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Chiron – You Can’t Buy Charisma

I wanted to talk about the shadow-side of talent, so I called my friend, Ben. He’s a Scorpio artist who has worked in the arts for decades. We got talking about charisma. Ben mentioned instinctual actors like, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty and James Dean. He mentioned Maria Callas as examples of people who have that IT […]


Equal Houses In Real Life

The best way to learn astrology is by paying attention.  House systems came up on the podcast with Shonagh. I ran down my ideas on this. Basically, I use Equal houses, because I worked with, Koch, Placidus and Equal – all three, simultaneously, for about four years until the clear winner emerged.  I am not


The Mushroom’s Apprentice Podcast With Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home is an interesting gal, both pleasant and deep.  She’s naturally caring and attentive to the others, but don’t let the veneer fool you. She’s keeping up at all times. Shonagh invited me to be on her podcast; we recorded this the next day.  She wanted me to talk about my “system” as far

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Living In The Shadow Of Your Parent

Some people loom large. They have some quality about them. It could be money, fame, power, or things having to do with their character or their personality. Charisma, for example. But also a hard-core sense of control, or a violent nature, or many other things. If your parent is like this, it can be quite

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More On Predators & And Some Astro History

I’m glad I was invited for the segment on the Rage of Aquarius Outsider Podcast. It went very well and it gave me a lot to think about.  You really do benefit by going outside your comfort zone and talking to new people.   It expands your perspective, without a doubt. It surprised me to hear

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