Transiting Neptune in Pisces Effects On Virgo

Neptune painting 1700sNeptune’s transit of Pisces is well underway.  I want to write about Virgo’s experience of this transit because it creates an opposition. Oppositions are the most interesting study in astrology, personally speaking.

The Virgo mind is clean and crisp. It knows things. It’s ordered.

Neptune in Pisces undermines Virgo’s clarity, sometimes to the point of self-undoing.  While it’s possible for Virgo to achieve this on their own, in the majority of cases, there is another involved.  Or more likely, a bunch of others… an endless stream of others.  This is due to the opposition.

These “others” may be inspired but it’s just as likely, they’re impaired. One thing is for sure; they don’t like Virgo’s fine mind.  The exchange goes something like this…

Virgo says, “This is this, I did this research, and this is the fact.”

Neptune responds, “Don’t you mean this other thing that is not a fact?  That’s not the factual fact…”

Virgo stares.

Here are some other common responses..

“We can’t communicate because I’m impaired”
“We can’t communicate because you’re impaired.”

The end result is that information is clouded. This is happening outside of the personal realm as well. Consider polling data. It’s not clean. We all know it’s skewed. We all know that polling data is misleading but we have no details. We have to guess what the details might be and then pretend we know!

Virgo: you are not crazy. I seriously doubt you’ve lost your mind!  The answer here is to keep your clarity in the fog… even if there is nothing but fog.  Because Virgo exists to help people!

Now as far as I know, people who help people do not take foggy days off!  Volunteers, volunteer!  A sherpa will continue to help people up the mountain, regardless of the conditions.

Are you a Virgo? Does this sound familiar? How are faring with Neptune in Pisces?

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  1. This is golden Elsa! Really. I am a Virgo, sun in house 12. What you describe here is what greatly influenced much of my life. 30 Years ago I also had therapy for this: to sort things out. So often I thought I was wrong and it was’nt.
    “I want to say this to Virgo: you are not crazy…. and so on” This Elsa was what my therapist said to me when all conversations were made.
    I want to thank you for this words….it is golden to hear them again!
    You know I have lost my brother recently. He also thought that I was crazy. I am not! : – ) : – )

      1. Say Elsa, How about an additional take on this; what’s your view on Virgo rising folks with Neptune transiting their 7th house for years ?
        (Like me !)

        1. Neptune already rules your 7th so it’s more of the same. Dreaming up the partner, pining, saint/sinner, sacrifice, yearning… argh.
          Sorry but I have Venus sq Neptune and I know the drill.

          1. Avatar
            Dances With Pugs

            Giving up. but also realizing that that’s beneficial. Neptune transiting houses six and seven truly sucks… the life and soul outta ya. there is a lot of individual and collective polarization going on with these placements. I noticed I had more quacks, deceptive and misleading people, and downright dangerous people unfortunately nearly having their way with me. and loss, there’s a lot of that. Neptune ain’t glamourosly innocent.

  2. You know, ascendant is also Virgo. Neptune makes a opposite with it at 18 degrees. I am mindful of it! That therapy still works and this golden E-mail from Elsa does the same!

  3. When my Neptune opposed my husbands Virgo Mars on his midheaven (and sextiled his moon) he became so much more easy going. He also became more open minded and spiritual. It was actually a postive for him. Maybe it depends on the planet in virgo and its other aspects. I’m gonna guess a virgo mercury would have a harder time.

      1. Oh duh, it also trined his Sun in Scorp in H12, so maybe that’s why he became more spiritual. It really changed him for the better, seriously.

  4. Thank you for this advice!

    I’m literally impaired right now. For a couple years now my walking has its ups and downs. I lose my balance; it feels like I want to leave forward but my legs keep me back.

    I can’t wait for this transit to be over!


  5. Avatar

    Neptune in Pisces has been rough! It fills in the 4th leg of my mutable T-Square. My sun and Asc are conjunct in Virgo, my Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Sag. I’m almost done with this transit. I’ve been completely worthless for years! The only good thing is I think it helped soften the blow of losing my Mom after many Alzheimer’s years. Interestingly she had a stellium in Virgo: Moon, Mars, Saturn and North Node. She passed when the sun was in Virgo and Mars and Saturn were tightly conjunct in Sag. In another year or so big ol’ Neptune is moving on from affecting me so.

