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Natural Authority

Some people have a natural authority about them.   Capricorn, yes. I have it to a (very) limited extent, but there are people out there, if they say it, it goes! It doesn’t matter if a person like this is lying or completely out of their skull, crazy, they will be taken seriously by almost everyone, […]


Wearing A Mask With Nothing On Your Face

I wonder when or if we will ever be “maskless” again. I’m talking about being able to move around in the world and talk to people, freely. I understand this can be done in certain circumstances with certain people at certain times, but by and large, a day like this is nowhere to be found.

Observing Scorpio In Nature

llama on Helping People Deal With Loss and Trauma “Wow… I have Pluto Moon opposite…. and it is so validating to read this. I really dislike social functions like this, because it is exactly as you describe – all this stuff going on that you are not allowed to talk about. And all these undercurrents

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