How Does Mars In Libra Act?

Libra barbieMars is in detriment in Libra. Mars, by it’s nature wants to conquer. Mars in Libra wants to act fairly which is completely ineffectual against a true warrior.

For example, Mars in the opposite sign, Aries, with initiate the fight. Aries will throw the first punch which provides real advantage over Libra who is always responding and often in a placating way.  Like this:


Libra falls to floor, jar broken and tries to negotiate to get his or her way.


“That wasn’t very nice,” says Libra.

Mars in Libra tends to fight for the underdog or the side that is underrepresented. This is in the interest of balance. If the side they are fighting for gains the advantage, they’re entirely capable of switching sides, again, to act in the interest of balance and fairness.

Mars in Libra has a drive to partner.  This placement often comes with (or creates) discord and strife in relationship. The person tends to project, seeing “the other” is the angry one.

If you partner with someone with Mars in Libra, you are going to have a challenge one way or the other.  Some like  this. Mars-ruled, Aries and Scorpio come to mind. But others turn away from constant irritation that is typically pretty well disguised by superficial veneer.

Basically, there is a shiv beneath that doily and while Libra will go to great lengthen to avoid conflict, if you do push Mars in Libra to breaking point, it will be a bloodbath when their pent up anger is released.

Tell us about Mars in Libra, yours or others…

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  1. Courtesty of a Libra thread on the boards I realised the significance of my Mars being in the 7th house.. explains SO much!!

  2. Avatar

    The shrill, nagging wife, who can’t quite take ownership of anger.

    Well, that’s just my Mars in 12th, brought to life by Venus in 7th.

    Does this sound right to anyone else?

  3. Direct quotes: “I don’t want to decide, so you pick something and we’ll both enjoy it.” I would pick. “OK now that I hear that option, I think this other idea would be better.” *chuckle*

    “I like both choicess – let’s see if we can fit both of them in.”

    Two of the men in my Tribe have Mars in Libra!

    1. Bwahahaha!! You just described a day in my life, with the two Mars in Libra people I have been graced with. 😀 EXACT SAME dialogues! Do they all come from a Mars in Libra school? 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m fairly new to seriously looking into astrology. I’ve been reading here for a while but never tempted to comment. This post caught my eye with the line “This placement often comes with (or creates) discord, strife in relationship and almost always thinks, “the other” is the angry one.” Hahaha so true… my husband not only has Mars in Libra, but Sun, Moon, Venus, Pluto, and Uranus… all of which except for Uranus in the 4th! LOL Do all of these also cause said husband to react to perfectly calmly, politely made requests in a totally frustrating manner? Typical exchange might be Me: “Hey hun, do you think you could put your socks in the hamper please?” Him: “OMG get off my back woman!” or is this just a guy thing in general? LOL

    BTW love reading through all these posts and comments… really find some helpful and entertaining stuff here. 🙂

  5. I used to have a Mars in Libra friend who used to say rather primly “It’s not my fault YOU’RE an asshole.” It was conjunct Uranus:)

  6. I have a Mars in Libra cousin. She’s been through 3 marriages–according to her, all three men had “anger issues” and her ex-husbands are to blame for her problems. In truth, she is known to cause so much discord within the family due to her passive-aggressive speech and actions. She is a pain but she stays away from me. She’s no match for my Mars/Pluto in Virgo squared by moon and mercury in Gemini. I can slay her with ten words or less.

  7. Well I have moon in Libra, but I can really relate to the “breaking point bloodbath” thing. I can be fair and balanced and really tolerant until something tips the scales too far and then, bam, bam, bam!

  8. I have Mars in Libra, conjunct my ascendant. I am very familiar/in touch with the “passive aggressive” issues 🙂 But having 7th house in Aries, helps the issue…I am careful about whom I hang out with and who I deal with professionally, because I know I have the issue of having that “politeness overload”, and then I could become a scary force to be contended with when I become that angered or worn down…not that it happens that frequently, never the less, I have learned the hard way that you can never really take back, or undo a meltdown very well!

  9. Chris, I’m with ya on that – but I’m Moon in Libra. Also “…really tolerant until something tips the scales too far and then, bam bam bam!” Bamity bam.

