Capricorn Rising Talks To 12 Year Old Scorpio Rising About Naked Harry Potter

This is my daughter and I last night:

“I want to see Daniel Radcliffe naked. Except it’s rated MA,” she said. My daughter is super respectful of these type rules.

“Nudity? Yeah, that’s for mature audiences,” I said.

“Last year you said I could see nudity,” she said.

“I did?”

“You said I could see nudity because I had a body.”

“Oh, well that’s true. Yeah, I did say that but you still can’t see mature programs, there is just no way.”

8 thoughts on “Capricorn Rising Talks To 12 Year Old Scorpio Rising About Naked Harry Potter”

  1. I’m sorry, I got distracted by the naked picture. What were you saying? *stares*

    (Also, I feel pervtastic now since Daniel Radcliffe is still not 18, right?)

  2. Rkkggg: Daniel Radcliffe turned 18 last Monday, so you’re cool now.

    Forget the nudity, the content of that play would freak me out…though Scorpio rising might be better equipped to handle it.

  3. I love how he did that play! Here’s a link to an interview with him about the play, and the uproar. He seems like such a sweet, bright kid. For anyone really interested…

  4. Elsa,
    I don’t envy your position mothering a Scorpio rising girl. I know when I got the freedom to act on my sexual impulses as a teenager, I went wild… I could have used more aggressive boundary maintenance from my parents.

  5. I am scorpio rising, so is Joanne Rowling and I am sure we all find Daniel radcliffe very sexy…
    (Pluto attraction…no way…lol)

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