    My brother hates me too. He’s also a Virgo sun, Virgo asc with his Mars in Pieces. He’s had it rough as well. My father doesn’t hate me but tries to distance himself from me and discredits everything I say or any idea I have especially when my Mom was alive and I was desperately trying to help her. He has the same Virgo stellium as her only his moon is in Pieces; she was 12 days older than him.

  6. I can say: my brother did not hate me. He was 12 years older than I am and I always looked up at him. He was a Aries with Capricorn ascendant. I remember no different than that he said “Dorien is weird”. That has damaged my self-esteem at the time. Now I know that this was easy for him to say this. I have seen to much and I have noticed too much!! I understood things and responded. Sometimes even uncounciously. But always truthfully. I am not crazy at al. I can make mistakes just like everyone else. But my mind is clear. I wish that I had known this better as a child.
    : – )

  7. T Neptune opposition N Moon…but Mercury-Moon in mutual reception.

    Other senses work well in fog… Creativity and working/effort with bringing ideas into reality helps cut through the fog.

  8. I see a common theme of our therapists validating our opinions about our minds. Virgo Rising here, with Neptune going through my 7th house. My partnerships have been all cloudy, murky since this transit. I thought I was losing my mind to seek clarity, to draw boundaries. People kept telling me, that my version didn’t seem correct, that I just need an attitude-shift.
    When my therapists spelled it out for me slowly, that my feelings/factual readings about my situation were correct, it was a huge relief. This kind of validation is priceless. Thank you for saying it out aloud, Elsa.

    1. Curl!
      I am thinking about this theme (again :-)! ) since Elsa wrote about this yesterday. It was and is sometimes difficult to live with. BUT:
      after that therapy I discovered its richness. I have learned to be fine with myself. And I am not immediately dependent on what someone else says, thinks or finds. I am safe with myself and that is a great gift! But as I said: I wish I had known this when I was young. : – )
      It also gives me great empathy for the suffering of other people: I use this for helping in the nursing home for Alzheimer’s.
      It brought me a great sense of beauty from nature for example. That heals me.
      I just want to say: you can also use this: it is not only “difficult”.

      And I want to say: thank you Elsa that I may write all this on your blog!

      1. Sorken, Thank you!
        Absolutely! Beauty from nature has been my salve for the past 18 months. I derive exceptionally great comfort from it. 🙂
        Also, amen to depending only on our own opinion. I will need to find some anchors to not drift off in despair/fog again.

    2. Virgo Rising/Pisces Moon opposite/Sagittarius Sun in square to both.

      In my first therapy session, my therapist told me “you have a right to be happy.” It took several months for that small statement to sink in but I live by it now. I can be “there” for those I love while making sure my needs are met as well. I still forget that sometimes…and then have to remind myself I bet to be happy as well, and the world will not necessarily fall apart.

  9. anonymoushermit

    Heehee, when someone tries to destabilize me, it makes me even more stubborn to hold on to something tight!

  10. As a Virgo rising with four planets there in my first house, this gives me comfort and hope. I feel like I’m living in Crazy Town on the planet and at home sometimes.

    1. Allie!

      If you are aware of it, that will help a lot. That’s why I think what Elsa wrote is so important and it is definitely worth to make a print and keep it somewhere! It is really a gift that she gives. I have the experience but could never explain it that way as she did!

      1. You are absolutely right. I really wondered if I was losing my mind but Neptune has been messing with me and making me worry too much on top of it. I need to keep this front and center. I’ve been praying for more patience, as well because I damned well need it ?

        I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. No matter your relationship, siblings are a special bond.

  11. Yes, Elsa what an exact if not verbatim description of my professional life now! And thank you for the support of my perseverance in the face of what I called this “alternate universe” I am going through at work.

    I am probably doing a little better than most Virgo Suns like myself largely because of my Mars.

    These Administrators actually look at me even though the evidence, documentation, facts, figures and data are there right in front of them here in the 3D in a paper packet and they say “Well this doesn’t necessarily have to apply here”?

    I feel it as abstract, destructive P O W E R, so I thought immediate it’s Pluto acting up again – didn’t even think this grotesque obfuscation is Neptune.

    Please let us Virgo’s know when this transit and opposition is over because my Mars is saying just walk away it’s not worth the time anymore.

    But there is a strong moral issue here that will affect those “others” you speak of and my Virgo heart has always served others and wants to continue to serve others as it is my primary life path, and I’ve known that for a very long time.

    So I will try to hang in there and pursue justice and preserve my integrity.

    (But please let us know if the Universe will indeed support truth and justice or when it’s time to just kick ass, collect names, and get the hell out of Dodge)?

