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Saturn & Neptune In Pisces & All Those Tears

Do you find yourself crying at the drop of a hat?  It’s Neptune in Pisces, sensitizing people, combined with Saturn in Pisces which dissolves blocks and your usual controls. It’s getting ridiculous, in my case.  If I see or hear of the slightest kindness, tears flow, almost immediately. If the transiting planets aspect planets in your

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total eclipse

Getting A Grip On Life In The “Now”

I’m caught at the moment as the astrology community is in an uproar over the April eclipse.  If you’re looking for clicks, this is the way. I feel it’s distracting and damaging.  Rather than do something productive or self-improving, you wind up, transfixed, waiting for the sky to fall. It steals your time and energy.

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ink blot

Taking A Couple Days Off (and here’s a story)

We have family coming in, Friday and Saturday.  I’m usually fast to respond but this won’t necessarily be the case over the next few days, as we’ve got plans to be out and about.  I don’t expect to get any newsletters done, either. Sorry! I wanted to put something up here to read. I got an

Pluto landscape

Pluto In Virgo in The 8th House – Concentrated Mental Power

There’s a discussion in the forum about Pluto transiting the 8th house.  I have Pluto in the 8th (in Virgo), natally.  It’s a great placement as it puts the planet in it’s natural house. The main thing you hear about this transit is it indicates a natural affinity for psychology. I agree with this, fully. 

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