Sun Conjunct Saturn @ 8 Years Old – Psychic Ability and Traumatic Babyhood

My son has a grand cross in his solar return this year and has really been under the gun. He surprised me last night when he said, “Ever since my birthday…”

He went on to explain how particularly hard things have been since he turned 8 and all I could do was nod and commiserate because facts are facts. He then surprised me by telling me he had been having prophetic dreams.

He said he dreams something and two days later the things happens. He expressed a sort of ambivalence over the situation. On one hand I think he knows this is special, on the other hand most of the things he is dreaming that wind up happening are bad. Pretty heavy for an 8 year old, I’d say.

We wound up talking about his babyhood. I have said many times my son with his Sun conjunct Saturn has had no childhood at all. This is in spite of my best efforts which have been heroic but ineffective. He has not been spared at all. And while talking to him last night I realized that he had no babyhood either.

When my son was ten days old I took him to the pediatrician for a routine check. He was covered in little red dots I stupidly thought were freckles considering his father is a redhead. Not the case! In fact his platelets had dropped suddenly and the red dots were specks of blood that leaked up (out?) to show against the underside of the skin. Chaos ensued… turned out had he been cut in this time frame he’s have bled to death… he made it though that.

When he was six weeks old we were at the pediatrician for another routine check when a fire broke out in the building. I ran my kids down the stairs and out of that… I messed up my SI joint, but he made it through that.

When he was two weeks old, he got an ear infection, which in fact persisted until he was four months old at which point that did surgery – put tubes in his ears to save his life.

Because they just could not get rid of the infection any other way. We were way beyond trying various oral antibiotics… this kid was being shot up with antibiotics that cure anything and still the infection did not respond. Nothing like holding your 4 month old baby who has suffered pretty much constantly since birth while they put him under anesthesia… you feel your baby go limp in your arms.

So when you put all this together, you can see this is no easy babyhood. And he liked hearing about this last night. In fact, as I filled in him on the details of his trauma he basically asked me why he was not informed of this sooner. 🙂

So now the kid is having a hellacious year but he is finding out what he is made of, I’ll tell you that. And this brings me back to my first words unfortunately blurted when I first saw his chart 10 hours after he was born:

“He is going to have to survive his childhood but after that? Look out!”

And I still believe that. My son is going to be one unstoppable human being and he’s sweet to, so ladies get in line.

Anyone else have a traumatic babyhood? How do you think this affected you?

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  1. My mom told me I almost died of a kidney infection at about 6 wks old. The house we were staying in had no power because of a major ice storm. Also had a 12″ crescent wrench dropped on my head from about 10′ up when I was a toddler(it bounced). Was hospitalized with a very serious secondary infection from the mumps @ 11yrs. Saturn is sextile my Moon & forms an out-of-sign square to my Sun.

  2. Hmm, I’m not sure this counts. But here goes, my pluto moon conjunction last year brought my traumatic babyhood up, wich I did not know about. I did inner child work in therapy, and found my inner child to be very unatractive, repelling even, she was sad, no energy and greyish looking. I met her through a visualization and we talked, I asked her what she wanted, she wanted attention, as I gave it to her, she began to shine. The therapist after a while told me to thank her and say goodbye, and tell her I would be back. I told her. But she didn’t beleive I would be back and was sad. This reflected how much I didn’t want to go back truely. But I did. Fast forward, I eventually asked her to show me where her trauma had begun and I regressed to my babyhood, saw myself in a kitchen counter, days old, on a diper, feeling cold and crying my eyeballs out. I was feeling betrayed by my parents, they were supposed to take care of me, and they didn’t. I was amazed at the compelxity of the feelings and conscience of things a baby could have, much deeper and wider then I’d felt since I can remember. The baby felt like it had made a pact with the people that were supposed to take care of her. She saw things both on a spiritual level and physical level. She was incredibly sad and her belly hurt from crying so much. I cried like hell seeing that. So that is supposed to be my childhood trauma. My younger sister was born 10 months after me, and she was born 7 months old, so all the attention was on her. My parents like to tell the story of me and her being on a crib, and I would cry and shout my sisters name, so they would think it was her crying and come sooner… 😐 They think this is funny. So I think this regression could have really happened some time after my sister was born. My parents might have been busy with her and left me alone or something. This made me reject my childish side. I don’t like children much. I started to like them more after this. I embraced my fragile vulnerable emotional self which i had rejected all my life. I vividly felt I had adopted a traumatized child after this, and had to heal her, and protect her. This was huge.
    So, I learned to do this, and am still learning. 🙂

  3. Wow, Viv that is totally amazing you went through that! It must feel…I don’t even know. Good for you!

    My SO has Sun conjunct Saturn, and had no babyhood or recognizable childhood either. Almost died as an infant, had to have his nose operated on at 6, millions of concussions from falling off of high stuff he insisted on climbing (there’s Capricorn for you!)
    When he was 10 he had gangrene in his leg and had to be in traction for weeks. He has scars from all sorts of logging accidents (logs falling on his head), a permanent dent in his arm from being doored by a car on his bike…the list goes on and on.

