30 thoughts on “A Capricorn Perspective On (My) Workaholism”

  1. I forgot to add my thought on this… you didn’t get anything done today, I did so now I am a workaholic.

    You think I have a disorder (workaholic) and I think have a disorder (too much time on your hands to monitor mine). 😉

  2. I am glad you said this about workaholics because I have referred to my husband as a workaholic the whole time we have been together, he is Virgo, but the funny part is…..what if he weren’t? I would hate it, him and most probably would not have given him a second chance. It is one of the qualities I truly admire in him and guess what? Turns out I am a workaholic too and when someone pointed it out to me the other day, I was taken aback because I have never considered this about myself….cause I am always trying to have fun and didn’t realize this is what I do even with work…turn it into fun somehow. But, I said to my friend, “what would I do if I didn’t work?….sit around and what?….it doesn’t matter, because no matter what, I am and will probably remain a very busy girl…

  3. Heh. I grew up with the idea that work is good for you. I have Saturn on my Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn … yeah. *chuckle*

  4. Good point, you’re either a deadbeat or a workaholic. Isn’t that what they call a double bind? I’ve tried retirement. It’s not good for me. But I’m glad I tried it because now I’ll be happy to work until I drop. Otherwise, I would’ve been looking forward to that retirement thing at the end of the rainbow.

  5. Ya well the whole aholic thing was so big in the eighties and nineties, but really to be any kind of oholic it has to get in the way of your well-being and healthy functioning. Your life goes down the tubes, you have no life because your aholism takes over. So if your life is going great I don’t care how much you do any activity, you are not a aholic. In other words just because you do something a lot doesn’t make you any aholic, it’s much more than that. It you’re happy rock on. Funny that twigged you though Elsa why would you care what anyone thinks about how much you work? Why would you care?

  6. Yeah, Henry worked until he died and had no interest in otherwise. He thought it a great fortune to be able to work and I agree. It does keep you vital on all levels. We were not made to on our asses, we just weren’t.

  7. Robin, I don’t like anyone offering their unsolicited opinion or judgment of me, ever. It always irritates me, why not judge your own life or person-hood, hmmm?

    And how about manners? If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut up. This stuff is level one as far as I’m concerned. Now if someone solicits an opinion, that’s a different matter.

    In whatever case I see it as a lack of boundaries and an attempt (however subtle) to pressure someone to conform with a standard set outside themselves.

    My personal standard was set by my grandfather when I was 5 years old and suits me. Also, when you see someone working a lot, you never know why. Could be I am poor, you know?

    So now I am poor and working and trying to make money and pay my bills but rather than respect that, I get tagged with a disorder and diminished.

    People amaze me with the things they think it is okay to do and say to others, especially when the “other” does or says nothing to them.

  8. Elsa, I’m the same way about unsolicited opinions and advice. I have a friend who’s always suggesting some new pharmaceutical, often off-label, untested treatment for asthma. She’s not a doctor, doesn’t have medical training, and I’ve not asked her for this. It’s what I have a pulmonologist for. So it really irks me and sometimes I get kinda snappy about it.

  9. The remark was made at the height of the influx of the astrology.com people which was clearly a boon and a benefit. The comment implied otherwise which was interesting.

    There are people like me. Ben is one of them. He works all the time, balls to the wall and then now and then takes off hard core / shuts down. But mostly he works and he is happy doing so. He has a mission, see?

    I feel similar and just because you don’t does not mean something is wrong with me.

    People work night and day to come up with innovations, like computers for example. Must we insult them?

  10. HQ is another one. Most of you don’t know this but we all have blogs in large part due his efforts and that’s a fact.

    Yep. He is is the visionary innovator that made blogging mass market and if you think he did it working 8 hours a day, you’re crazy.

    This is why America is wonderful. People have freedom to go, Go GO and anything we do to squelch this is a mistake.

