever one part of me is harmonious with another person then another part of me isn’t – the conflict is in me, not them. And I have never met another person who also wasn’t a bundle of contradictions. I think to expect otherwise is unrealistic.

      1. Digging your take a lot, right on the mark and not an inch off! I feel that way with my pluto oppositions in self and in synastry with my generation.

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    Theressa Latosk

    Yep…you got it.
    I keep not reaching out and then, he’s back with flattery, then BAM!!! (his initials!) upside my head…not literally…out of nowhere…seemingly something degrading out of his mouth. It has escalated to him sharing personal private sexual information about me in front of a bunch of men…some i do not know! and when i said to him i now feel self-conscious he sez…”well, it’s fun for the old men.” :/
    Last sighting of him a few days ago he is distancing only a raise of the beer can from a distance and choosing to not have me come play pool w him when there was nobody else to play with. I found that part entertaining.

  3. Yes, well said! Synastry is also but one of multiple factors that drive relationship success. Great synastry attracts, but does not always sustain or nourish. I recently ended a 5-year relationship where we had excellent synastry between nearly all the planets in our individual charts, but a composite 12th house Aries Sun, and a precisely exact Venus-Saturn opposition across our composite Asc/Dsc axis. Yes, and narcissism also played a role. Even the moth is attracted to the flame, but synastry alone does not always equal happy endings.

  4. Most of my significant relationships had notable dynasty. But I’m intrigued by the term astro-twin. Does it mean born on the same month, day, and year, or some other chart factor?

    1. Yes, born same day and year.
      There used to be a database. You could find yourself. I’ve written about this before, and linked it. Not sure if it’s still here or not.

      1. Wow. Two of the astro sites have databases of famous people throughout history searchable by birth date. A couple I know were born five months apart, so share many outer planets, plus other conjunctions — his Sun/her Juno, his NN/her Venus.

  5. 🤣@ “you feel your crotch twitch “ , I love this straight talk.

    Such great points. We can’t just assume that everything is peachy if the synastry’ s good. Looking at the individuals chart independent of the synastry, I think gives the best clues. I find the chart usually confirms my suspicions I had of the person (good or bad).

  6. It’s been said that if a mouse was born in the hut at the same time as the Dalai Lama was born, they’d have the same chart. The difference is a matter of consciousness. I’ve been contemplating that for years. In facilitating Moon Circles for years, I’ve noticed that people who have the same ascendants plus the same Sun or Moon, cannot settle into the group together. One of them will leave the group in short order. I think they literally can’t find their place in the group because it is already energetically occupied.

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