Children With Mars Pluto Aspects Are At Risk For Sexual Abuse

hydra-painting While this manifestation is not a given, a child with Mars aspecting Pluto in their chart is at increased risk of being sexually abused. It’s undeniable!

I know a mother with a daughter who has Mars in aspect to Pluto in her chart. Being as she can read a chart, she keeps extra close tabs on her but is that enough? I don’t think so. This energy is going to be expressed one way or the other. You can’t just “avoid” something in your chart. Something that is part of your destiny.

So what do you do if your child has aspects that indicate rape, etc?

I’d make the whole situation conscious. I would inform my child, they have a lot of whatever it is they have. I’d instruct them on healthy ways they might channel their energy.

In other words the antidote to the hydra is light.

Does anyone else have ideas?

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  1. I understand that when a child is born with a hard Mars-Pluto aspect into a family, the theme of manipulation and abuse is a family issue too, and children get the constellation to be able to defend themselves against the oppression. The more abusive traits in the environment, the more the child’s Mars heats up, and this can be a real danger. I agree with you Elsa, I would make it conscious, that’s the only way to beat the hydra. First I would shed light on the family for myself, and keep distance from any abusive relative, and then I would tell my child why I am doing this and help him to identify the hydra wherever it may show up to suck energy. I’ve seen parents who live with and/or cover up for an abusive relative, in this case children have little chance, unless they run away. Once the situation has been made conscious this aspect represents a strong energy that can be used for really constructive purposes.
    This is an aspect that we better not project on others but take charge of it ourselves.

  2. Yes,best bet is awareness.Just to think had I of known what I know today just in life period it would make a whole hell lot of difference.So why not put astrology to use what it’s for right? Good question. Oh do I wish I knew yesterday what I know today.

  3. My son has a Pluto-Mars trine. Not a hard aspect, but that trine, which goes into a Grand Trine which makes a Kite is frought with issues that make life difficult for him and those around him. I think the Pluto-Mars aspect by itself is the least of the problems in his chart.

  4. “Perhaps there are many possibilities for abusive experiences described by Mars Pluto etc. Why bring it up with the child?”

    Kingsley, I never advocated telling a child they were at risk for sexual abuse and in fact wrote this woman privately exactly which was to make them aware of their own power rather than having them have to find it…. dig it out after some traumatic experience.

  5. Its a good question Elsa; whether to discuss or take action in some regard based on an aspect in a childs chart.

    Firstly let me say that I have seen many diffrent aspects for sexual abuse including Sun Saturn, Mars Saturn, Saturn Chiron etc. I have also seen how a Sun saturn in one chart described the regimented and traditional approach to parenting. The boy ended up in the army cadets when he really wanted to be artistic. So the “abuse” is varied and so too is the trauma associated to the abuse. Another woman with Sun Saturn was sexually abused by her step father had quite severe self esteem issues and displayed quite authoritative role in her social sphere.

    The army cadet guy is a very good counselor and has a good structural element in his life. Perhaps both his parents dying in his 40’s was another Sun Saturn experience?

    If a parent brings the astrological understandings into discussions with children how does that impact on the child? Is the mother being over protective and is there potential for the child to form unrealistic perspectives about the world. Its hard enough in my view for children these days to feel safe about playing at the local park without being abducted or blown up by terrorists. In many cases parents will not let their children venture very far from the house.

    If the child is made aware of astrological aspects that are proported to describe sexual abuse in his life what will the child think about the world? Perhaps there are many possibilities for abusive experiences described by Mars Pluto etc. Why bring it up with the child?


  6. I recommend people with Mars/Pluto or Mars/Pluto kids read The Art of Predictive Astrology by Carol Rushman, because she covers this in her book about how to deal with that energy more productively. She cites getting kids involved in sports as a good way to do it, and also mentions someone who was…I forget exactly, involved with a shelter or crisis group or something.

    I suspect martial arts from an early age might be an especially good way to help the child.

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Steven Forrest, in “The book of Pluto”, lists what he calls “The proverbs of Hades under Plutonian stimulus” (1994:318-319) (i.e. the lessons of an unconscious relationship with Pluto). Really good food for thought if Pluto is strong in your chart – or your child’s, for that matter:)

    I’d like to share these with you here because many of the points are definitely Mars/Pluto-themed:)

    If you’re addicted to comforting religious or psychological fictions, life will shock you:
    – Gullibility draws lies and liars.

    If the time has come to recognize your fear of seeing your own shadow-side or that of people whom you love…
    – Naiveté draws betrayal.

    If you’ve hidden yourself too long among kittens, positive thoughts and flowers…
    – Sweetness draws bitterness.

    If you’ve been hesitant to see clearly the reality of violence in all its forms…
    – Vulnerability draws attack.

    If you’ve fled form your sexuality…
    – Modesty draws violation; innocence draws shame.

    If you’ve made yourself the easy victim by fleeing from the human necessity of setting – and defending – boundaries…
    – Harmlessness draws violence.

    If you’ve been giving too much materially because of an unconscious fear that you had too little to offer in any other way…
    – Generosity draws parasites.

    If’ you’ve been giving too much emotionally out of unconscious guilt or shame…
    – Nurturing draws vampires.