    Picture this: Little school-teacher lady trying to talk about the virtues of capitalizing the first letter of one’s last name. School boy decides to act up for the better part of the hour, exhausting teacher’s “strategies.” Finally, teacher stealthily creeps up behind the student and drops a book hard on the floor, which startles the living daylights out of him. The rest of the class has been watching with baited breath. Then the teacher leans around the kid, gets eyeball to eyeball, and growls: Do you feel lucky, punk?

  10. Ah, I can’t beat the husband with 6 signs in Libra, but I’ve got Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter. (An astrologer once said “Thank God!” when I told her I had Scorpio rising. lol) I don’t get mad often – I usually walk away, and if I’m mad enough, you just never hear from me again. But if I can’t walk away, oh, boy. Let’s just say whoever I’m dealing with usually looks like an atom bomb dropped on them by the time I’m done.
    Nice to know where it comes from, and quite useful at times! 🙂

  11. Mars in Libra? Well what about Mars in Virgo?
    Gets up from the floor, “No wait, you punched me from the wrong angle, here let me show you how to do it,” looks down, “oh darn, now there’s blood all over the floor!” “Look–you punched me, you clean it up.”

  12. I have Mars in Libra and I actually quite like it. Granted, it’s conjunct Venus and Pluto, but I like being able to see both sides of an issue before getting mad about it and also being able to see when someone else has a point about me being a dick. It’s got it’s upsides. 🙂

    I asked E about my Mars recently, because I don’t think I express it very well on the active-side of things (the anger side and I get along just fine, thank you) and she pointed out that my “oomph” / “gumption” / whatever came from the other and that’s so very, very true for me.
    Without a partner, I don’t see much sense in doing things because I’m happy how I am. Bring someone else into the picture, though, and I’ll work like nobody’s business. I neeeeed someone else to bounce off of in order to be motivated; that energy is incalculable.

  13. My Mars in Libra backs up Elsa’s post and SaDiablo’s comment. Both of your comments remind me of my thoughts on Satori’s post about how she reacted when her home was invaded.

    I was thinking gee, I guess if it was just me, I probably would be all Libran about it, trying to negotiate or charm or talk my way out of it. But throw in another party, like a loved one to protect/defend, and I’d fire up differently.

    Chrispito, my Mars is widely conjunct Uranus in Scorpio, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said exactly what your friend said, more than once, as a joke, but with this emphasis: “It’s not MY fault that *you’re* an asshole.” (following by a winning smile) Then again, I’ve also said many times that I *like* assholes. You know, just MY kind of assholes.

    I attract Scorpios in spades – they always think I’m one of them (my Libra is all bound up with Scorpio energy), but the worst fights I ever had in a relationship were with an Aries … an Aries Sun with an opposition to his Mars in Libra.

  14. Man, I’m on the virgo libra cusp with mercury, venus, and mars in libra. You’ve described me to a tee with anger—fighting for the underdog and justice, always being the reactor rather than the initiator of the fight, and feeling like I’m innocent and the other person has the “issue”. I’m tired of making my partners into “the angry ones”. And yes, when I do boil over (which is generally accompanied by a migraine) you do not want to be within 10 feet of me.

  15. Mars in Libra can’t make a decision..keeps weighing it back and forth. For a man to have Mars in Libra….it’s “”Yes Dear”” to beat the band!! I look to Mars for the Yang energy and Venus for the Yin.

  16. What exactly *is* passive aggressive ??? Accused of it but don’t know what it means! Srsly. Neptune conj Mars in Libra in 7th. I know it’s a terrible placement but I don’t know why!

  17. My old supervisor had Mars in Libra. I noticed everytime she criticized me, it was in front of other people. She would never say anything to me when she was by herself. I feel like Libra Mars needs social backing to fight with people.

  18. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate on this placement. I’ve also known some really great people with it.

  19. I have Mars in Aries but it’s opposed by Neptune in Libra – I feel like it turns me into a Mars in Libra!

  20. This is my placement too. But it opposes Mercury Aries both at 20°. So I definitely can relate to what you wrote. But there must be other definitions that apply do this tight opposition aspect + it forms a T Square w/ Jupiter. Thank you.