    Thank You?
    Aries Rising

    1. I think it’s Eris acting up. She’s everywhere right now. Not sure which placement but envy and one upping seems to have become code of the road these days.

  12. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Does this mean if Neptune is travelling in my first and I have Virgo on the 7th that I’ve been driving all my partners crazy? Nobody said anything! Haha.

    1. Avatar
      Dances With Pugs

      yeah, either that or you become unsure of your of your own identity or its a chameleon. unfortunately I have Neptune riding my descendant line opposing my 12th house stellium and ascendant, but my progressed Neptune is slowly creeping up to my ascendant. so my scale is never really balanced when it comes to the effects of neptune. maybe with Neptune Transit the ascendant one has to doubly guard against being self sacrificing or losing their identity footing. it almost seems like the best way or only to deal with the Neptune hitting you is to not exist. that’s it, I don’t exist.

  13. Neptune just stationed retrograde exactly opposite my Virgo Sun (which is square Saturn). Coincided with bronchitis that’s leaving me exhausted. Sun is your vitality so Neptune can undermine that. I generally take pretty good care of my health, Virgo that I am, but needing to get a lot more rest right now.

    Maybe because I have Virgo Sun square Saturn, and I’m older (age 60), I’m fairly grounded. So Neptune isn’t leading me too far astray. But it is depleting my drive for working as diligently. I need to just be careful I don’t get sloppy.

  14. Since my neptune is in Scorpio in 2nd house. I feel this energy may support me as a 12th house Virgo. Still, things have been feeling otherwordly of late…like Im looking through a Cybil Shepard soft filter lens (if anyone remembers her cameo shots in her tv series Moonlighting)
    Its also softening what looks to me to be the beginning to a rather painful ending of a deep if not obsessive friendship to a Scorpio who has been my friend for 5 years. It spares me alot of the grief right now.

  15. I have both sides very strong within me at the same time. Like with any oppositions, I tend to think the two sides really do need each other to create a more ideal whole.

    Sometimes I go to one side too much and then need to come into greater balance and reintegration. I have a very sharp, analytical, logical, and easy to focus/concentrate mind that is very good at seeing the individual trees in the forest, but then I also have a very big picture, holistic and gestalt type mind (and rather intuitive) that sees the whole forest too.

    The astrology of it is outlined thusly: Jupiter in early Virgo technically in the 1st House (closest planet to the Ascendant) and trine it’s ruler, Mercury with less than a degree separation. The Sun, ruler of my Ascendant is in Capricorn and widely conjunct Mercury and trine Jupiter (and Mars).

    Mars, ruler of my Nadir and the 9th Houses is conjunct Jupiter (boosting it a bit more).

    Then I have angular Pisces South Node. Sag Neptune is trine my Ascendant degree (I happen to see the 5th House as the next most highlighting area of a chart, after the Angles). Neptune is almost exactly sextile angular Venus which rules my MC and Moon.

    Neptune is parallel and semi-sextile my Sun, which is also ruler of the Ascendant.

    The faster moving, traditional ruler of my Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Descendant Signs–Saturn, is in late Virgo and square Sag. Neptune. It is also widely conjunct the ruler of my 12th House, the Moon.

    I’m an odd mix of practical, pragmatic, fairly grounded realist, but with a hyper intuitive and empathic sensitivity and definite mystic, idealistic, and deeply spiritual side. I’ve had various kinds of nonphysical and spiritual experiences, some of which that most people wouldn’t even begin to believe, and yet, in my earlier days, sought verification and received a lot of same (now I am very trusting of the whole process, and don’t test quite as much).

    When I become too lopsided to the Virgo and Mercury side of things, I tend to become too critical of self and/or others. When I become too lop sided to the Pisces, Jupiter, and Neptune side of things, I tend to scatter and dissipate my energies and/or not have enough boundaries.

    It’s a delicate balancing act, and it’s hard to get them perfectly integrated, inter balanced, and merged, but well worth the effort and the moments when they become so.

  16. I’m awake, can’t sleep, bothered by so many conflicting thoughts. We are in ‘self quarantine’ on an island. NEPTUNE. Life is FOGGY. I ordered charts from Elsa yesterday (to help with pacing and navigating): Lunar Return charts and Asteroid Report. Here’s the thing: from out of those Asteroid reports, I, a VERY SCORPIO AND SATURN heavy Natal chart, discovers I am very Virgo from the Asteroid Point of View. Virgo, who me??
    The Neptune Pisces transit affects my 2nd and 3rd Houses: what I value and how I communicate. I am definitely feeling impaired and unheard (no one is responding to my emails … well, mostly no one). I can’t NOT communicate but I am confused about my value.
    This helps me, Elsa. The Asteroid Report is amazing … lots to integrate.

