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Humans Living In A Post-Truth Society?

I read this claim or accusation, almost all Americans argue in bad faith.  Specifically,  we are a post-truth society, where people say things and argue things they don’t even believe.   This was the observation of a foreigner (or a bot, how would I know?)  But this particular person/bot’s content is consistently original and intelligent. I […]

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Gustave Gilbert

The Collective Is Increasingly Sociopathic

I definitely feel the collective has become increasingly psychopathic. I’ve come to understand, it’s a result of “grooming”. The first time I ever heard of such a thing, was back  in 2011  when I came across a, David Berkowitz quote. See: Evil Diabolical Brainwashing.  I eventually came to understand, “evil diabolical brainwashing”, is widespread, taking


Why Do People Admire & Defend Psychopaths?

“Elsa, please write something about the people who follow, enable and support psychopaths. What do their charts show. There are those who lie and those who lie to support the liar. Sycophants?” Libra Rising on Born That Way: Talent & Psychopathy Complicated question! Use of the word, “follow”, suggests you’re talking about online entities here. 

psychopath man

Born That Way: Talent & Psychopathy

In 2011, I came across David Berkowitz quote concerning grooming children to be killers. I wrote about it: Evil Diabolical Brainwashing. I thought this was shocking and interesting at the time. Deliberately creating a psychopath?  Can you do that? I thought you probably could. I also thought this would be an isolated thing. I’ve learned

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