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Mars attacks from space
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Passive Aggressive: The Unconscious Mars

Astrologer, CF Perez, is interested in women and Mars. I was writing on her astrology mailing list some years ago. She was attracted how overtly I express Mars energy. We became friends. We both feel that many women (and some men) have problems expressing their Mars energy. I’m talking about their anger, their hunter instinct,

Pluto and persephone
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New Angle On Venus Pluto Aspects

I’ve been writing about ex-lovers (corpses) coming back around when Venus aspects Pluto.  Venus, Mars and Pluto are conjunct in Aquarius at the moment.  A longtime client hired me yesterday.  She wanted to talk about something I wrote in a consultation back in 2012.  Specifically, this: “In this mail, you reveal yourself as a woman

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Jupiter In Gemini & The Birth Of Blogging

Jupiter will ingress into Gemini on May 25th, 2024. I quite excited for this; slobbering in fact. Do you know that blogging began with Jupiter in Gemini? How cool is that.  Little people, all of the world, writing and freely sharing information. I was there!  This transit will be Jupiter’s second return to Gemini aka,

venus marlene
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Your Personal Propensities, Up Or Downgraded

This last week has revealed a number of things to me. Reading my Pining For Reuben story, I got thinking about the different ways my Venus Neptune square has expressed over the years.  In this particular story, it was used as an asset. It allowed me to experience pleasure while passing through a painful time.

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