    1. Hello there, I was searching too for why I feel my Virgo self dissolving into ways that are unfamiliar. I have my sun, mercury and pluto all conjunct in the 2nd house. My mars is also in virgo in the 1st. I have just had major surgery as well and it feels like I need to give up control and just be. I see it as surfing and floating. It feels like everything is saying:Relax. That is very hard for a virgo with a ton of fire and intense Scorpio going on in a chart.
      To personally relate to you in regard to the confusion about your values is why i wanted to reply to you. I am also having everything I am and thought I was re-arranged. Not knowing how I feel or what I think up close tom and clear all of the time is an immensely difficult challenge. The one thing I have always been able to count on when everything else fell apart was my heart and my mind communicating, weighing and coming up with a conclusion. That is how I know what direction to move and then the how, where, etc just fall into place. Lately I can not “move” because how I feel or what i think is not available to me to use. It has been causing me great anxiety. What’s happening???? But, I do know from my 49 yrs here that when I am not getting a clear signal from my internal compass that is when I take a time out and take the opportunity of no direction to float. I read, don’t reach out to much to friends, do art, etc. It’s a time to let life and the universe work. It’s a giving up of control to things bigger than ourselves while nurturing the faith we have in our planet, our stars and other people. Let something else take the reins while we can not.
      You are someone who has deep values and if it is all a little murky, confused and unsettles know that because you rely on those values to define your path, that the path and you are not disappearing but re-emerging to create better lines, signs, cross-walks, etc. Trust is what is requested right now and our country has been in a place where everyone has had to pull up 7 out of their ability to trust it. Something huge is happening in our world because it is essential for real change and that means re-arranging the entire platform of our foundation. Everyone is home. That is an incredibly rich environment. We need to go inward to make the outside a better, safer and nurturing place for humanity.
      I am here recovering from surgery if you want to know if someone is here. I am. Hello.

      1. I thought this also might help you get a more big picture outlook if and when it eludes you.
        Something BIG is Coming..!!

        This is the ‘The Storm is Upon Us’. Do not get me wrong, I am not talking about anything that is even remotely like ‘Doom and Gloom’… in fact it is more the exact opposite of that. This will be the starting point that has the capacity to completely transform all elements of life and bring greater levels of personal freedom, rewards and contentment. But we have to have the courage to ‘let go’ and allow the Big Spirit to guide us.

        Even though there are a lot of struggles, chaos and questions that go along with it at first… (it’s a Uranus thing), just watch how very quickly people will begin to see things in a new way. The light-bulb appears and shows us how we no longer have to compete against each other and how we can work together to solve common problems and challenges.

        I’ll go into this more later on as the energy (transits) develop. It will make more sense then. However right now, we must first ‘pass through the fire’ of these transits. Some will choose to ‘evolve’ and others will resist. Lordy, people, it is useless to resist change. As the Hopi Elders spoke, our fear tells us to hold tight to the shoreline while the river current bashes us to bits…but our gut wisdom tells us to ‘let go’… swim to the middle of the river and let the current take us to where we need to be. The current conditions we are dealing with will pass relatively quickly… but the duration of the entire transit will bring us into the New Year.

        We have Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto retrogrades to deal with in the months ahead… (we’ll get into that more as they approach). That will cause many to to want to ‘cling to the old ways’… (as always happens). But as we see progress being made and ‘loads lifted off of our shoulders’, the choices will become obvious. There is more than enough abundance on this planet for all of us and more. The Aquarian Age is there to transform our lives. Roll with it, dear people! We’re coming to new age where we can use love and light and global Connection and technology in ways we never before considered.

        Meanwhile… Back at the Ranch…
        This week we have ‘Mars in the Middle’ of the Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter stellium (3 or more planets all located in the same position in the chart). Mars is there to get things moving. And talk about getting things moving… you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a flood of new pregnancies too…the result of mandatory ‘stay at home’ orders…

        For 24 years I’ve been writing and hoping for ‘Better Days and Higher Love’ and even in all the chaos and confusion going on right now, I do believe that these transits are there to lead us to those Better Days and Higher Love. I believe the time has finally arrived, or will very soon… I have a very good feeling about this!!

