Stabbed In The Back? No Problem! Using Bad Energy Is Simple

hank williams cheating heartsCatch up here – In The Opinion Of My 8th House… Stabbed In Back? No Problem!

Here’s an everyday example of how pain or bad energy can be channeled and transformed. Let’s say someone breaks your heart. What are you going to do? Wallow? Maybe. Then what are you going to do in a week, in a month or in a year? Still wallow? Maybe. What about five years? Still going to wallow?

Some people will still be lickin’ their wounds 5 years after the fact but if you’re Hank Williams, you’ll write a song! You’ll write, “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and people will sing it for the next 50 years. If you take his example and learn to convert your negative experience into something usable and valuable to yourself and others, you’re home free.

I am home free. I don’t care what happens. I value experience and I value all experience. I love my bliss as much as the next guy if the universe delivers me something else, so be it.

I played cards competitively when I was a kid. When you play cards you play the cards you’re dealt. That’s it! There is no whining. There is no do-over. You get what you get and you play your hand as skillfully as you can. You raise your play to an art if you can. You’re supposed to your best in this life… aren’t you?

So the cards in your hand or the ache in your heart or the knife in your back is all the same thing. It’s just energy and if you stab me then it’s my knife. If you break my heart, it’s my ache. And if you’re me you’re going to make art every single time. So that’s what I meant when I wrote this. That gal was badly hurt by that man. He cut her for sure but I know if she digs deep enough she will uncover and gain access to some nugget inside herself that will serve her for the rest her life. And what’s that mean?

It means this guy helped her out. Unintentionally but what difference does that make, when the royalties to your song roll in?

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33 thoughts on “Stabbed In The Back? No Problem! Using Bad Energy Is Simple”

  1. I can’t remember whose tagline this is but I often think of it: you get what you get and you don’t complain. I like it. I have a few knives in my arsenal and I’m very grateful for them. they’ve come in handy.

    they also make it easier to forgive, I find.

  2. What great advice this is. It’s a good reminder that although one sometimes cannot help their circumstances, one can certainly work to get something positive out of them. As the old song goes, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run!”

  3. I’m with Heather- “good shit” plus loved the part regarding “playing the hand you’re dealt” I too have to admit, with a bittersweet smile, there is more that one knife in my collection, but I’m working on my skills of alchemy.

  4. Having the last guy break my heart was so far the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure it was shitty for a while, but god damn if it didnt turn my world upside down for the better. I took all the love I felt and started dispersing it into the world. I saw the beauty of live for the first time.
    I still havent fully fathomed the gift that this was, but I can see glimpses of it and so far…it’s only getting better.

  5. Elsa,

    You are really on fire. The thoughts that are rolling off your blog these days remind me of a fine streamlined piece of worked wood or metal – just pure craft. So pure that it seems hard to even really get it unless you have some inkling of the craft that it took to produce something like that. The synthesis is unreal. You are just taking disparate ideas and transmuting them into SOMETHING ELSE.

    My hat is off.

  6. Thanks, Jessica but I wrote this about 2 years ago, LOL. 😛

    :: ducks ::

    Sorry! But just wait until you see how smart people think I am after I am dead! It’s gonna be greaaaaaat! 😛

  7. Every time I’m hurt, well, it hurts. But then I take solace in the knowledge that I can still BE HURT, which means I have a heart. In my mind, it’s always better to love the best you can; if they turn on you, you can’t help that, but at least ya did what ya could.

  8. Thank you. I needed to see this too. The house we were unrejected for? Now they’re going to just sell it instead of renting it to us. *screams*

    I’m going to go find a better house.

  9. p.s. I double dog dare anyone to tell me I didn’t get that house because I had conflicting desires or wasn’t manifesting things properly right now.


  10. I know! What the hell? Who does that to people? Do they not realize this is a big deal to us?

    And god bless them, trying to sell a house in this market. Anyone care to wager on whether she’ll come back asking if we want to rent it after we’ve found another home?

  11. We have an appointment at 5:30 to view one in the same neighborhood. It’s about the same amount of space. Not quite as adorable but a little cheaper rent so it might be better for us in the long run.

  12. Thanks for this post. It’s so true. But it’s difficult to find out how to convert when you’re feeling creatively dull. Like during writer’s block. But I love your words on it still.

  13. Some hurts just hurt alot more than others. Some betrayals go so deep – that is when the hurt comes from someone you trusted implicitly. My marriage has survived a betrayal, but , the hurt was a physical pain that I cannot even describe. That took YEARS to heal. Other betrayals – short-term relationships, co-workers, even “friends” , mostly I react in anger, not so much hurt, and I simply cut them out of my life.

  14. Just betrayed here. A huge inmense, a cosmic dimensions betrayal involving my extended family. I am going to freeze and disolve part of that extended family in my life in my thoughts and feelings (Satrn-Uranus opp just t-squaring my moon. My moon is tsquared already)
    Hurts just hurts sometimes, as I have seen here, in the comments… accurate and wise words.
    The worst thing is that I’ve saved the ass of the betrayer (without knowing he was my enemy) There is not positive side of this experience for me. I feel clean, I feel lighter however with the truth, there is not space for resentment and bitterness in my soul. It is enough for me to know I am a better person.

  15. Two major disappointments which have really staggered me.

    Maybe someday this will serve as a catalyst but right now I feel like Wile E Coyote underneath the Acme safe. Words fail me– its reverberates on so many levels.

  16. When Patsy starts singing “I Fall to Pisces” I remind myself, “I Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way”

    Yes some of my Saturn figures are old country crooners.

  17. Hank and Patsy, both Virgo. Country music is filled with earth signs, go figure.

    As a mother of three and a hairdresser, Tammy Wynette told her husband she wanted to be a country music singer and he said “Dream on, baby”. She left him and raised her children on her own. I think her first few years in the business, all her money went to her sick child’s hospital bills. Taurus.

    The second spike of her career happens after she marries George Jones, Virgo.

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