    If, out of laziness, you’ve allowed yourself to “believe” what you haven’t actually experienced or intuited…
    – Belief draws disillusionment.

    If out of cowardice you’ve failed to claim the inner warrior…
    – Fear draws savagery.

    If, in your zeal to become enlightened, you’ve left compassionate service out of the formulas…
    – Spirituality draws embarrassment.

    If, in your compassionate service, you’ve ignored the shadow in those whom you serve…
    – Caring draws dependency.

  8. Wow, this is something that has been in the back of my mind. My 11 year old daughter has her Leo Mars squared her Libra Pluto. I have talked to her about “good touch bad touch” and people who are shadey. She seems to be hyper aware when we are in stores and “strange” or drunk people are near by she will get close to me and grab my hand and say lets get out of here.

  9. Ouch. But I’m alright, this is an old wound a band aid cannot fix.

    Mars conjunct Pluto (both in Scorpio) both in the 11th house.

    I was molested by a family (moon) friend (conjunction in opposition to my 5th house Moon…) when we were supposed to be playing (5th house) house while my mom was doing her mom’s hair. So yes, it was a female. It did not involve pentration, but was nonetheless very traumatic. All I can remember is repeatedly telling her no, being locked in my room (had two doors… One through to my parents room–one to the hallway) with her and her making me do things I didn’t want to. Lots of tears and I felt helpless. She was older than me. I was young 5 or 6 maybe and she told me if I told or didn’t do what she wanted to I would be in trouble. I remember us being caught, her mom going absolutely ballistic, my mom being in complete shock (mom is a Cancer…) and dad coming home and having a look of disgust on his face. I felt so ashamed and very guilty. Even though it was not my fault.

    I still have never talked to my parents about the incident… But Pluto is transiting my 1st house right now and I feel the pressure to come clean about me. Sagittarius rising @ 22 deg with Sag Saturn @ 22 deg on my Asc. Making me very Cap like. Also have Uranus conj. Asc @ 25 deg Sag. I was born 3 months 17 days early and it was quite unexpected and shocking, traumatic first few months of life. To say the very least…

  10. Ehhh and I repressed this incident. Now as I get older and it’s “natural” to want to be intimate with someone… I find myself very very very nervous. And I know I need to heal these old wounds so that I can develop more… But it hurts. Talk about vulnerability issues… I don’t know if it comes from the Mars/Pluto… Or that they’re opposite my Moon… Or all of the above. Could even be my Cap Venus being distant as is… Conjunct Neptune and Uranus (loosely) all in the 1st house…

    I swear, sometimes I don’t know who that girl is looking in the mirror… But I do know she has a deep soul and a huge heart. And a fire in her bones that continues to burn even when she feels extinguished.

  11. I was molested in my youth. Not by my father, but by my mother!

    She would grab my crotch. She would try to seduce me and she would try to sexually dominate me.

    My astrology is that I have Mars in Aries (a home placement) and Pluto in Scorpio (another home placement). I know it’s not a square, conjunction, or opposition, but it would explain why, but I wonder if home placements are a big deal?

    I almost committed suicide because I thought no one would believe me if I told anybody until I heard that I was not the only kid to have this happen to. My mom was a very sick, twisted and domineering (Leo) woman who had many sexual perversions.

    Thank you Elsa, molestation makes children or adolescents feel isolated and almost hopeless especially when they feel that nobody would believe them.

  12. I’m so glad that there are astrologers who think that energies can be used in ways that the worst scenarios can be avoided.
    I read Carol Rushman’s book and am always on the lookout for new material treating these issues.
    Where to start…
    I’ve always supected of being sexually abused, but I don’t remember anything.
    Physical and mental symptomes are none the less present…
    My mother always tried to protect me and explain the possible dangers (as if she had someone take a look at my chart). I don’t know if she knew that something had happened. If she did, she never told me and I never had the courage to ask. She passed away and now there’s no one I could talk to. Even to this day I live by certain “rules” (no hitchiking, avoiding dark places, elevators with strangers etc.)
    I wonder if the following aspects may describe possible abuse: (I’m Leo/Scorpio)
    Venus in Cancer (VIII house) square Pluto in Libra X house).
    Mars in Gemini (VII house) is squaring my Moon (on the cusp of IX/X house).
    Chiron in Taurus(V) is in opposition with Uranus in Scorpio (XII). Uranus trines my Venus.
    My Sun in Leo is in conjunction with Saturn (IX house).
    Moon squares Neptune in Sagitarius (I) and I have an opposition Neptune – Mars working through my I-VII house.
    Thank you Elsa for starting this topic, I felt somewhat isolated… These days Sun is transiting over my Chiron. No wonder I’m trying to find some answers. Usually I just sit and wait for the darkness to pass…

  13. WOW I can’t believe you had covered this so far back!
    And its true.
    Definitely astrology can be such an eye opener, even work as a watchdog ,it can be used for investigation as well as a lighthouse shining light on negative aspects,so people can be aware of pitfalls,accidents,abuse etc.
    It is truly a very incisive tool and important in every day life.
    Thank you so much.
    You are an Astrologer Extraordinairé

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