        That’s it for now… I’ll talk to you guys in the Daily ‘Scopes. Keep the Faith…Better Days and Higher Love are comin’ sooner than you might think. daniel “whelland” dowd

        Pisces has the kind of energy that may in fact have the most potential, but at the same time it can be quite challenging at the same time. It requires you to get over the past… not to forget, but more in the way of realizing the need to move forward. That doesn’t mean you have to ‘cut ties’ but to follow what your heart and soul are telling you. Focus on the moment this week!!!

  17. Thank you Elsa, I really needed this advice at the moment. I have certainly been feeling like I’m losing my mind with my Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Ascendant and North Node in Virgo. Keeping the forward momentum by being of service and focusing on my meditation practice will keep me sane, I hope!

  18. My Virgo Sun conj. Jupiter in 3rd house. I walked out from my work last Wednesday. I feel like I’m having nervous breakdown and People think I’m going mental! Now I doubt myself am I really crazy.

  19. A Virgo Sun here. Having just gone thru Neptune’s final pass in opposition – clarity as motivation is no longer dominant.
    Some exhilarating and previously unknown emotional pieces fill the void.

  20. This natal Virgo doing good. The moosh is everywhere. The I choose to believe it, so it’s a fact. And the curious ways that is being used to manipulate the followers. Maybe it’s always been that way and I never saw it before? While I no longer can really trust anyone because of this, I accept that this is where many are at. I would say acceptance that bullshit abounds and not faulting others for it has been my major change through this. Oh and also I question everything now. That said, Neptune is a most pleasant experience.

  21. Virgo at 0′ degrees begins my 12th house and have an Asc at 27′. My Virgo Moon is at 1′. Around the time Jupiter was in Pisces, I started getting stomach pain (possibly stress) and just feeling sick-ish.

    I just re-started work and have found myself supporting lots of coworkers and management just by doing what I do best, staying organized and pragmatic.

    I’m also teaching kids to express themselves with their words and learn to ask for support from their peers and others around them.

    1. Interesting. The sickish feeling. The relationship to Pisces. I have been curious about that sea sickness I occasionally feel. Am more watchful about what I expose myself to. Especially media. Am also more sensitive to people I associate with when they start veering into going off their nut. I used to set them straight but now I just let them sit with the nonsense and go silent. I equate it with people who claim to do magic. Skew reality so the other doesn,t know what’s what opening the door to mind control. I need my brain so I can’t go there. That could be the Gemini magician using Pisces energy for their own ends?

      1. I get motion sickness on occasion too. I’ve never been in the waters but I would probably get seasick too. I’m really sensitive to people’s energy as well. These days it’s a lot to take in with all the tension everywhere. I’m still in the early stages of learning astrology. This is a great place to learn from. I need my brain too, but Neptune seems to have misplaced it…

        1. Normal activity was interrupted by weather and without plan b locked in I was lost. I really need to stay focused on the projects or I go into some kind of no man’s land that is difficult to move out of. That said, while doing the projects I really like how I can get lost in the present work. That part I like about Neptune.

  22. Virgo here. Like swimming through pea soup since 2012. I’ve become used to it, but it is truly a science to not get drowned by the illusions and not be deterred off course by disillusionment. Swimming slowly….

  23. I have a 0 degree Virgo Moon on the cusp of my MC from on the 9th and 10th House. This is opp. my IC (4th House). Neptune has been transiting my IC/4th house for a while now and it’s a slow dissolving of my foundations. Both my folks died, their house torn down, new owners of our rented duplex, who now live in the other unit and we have been threatened with remodeling noise from April 2020 to March 2021 while we lived their with no offer of compensation. Then working remotely finally gave me a chance to slow down and realize it might be time to retire (I have put in a good 31 years) as my Virgo Moon wants to rest instead of getting up at 5:00 a.m., commuting two hours daily and never being able to just enjoy my space. Maybe I’m not seeing clearly but I think I am just ready. Neptune take me away….

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    One thing I noticed with this energy. I am alot more creative. My published writing has been pretty profound and uplifting.(my prime writing time is between 2 and 5AM.after about 4 hours sleep already )
    It makes people walk away thinking deep thoughts and feeling deep gratitude. A reminder that brings the rest in perspective.
    People have been coming to me and saying my writing inspired and uplifted them. My 12th house Virgo sun and 11TH house Leo North Node are high-fiving each other saying “YES!!!”

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