  11. I agree it’s better to wear out than rust out, however Jo’s quote has a kind of sinister ring to it, considering…

  12. OK, but what if one becomes a workaholic over time, or in order to avoid something in another sphere of his/her life, and others are suffering because of it? Getting work done is fabulous, but I’m always a little suspicious that for at least SOME, it may be more out of fear (sublimation), and less due to a true desire to be productive.

    Elsa, your point still remains and I agree with it — that others should not make comments or judge others that they don’t know… But thought I’d add another possibility here.

  13. I don’t think Elsa was talking about workaholism per se; rather she was putting forward the idea that some thrive on the work that they do, which is a great thing if you are that way inclined. And that some others, seeing this, call it workaholism, which is not appropriate. Because it isn’t. For that person it is fulfillment, of a sort.

  14. Well there were some remarks on youtube which led to a conversation with my husband who said I was lucky to be fulfilled by my work. He explained that few people are – that he has never found his work fulfilling so this might explain some of this. I am truly fulfilled by work.

    As I said, I have the chart of a worker, I could be a slave working in the sun (and have been damned close to that in my life) and I would still be fulfilled.

    I like the work. I don’t like the complaints about me because as I said, I don’t bother others.

    This is another situation where it may be my background… many would say it is but I don’t necessarily agree because the chart is the chart and I was born with a nature BEFORE I was nurtured.

  15. A years ago I ordered 15 tons of rock for my front yard, which they dumped at the curb. I had to move the pile, one wheelbarrow at a time and I am sorry but I enjoyed this immensely… fantasies of Howard Roark playing in my head.

    Also, I have Saturn Neptune and work is spiritual to me. Is it an escape? Of course! Is this bad? I don’t know.

    Who is going to decide that?

  16. Well, not for nothing is there the expression ‘soul-destroying work’. So by the same token there is soul-building work. The trick is to find the work you love and keep doing it. I really believe that if you do this, you’ll stay healthy in mind and body and grow spiritually. Because in the doing, you are adding to yourself constantly.

  17. I have the 6th house so I think that working is a great way to stay sane. I tend to marvel at people who can structure their time and live their dreams when retiring, as I said before, I think it is very hard to imagine and live out your dream lifestyle alternative to the one you grew up with, no matter how everybody whines about the American working lifestyle. That silly An Education movie reminds us that we can’t have it all and in some respects have to put our nose to the grindstone. I also admire people who think they can flyfish and sail throughout their life, I think that takes extraordinary mental balance 🙂

  18. AWESOME!!!! Holy cats! I have been sitting at my desk today (and many more days than I care to think about in the past 9 months) wondering where my amazing work ethic has run off to. Somewhere after my divorce from the work hating Taurus who was always after me for working hard (which I loved but also felt compelled for unhealthy reasons to do) my work ethic tanked. This is wonderful and offers many much needed alternative perspectives on the fabulosity of work.


  19. I’m a workaholic to a certain degree. I was able to work 2 weeks straight with no days off in between in one contract job, but was thankful to get about 3 weeks break before my next contract. I had weekends off on the next contract, but I still pushed quite hard until I can have a week or so of vacation in between.

    I am just the type of person that could work in strong bursts but take longer lapses to recharge in between.

    Saturn in Virgo, 6th house. MC in Capricorn.

  20. I have no recollection of quoting the entranceway to Auschwitz, EVER. Hello????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    /disturbed beyond disturbed

  21. I can work to death on anything as long as I really enjoy it. Mom is the same way too. She does over-time because she likes the work.

  22. I loved that totally elsa, I have saturn in capricorn 3rd house almost conjunct my ic and a whole stellium in my 10th house leo, so yeah couldnt agree with you more!

    To me without working and putting my energy into living this life to the max and having a feeling I am serving a purpose, whats the point! I dont however like labels or being controlled or categorised so yep anything to me that is referred to as “oholic” indicates a habit and an addiction or no choice, bugger that! I love to work I choose to work and i do it because it brings me joy, self satisfaction, an opportunity to contribute to the world and a means for success and accomplishment in just knowing that i worked, no matter what the outcome.

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