Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: An Introduction to Nifty Magic Available To All

I’m back on the Saturn Neptune thing, sorry for the delay! I spaced out (Neptune) my job (Saturn) there for a minute. I lost (Neptune) some time (Saturn)! ::grins stupidly::

But I meant to write about some of the positive manifestations of this combination because they are plenty and they are superb and sublime.

And I’m talking about people with Saturn in the 12th house, here. And people with Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn in Pisces and anyone with Saturn in Neptune in aspect in their natal chart. Also people with both Pisces and Capricorn prominent in their chart.

And at the moment, I am talking about everyone. With Saturn and Neptune opposing each other in the sky, everyone has access to this energy right now. Everyone has hologram fear.

Everyone has fear that comes in like the tide and threatens to overwhelm, right before it rolls back out leaving you to wonder what the hell you were worried for! You go from being paralyzed with fear to Alfred E. Newman, “What, me worry?” and back again. You wonder if you’re crazy or what. How can reality morph like this? Damn it!

But guess what? There is relief. If you learn (Saturn) to work (Saturn) with your imagination (Neptune), you’ll find that you can generally if not readily, make your dreams (Neptune) real (Saturn). You can erase (Neptune) your fears (Saturn) while you’re at it and all sorts of other nifty tricks.

And yes. This does require you live in a hologram (Neptune) reality (Saturn). But I think I’ve already established we’re all doing that anyway. Think about it.

And I’ll be back with stories to illustrate because I know about a million of them.


12 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: An Introduction to Nifty Magic Available To All”

  1. Oh Elsa this is fantastic. I was about to write you (but I got distracted, imagine that) about my Saturn in Pisces and tell you I had finally figured out why all of this Saturn/Neptune stuff resonated so strongly for me. *laugh* I love synchronicity.

    Hope all is well in Elsaland. 🙂

  2. Nep in Cap kid opposed to sun in cancer…
    How does it work out?
    Last yrs i got more feeling of Neptune
    And i don’t like it
    Like my character, my strengh has weakened…
    but may be that’s cause i’m in touch with the bad vibes of Neptune…

  3. Has anyone seen the newest Mountain Astrologer’s article on Saturn/Neptune? Only deals with conjunction/square/opposition, though, which is a shame. I would have liked to have seen some writings on the positive aspects.

  4. “This does require you live in a hologram (Neptune) reality (Saturn).”

    Saturn Square Neptune
    Saturn Square Ascendant
    Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

    Maybe I’m getting it. Like when I read too much about shifting dimensions and ascension (without any discrimination about source) and afterwards get spaced out and giggly and can stare at a leaf on a tree for an hour with utter delight–

    Or when I am teaching English to a Suit at a bank and have an overwhelming need to point out the utter absuridity of taking their Quest for Money seriously— but I can’t do that because their reality is more valid than mine? It’s like Alice in Wonderland out there.

    Keep it coming Elsa. You’ve broken my writer’s block and you heal. How cool is that?

    Happy days are coming……?

  5. Neptune in 6th in cap, opposing moon & merc in 12th in cancer.

    The current saturn/neptune opposition is forming a t-square with my Venus/mars opposition. (mars in cap in 6th, venus in 12th in cancer.)

    I’m totally lost right now. All I can do is write. All the time, when I ought to be doing other things. I’m going to have to start regulating it a bit or I’m going to lose control of my university work, which I can’t afford to let happen right now. Discipline, saturn says! Discipline! But the neptune’s so incredibly intoxicating….

    I may be losing my mind.

  6. I have definitely faced that the past few weeks and it’s driving my husband batty….paralyzed with fear one week, then the tide ebbs and I’m calm cool collected again….yep absolutely batty.

  7. I hate this see-saw. This morning I was completely relaxed, reading books on tantra, zen, then… BAM. Here I am angry at people and planning how to block them out of my life.

  8. BWAHA! YES!

    wednesday i was *that* terrified about teaching my first two classes ever, and they flew by perfect as pie! right now i really have to bust my ass and be responsible – get my work done! – but where normally that’s a burden, right now it’s positively intoxicating to be up to my eyeballs in that much work that i enjoy and belive in so thoroughly!

    living in a hologram? bah… aside from never being borring, abstract is what we Aquarians do best… *wink*

  9. Ah, now I know exactly what you are talking about. Thank you so much for writing on the positives. I feel that this is what has been going on for me- I’ve been able to construct my own reality lately. I don’t have any of the aspects you mentioned above, so perhaps that’s why I notice the “nifty magic” now. I will admit that it’s not easy all the time- but ordinarily I haven’t the option at all. How long will this last? I’m really enjoying it, you see…

    Also, what sort of influence will this have on creative people? writers, musicians, designers, ect? Will we see Saturn/Neptune come out in culture? in magazines?

    just curious.

  10. Hey, thanks for writing about the positives. I have Saturn in 12th, and I hear all sorts of bad things about it. But honestly, I don’t think it’s that bad! Irrational fears, yes. But also the ability to transcend them, so it’s okay. Not to mention that the truest kind of compassion is borne of suffering.

    One thing I’m noticing about the Saturn/Neptune opposition that relates to natal Saturn in the 12th is the idea that radical freedom requires radical responsibility. I think we are collectively being guided to learn this lesson (one that natal Saturn/Neptune people have been learning long before). No guarantee, though, the collective might just avoid Saturn and become petulantly escapist….

  11. This metaphor about fear behaving like the tides is perfect and one I never thought of before. I promise not to steal it (well, I sort of promise not to steal it), but thanks for the very helpful insight.

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