    In 2003 he jumped off a 10 foot drop on his mountain bike (hello Capricorn!) and fell head first, fracturing 2 vertebrae, 6 ribs, his jaw, his hand…required years of recovery and a good 8 hours of spinal fusion surgery.
    To make a long story short, he’s now a yoga teacher. And a good one. He teaches restorative yoga, which I feel becomes his nature perfectly.

  4. My son too is a Sun conjunct Saturn (Pisces)child.
    His childhood catch-cry was/is “I can do that myself” and at 1 and a 1/2 he was peeing in the toilet, then by 2-3 years old he was pouring his own cups of water (from a push-button water container). By 4 he’d have a go at peeling his own apples. Is this sun/saturn stuff ? I’m not sure. However his father was absent for years at a time, then when he was present he was fairly disconnected from his son. So I single parented all way through and we have been in poverty for most of it too.
    With babyhood and childhood play, creativity and socialising – well he just demanded it – Mars in Leo in the 5th H.

  5. I am so glad that your son has you. I have (all my life) had prophetic dream, good and bad, and my parents started out spanking me for them then telling me I was a liar because of them…my whole life. So I have surpressed talking about them.

  6. As a child I used to spend all the time in hospitals until about 10 years old. Injections Every week. Eyes surgery twice etc…I got used to it. But I used to faint and lose consciousness all the time and everywhere (I never fainted again since I began studying astrology at 28).

    Your son’s mind asks him to visit doctors. (Sun Saturn 8 House). That’s all. Getting sick is an unconscious excuse to go to visit them.
    I think he should read and learn medicine books at the same time as Harry Potter’s novels…He needs to be surrounded by 8 House guys…

  7. Yes, I was 2 months early and separated from my mum for the first I don’t know how long – weeks? She was in one hospital I in the other. They pulled me out by my legs: the joints didn’t like it and gave way. That plus countless double ear infectons, lung infections and 2 eye operations in my first 4 years. Maybe it is a miracle after all, that I came out of it so well. That is, up til now. with my saturn return coming up, I am having so many health problems I hardly have a life left….

  8. O yes, and in reaction to alison: aged 1 and a half, when my brother was born I told my mum: ‘diapers are for babies’. I refused to wear them since, and did not need them either, during the day.

  9. Elsa,
    your son is so fortunate to have you. Being loved and accepted like this, being able to talk about his psychic experiences, will give him so much strenght, I´m sure. Sun-Saturn in 8 is pretty tough in the first place, one has to deal with a lot already that others don´t even want to reckognize as existing. A broader, but also darker view.

    But he´s got a great family, so whatever else haunts him, he feels loved.

    While my sons grew up, I found out that one can´t protect children from what´s theirs, and if it´s the eighth house, it´s the eighth house, but one can really help them to cope. So from you he knows now what he´s already been thru (and you too, these are our traumas as well., and that he´s a survivor. And I believe your prophetic sentence is absolutely right.

    My twin sons were born prematurely, 28 weeks pregnancy. I had a severe gestosis, blood pressure was up to 220/180 when I arrived at the hospital (traumatic day already), and they had to get the babies out real fast. All three of us barely survived, it was a tough piece of luck, as the doctor said (Jupiter transit conjunct my venus in 8!). They went into intensive care, which meant not being cradled and cuddled, but lying on tables, intubated, with all kinds of tubes sticking in and out of their tiny bodies as well. Each weighed around 1000 grams.

    I caught an real bad infection that wasn´t detected, so I almost died of childbed fever in the hospital. The doctors had given up on me already, I could see, sense and smell that, but I didn´t want to leave my babies alone (which I hadn´t even seen), so I fought.

    My sons spent their first two months “unter glass” in incubators, no contact with each other, hardly any with me, until I had recovered. It was a very intense and traumatic time for all three of us.

    My sons: virgo sun, scorpio moon, gemini rising, Saturn conjunct Neptune in 8, opposing Jupiter (and my Venus) in their 2nd house.

  10. Sounds like me, with Saturn in my first house. I almost didn’t make it through the first hours of life, and suffered medically for many years afterward.

  11. I spiked horrific fevers that had my mother baffled, as well as the doctors in the ER. They kept telling her I was “teething”, and she kept telling them she had two older children who didn’t spike 104F fevers when teething.

    She got lucky one night and a urologist was on ER duty. He made an appt for her to bring me in for tests, and they discovered that the tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder were “twisted” around each other, rather than going straight to where they were supposed to go.

