The Astrology Of Celebrity Crushes: John Goodman

Dan Conner, "Roseanne"“Pardon me for loitering in front of an orchestra.”
–John Goodman

I was talking with a client about the astrology of attractive celebrities, just chat, a tangent, but it got me to thinking. Analyzing the charts of celebrities, often because of characters we find attractive, is a good way to sort through and categorize certain traits that activate us. While a public person we have no contact with stimulates something in us, their charts interact with ours, we have no impact on them. This makes for a good way to investigate our own issues with attraction.

I have a huge celebrity crush on John Goodman’s character in “Roseanne.” Because of this I have a crush on John Goodman. I look at his natal chart and can see the energies I respond to. His Pluto on my ascendant with his Mars on my Mars really gets my motor running. His Neptune opposing my Venus allows me to project my fantasies of an ideal man onto him. He’s a double Gemini with Sun and Moon in Gemini. In real life, when my chart hits their chart as well, my interactions with Gemini never turn romantic. With John Goodman it’s a one way mirror so his possible reactions to me never come into play. His Gemini qualities, however, make him a nimble actor portraying qualities he may not possess as an individual, qualities that make him my ultimate man candy by virtue of his Neptune (which is a generational thing therefore not terribly personal).

The way I use this information is to categorize what it is about the character that I observe that resonates for me and I look for those things in real life individuals. It helps me to analyze what I need in relationship, really need, not just what I find attractive outwardly. Crushes tend to express our archetypal, primal needs in some way and are helpful in analyzing our nature.

Who is your celebrity crush?

11 thoughts on “The Astrology Of Celebrity Crushes: John Goodman”


    something about these guys 🙂


    The Big Lebowski & Oh Brother where are Thou are among his best.

    Mine is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, all the way back to 3rd Rock from the Sun (Aquariusss:)

  3. “Mine is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, all the way back to 3rd Rock from the Sun (Aquariusss:)” YES!!!

    Otherwise Ben Barnes, Orlando Bloom, Michael Sheen. I also have a thing for the Brits.

  4. YES, I have a big celebrity crush! Alex O’loughlin from Hawaii 5-0. I’ve done is chart, of course, and he’s very Virgo, with Sun, Venus, Merc and Mars in Virgo….(he does have that ‘neat’ look) and a Moon Saturn conjunction in Leo in the 10th. I just realized that he’s also the guy who starred in Moonlight….as a vampire. He’s quite soft looking for some reason, which is weird cause he has no water in his chart. Which is probably why they roughed him up and made him wear a scruffy beard for 5-0. Huge crush on the dude! i find that I usually have Venus Mars links with celeb crushes, but not with him. his Moon Saturn in Leo sets off my t-square though.

  5. I absolutely love David Bowie. I love love love love him, his music, how creative he is and how he is in my mind a true original. Plus he’s got that Cap/Leo/Uranus energy my Moon loves so much.

    (He is a Cap Sun/Leo Moon/Aquarius ASC).

    AND we both have Saturn in Leo! His Venus is conjunct his Sagittarius Midheaven.

    I don’t normally go for scrawny femme guys AT ALL so it’s kind of funny my celebrity husband is like this.

  6. Fastinating topic.

    My celebrity crush is Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in the TV series. The strong yet wounded, compassionate and possibly alcoholic small town sheriff who catches the bad guys and protects the weak – but at a cost to himself. And he has a good line in self deprecating wit.

    His Venus in Pisces on my Descendant, opposition his Jupiter on my Ascendant in Virgo. His Jupiter is out of sign conjunct Chiron and Neptune in early Libra and conjunct my own Neptune in Libra in 1st. His Neptune tight sextile to my Chiron.

    All good wounded stuff. And the kind of relationship I now avoid like the plague in real life.

    Also his Mars trine my Mars. His Sun trine my Venus.

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