Pluto Transit Opposite Mars: Dark Motives

mars Pluto“Dear Elsa, Would you consider writing on Pluto opposing Mars in Leo?”

– Alice on Pluto Transit To Venus – Pick Your Poison

Sure thing!  When transiting Pluto opposes your natal Mars, you’ll ultimately uncover your own shadow motives, via another person.  

Keep in mind, Pluto tends to operate subconsciously.  As an example of what I’m talking about, a person might be out there looking around. They’re able to see the sins of the other, so to speak.

When Pluto transits Mars, encounters with nasty things increases.  You may do a lot of finger pointing before you realize you, yourself, act in similar ways.

If you want to fare well with this transit, dig into to your own shadow. Excavate your own motives.

This transit will let you know what you’re capable of.  Odds are high, you’ll repulse yourself at some point.

Having the capacity to do something does not mean you’ll choose to do it but chances are you will have to deal is some serious muck with this.   It could be along the lines of being attracted to taboo. But you may also have to take some action you find revolting.

If you happened to read my book, Heaven, I Mean Circle K, I go through this in the story, “Obiwan Kenobi, PhD”. I stepped into an incredible problem. The only way out was access my ability to do something I felt was hideously distasteful.  End of my virginity in this regard!

So, yes. It will be intense.  You will be drawn into the darkness, one way or the other and very likely have to battle the darkness…which is inside you, too.

What happened when Pluto transited your natal Mars?

7 thoughts on “Pluto Transit Opposite Mars: Dark Motives”

  1. Oh my, this is truly great writing! Once again, Dear Elsa, I am very grateful👻
    A taste of it will appear on Thu, the nearest Full Moon, probably. Specific chance to channel my own evil twin, hopefully constructively.

  2. Transit Pluto is opposing Progressed MC and Progressed Mars @ 0-3 degrees in the 5-10th houses. I was going to ask Elsa a question about the strength of transits to the progressed chart vs natal charts. This would be 10 house stuff again.

    I think the shady mechanics in this are since Pluto is in my 2nd house natally, it has to do with my own self value and how I earn money. It’s a real struggle to feel like I’ve earning anything of value, financially and emotionally.

    I had Pluto conjunct natal Neptune and opposing natal Mars/Mercury I the 10th house. It was a hideous mess. And oddly enough, not sure I’ve moved past it. Was hoping I had but hello Pluto in Aquarius, we meet again.

  3. Similar natally? Husband has mars venus opposite pluto…I don’t think it’s going to be easy for me, yikes!. 7th house no less.
    Also, I took a peak at his solar return, may 10th…pluto aspects nearly every planet this year! Very interesting. Quite the year this is going to be.

  4. I had this when Pluto was in Cap opposite my Cancer Mars. The main comment I would make is that Mars is very bodily and linked to movement of the body, so you could have bodily things happen which are provoked from an unconscious level. So keep an eye on your body.

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