  21. My mom and best friend from childhood have this placement. Sometimes they have a hard time to be more assertive, sometimes not but they are refined and even when angry, they will polish their words. I have mars in aries- I have a short temper but it’s very watered by that neptune square. Mars in libra is more compatible with me than say mars in cancer or pisces. I will give them that. When we pair up, we’re quite a pair. I can do the crap that needs to be done yesterday and mars in libra can smooth others into ease so they will see the thing needed to be done was not unfair to them. They usually see things from multiple angles and that’s a good thing. They are also good at damage control. Me on the other hand, I do the damage. 😉 Just kidding, I am not a reckless person.

  22. It’s not great partnered with a Scorp Moon – I have a long fuse…really really long…then BOOM! People still in my life, after all these years, have all been on the other side of it at some point and I treasure them – not many come back after the blast.

  23. I dislike “weak” Mars for some reason, mostly because I’m a crazy mars in Scorpio. I feel most comfortable around earthy, firery or Scorpio mars folks. I want to goooo gooo gooo and my boyfriend with his mars in Libra sometimes moves to slow for me. It’s always wait I’m not ready. I also get blamed for everything when we have altercations. I do learn patience because I can be quite impulsive. It’s annoying but I’m so thankful for the Scorpio pluto first house and Aires moon. Without those I feel that I would completely run over him lol

  24. Ah, Mars in Libra – my plight.
    I wish I were direct, could make up my mind easily, tell people what I think, act straightforwardly – but nope.
    And I’m afraid of my own anger. When I blow up (rare) people are surprised & I instantly regret.
    Yeah, a warrior who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, that’s not very efficient. Grubbing around in 12th yet -> the pits!

  25. Mars at zero Libra. I will explain, very calmly, (and frequently more than once) to someone why it’s not good to treat me in a certain way.
    If they keep doing it, I will drop a bomb on them and walk away.

    I’m NOT happy that I have to blow up in order for some people to hear me. Maybe they think I don’t mean it. I do.

    But I do love it when Mars lets me know something is out of whack – usually if I get angry, it’s because someone isn’t treating me fairly or well. I know – I’m letting them – but I don’t always see it right away. When I realize where the anger is coming from, I put a stop to it.

  26. I have Mars in Libra, Venus in Scorpio. It takes a lot for me to anger. I just don’t feel it unless you are someone I love or deeply respect. If anyone outside of that circle angers me I just never see that person again and never regret it or miss them.

  27. Try this on for size:
    Mars in Libra (detriment)
    Venus in Virgo (fall)
    Moon in Scorpio (fall)
    That’s me! I always thought it was my Sun and four other planets in Virgo that made me hypercritical in relationships (and in life). Maybe that is still the case, but after reading the comments here it’s clear that Mars in Libra plays a part as well.

  28. Genghis Khan had a Libra Mars, so did John Rockefeller. When I looked into it, Ron DeSantis has a Libra Mars too.

    I find that air sign mars are strategic as they come and fight to win the war, not the battle. Meanwhile, you have an Aries mars that just goes for the first strike and Scorpio Mars that may do well in the shadows but once out in the open….is toast.

    In my view, air mars will come to rule the day in the future because of their strategy and ways to see beyond the current situation. Alexander the Great and MLK had Gemini Mars as does Tom Brady.

    1. love this about libra mars. ^^
      but i did notice Genghis khan has alot of libra./stellium. cardinal stellium seem like powerhouses 😀

  29. ‘… and Scorpio Mars that may do well in the shadows but once out in the open….is toast.’
    Wow excelsus! I instantly thought of the person I know who has this Mars placement. Thank you for your characterisation. Perfect.

  30. I have a first and second house stellium in Libra, including Mars. I’m a Virgo rising, Sag sun and Pisces moon. I’ve always liked the Libra influence in my chart. Otherwise, I think I would be bouncing between picky, frisky and teary constantly. Instead the Libra influence makes me look before I speak, leap or emote. But I’m not a good fighter and knowing that ahead of time is a great help in life’s navigation. I have lost/left relationships due to what is called “passive/aggressive” behavior but I’d rather move on because I dared to look at both sides of the equation than because I blow up and burn bridges.

  31. I have Mars in Libra, opposing Aries Saturn and squaring Cancer moon. I have no problem choosing the restaurant or movie, but carefully weigh more important decisions. I tend to research and collect many data points to reach conclusions. I want the *perfect* solution or outcome, when often the 80/20 rule would suffice and probably better serve my time. I wait to act rather than make a potentially rash decision. I may miss some opportunities for not striking fast enough, but mostly it has served me well.