    I was two at the time of the first corrective surgery. They had to repeat the procedure a few months later. And then there were three minor surgeries to clear scar tissue from the tubes before I was five.

    I’ve been relatively healthy since then aside from some damage to my left kidney from that time, and high blood pressure that is a result of that.

    My daughter, on the other hand…boy. This particular blog really jumped out at me, Elsa. She had a rough start in life, spending the first 6-1/2 weeks of her life in the NICU. Then it was the endless ear infections and tonsilitis. I finally got them to take the tonsils out 04/06, and her health has improved remarkably since then.

    Of more jarring note, though…she has steadfastly refused to even set foot in her bedroom since the tonsilectomy. She hears and sees things in there that freak her out, and has slept on the couch for months. She won’t even go in there to get underwear from a drawer! Our house was built in 1898; no doubt there have been deaths take place in these walls. We know for certain that the owners before us had domestic violence issues. We don’t know what she’s picking up on…just that she’s getting something that terrifies her inside that room.

    We’ve talked at great length about how some people simply have a “gift” that allows them to tune into things that other’s cannot see or hear. It isn’t unprecedented in my family tree; my grandmother was quite gifted in that way, with my mother also having interesting experiences. I don’t see or hear, but I am quite empathic and intuitive. She wants nothing to do with it at all.

    I wish I knew how to help her deal with it.

    Her sun is first house Pisces, conjuction Jupiter and Mercury.

  12. I started my prophetic dreaming around age ten, and like someone else mentioned, was punished for lying (I think they were more afraid when they saw it unfold often enough) by my parents. So I learned to keep it to myself. I’m glad your son has you, feels safe enough with you to tell you about it. That’s huge.

    I had a tumultuous start to my babyhood…almost born in a Huey helicopter on the way to the hospital…Measles when I was about two months old…but otherwise I was protected. It wasn’t until I made it out of babyhood and into childhood that everything bad happened. But I survived (by the skin of my teeth, I think at times).

  13. I also think it’s great that your son can confide in you about his prophetic dreams. That can be really scary. Mine too started out centering around things that were what I considered scary as a child, namely death. I think it’s because emotional reaction marks it as significant and therefore it stands out more than other things. I also think that’s why so many people fear the ability to tell the future, because it often fortells the most traumatic experiences. You should encourage him though, because if he welcomes it and can make it a game, he may be able to predict fun things instead. Like in the book “Diary of a Psychic.”

  14. I forgot to add that I have my Sun conjuct Saturn as well. I had a lot of close calls as a child. Car accident, fire ant attack, many illnesses. I don’t think any of them really got into the point that was dangerous but only because I was lucky.

  15. “Gonna have to survive childhood, but after that, look out!” sounds spot on.

    Saturn directly conjunct my Sun in Scorpio, here, and I can relate to so much of this. It’s actually very validating! 🙂

    The early illness-induced separation from the mother, getting sick every couple weeks, the depressive fend-for-yourself neglected-feeling childhood, feeling betrayed, and opting for an attitude of “I’ll just do this myself!” etc.

    I also just watched Elsa’s Youtube Vid on “The difficulty of parenting a Sun-Saturn child”, and was kinda shocked, because the situation she describes there is like a flashback to my childhood:
    counselors in school grilling me under false pretenses and feeling very unsafe with some of these so-called “authority figures” demanding private information for falsified reasons.
    I lied too. Wasn’t gonna be trusting them.

    Lucky for me, angry as I was, I did want someone on my side who’d listen (that Sun/Saturn’s in the 7th house, and my Moon’s in Gemini!), so a trustworthy counselor did present herself in time, and introduced me to the path I am now on.

    I think people like us are self-parented and self-made… but, we have that to lean back on, always, so, yes, “look out!” is right. 😉

    Anyone else noticed that life seems to really begin only after the Saturn Return? I’m watching mine approaching over the horizon, and I’m preppin’ early, but… it feels like that’s when life’s really about to begin. Thoughts?

  16. I think people like us are self-parented and self-made… but, we have that to lean back on, always, so, yes, “look out!” is right. 😉

    Anyone else noticed that life seems to really begin only after the Saturn Return? I’m watching mine approaching over the horizon, and I’m preppin’ early, but… it feels like that’s when life’s really about to begin. Thoughts?”

    Those are questions without short answers. But being beyond my Saturn return, I can tell you for sure that your real life begins at birth. I can also tell you that your parents are incredibly important, whether they are there or not. Even lack of parenting, is parenting. I mean, you’re learning, regardless.

  17. Fair enough Elsa. Even contrasting experiences help to define what we want to build. Some would even say, they do so more powerfully then the easier ones.

    Still, with my Sun progressing through the 8th house, and moon progressing through the 4th, both due to change houses at age 30/31, certainly still feels like things will be kicking off in a big way around that time.

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