  32. I have Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto and Saturn in the 8th house. I actually like my Mars in Libra. I feel like I actually consider all sides before blowing my lid. But when I do flip out… watch out because I’ve been pushed way too far. But yes, I do root for the underdog and I hate unfairness in general.

  33. I have Mars in Libra, and being relatively new to in depth astrology, I’ve never really quite grasped what it does in that sign. It also sits alone in my 5th house.
    Being the traditional ruler of my 6th house Scorpio sun, I’d like to learn its significance. It’s also opposing Jupiter in Aries, which is the handle to my bucket shaped chart.

  34. Mars in Libra in the 7th house here! I also have Venus in Scorpio, so there is some mutual reception going on there.

    Two of my three kids have Mars in Libra conjunct mine (crazy I have babies on my Mars return, or maybe not since labor is very action oriented, lol).

    My only child who doesn’t have Mars in Libra has it instead in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in the 11th house. It’s not exactly a square to our Mars (about 8-9 degrees off). She tries to run my house, lol. I have a Stellium in Scorpio and Mercury in Capricorn, so I can handle her. But, in all honesty me and my other Mars in Libra kids (one of which has Venus and Saturn also in Libra conjunct Mars) are dumb founded by my youngest. I know she will always stick up for herself, and even pick some fights along the way. And she’s bossy, lol. She has Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th, so I think with age she will figure out how to handle her Pluto/Mars in Cap energy.

    My husband has Mars conjunct Venus in Virgo in the 10th. So, his Mars is also a bit tampered down with a little Venus flavor. He’s a Scorpio with Saturn, Mercury, and Rising also in Scorpio. I agree that Mars in Libra peeps do well with a partner with lots of Mars (Aries/Scorpio) going on. I also think Mars in Libra people will fight for their relationship as an alternative to fighting in the relationship. That is if they are very mature (depending on their Venus and maybe even Saturn). Focusing on yourself and what you need is very Aries, and Aries doesn’t have to think hard about this. They impulsively and instinctively know. But, a Libra will come around and do this too once they realize that being their own solid, independent self HELPS their relationship stay interesting and healthy they give themselves permission to focus on their self. The motivation goes back to partnership, but the behavior can still be very Mars.

    1. those exalted mars and domicile mars really show. I saw that in how my mother’s aries mars act and i know many leo mars and scorpio mars. my father is a capricorn mars so i know what you mean, and i have a best friend who has a cap mars (cancer sun/pisces moon) so she’s got soft parts. but wow i really can see the difference. My mother is a powerhouse when she was younger and i can see totally how capricorn mars just acts like a boss. i can see in my son’s libra mars that he needs partnership and help from others. it is a mars that really needs help/assistance and they will get going. i thought him being double fire he can be more go getter but no that isn’t so. the mars has to be exalted or domicile to be a go-getter that ive seen so far. My ex was a go getter and he had aquarius mars and aries stellium cap moon. Might be all the cardinal though. Cardinal stellium is a powerhouse too.

  35. I have mars in my 7th house, conjunct sun and mercury. Its a difficult placement that has only really come to my attention within the last year how much it affects me and how I interact with the world. I have realised with Saturn transiting my ascendant that BOUNDARIES are vital, because I naturally see the other person’s perspective, and historically I have acted in their best interests and abandoned myself. This has left the door open for people to take advantage of that. Yikes on bikes. Forever a student I am learning!

  36. I’ve already mentionned my Mars in Libra in oct 2019 above.
    Just wanted to add that this configurtion makes it almost impossible for me to say NO. This has gotten me into all sorts of bummers, more or less disagreable.
    It directly affects the problem of boundaries, like, I can’t shut the door. As Essie says above, some people take advantage of that. After which I feel I have only myself to blame (double whammy).
    This being in my 12th H makes murky stuff sometimes.
    It’s 2 degrees from my AC. I’ve read that it’s a sign of head wounds. I have a nice big scar on my forehead from running into a window knob when I was maybe 3 and another one (6 stitches) on my right eyebrow from falling up the stairs in the subway…

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