Astrology Workshop: How To Find Your True Love & Soulmate With Venus Saturn

venusaturnUPDATE – This class has ended. A transcript is available here. 

Do you have Venus in Capricorn? Venus square, opposite or conjunct Saturn? Do you have Saturn in the 7th house or Venus in the 10th?

Are you a Cancer or Capricorn rising? Do you have Saturn conjunct your ascendant or your descendant? Saturn in Libra?

If you have one or more of these signatures in your chart, chances are you’ve struggled to find love. You’ve probably felt blocked, lonely and deprived when it comes to love and relationships. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This workshop will be entirely devoted to overcoming problems that dog a person with a Venus Saturn signature in their chart. I don’t care how jacked you think you are. If you start the class thinking you have problems that can’t be solved, you’ll leave it knowing otherwise.

What can I expect to get out of this workshop?

  • You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how Venus Saturn energies combine and manifest in your life
  • You’ll understand the common pitfalls with this combination and be armed with tried and true remedies for each challenge
  • You’ll learn how this energy is an asset and how to exploit its potential
  • You’ll learn about Venus Saturn energy by sign and aspect as outlined by Satori
  • Hopefully, you’ll never look at the Venus Saturn aspect or energy in your chart the same way again


When does the class start? How long does it last?

October 16th – November 30th.

What will the class consist of?

The workshop will start with an introduction.

I’ll then present four charts from people in the class, working with them in depth to illustrate concepts that will be applicable to all.

I’ll finish the class with closing remarks that will cover anything that might have been missed.

Satori will also contribute to the workshop with explanations of each Venus sign and how it relates and operates when aspected by Saturn in general and each aspect specifically.

How much does the workshop cost?


Where does the class take place?

The class will be held on a private message board on this blog. If you’re not registered in the forum, please sign up here by clicking “join up”.

When you pay for the class, please use the field below to send the name you registered in the forum along with your payment. I’ll then add you to a list which will allow you to access the private board which is located here: Class has ended – transcript here.

You’ll also get an email with instructions that will confirm your membership.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes. Participation is voluntary and lurkers are welcome.

How can I submit my chart to possibly be used in the workshop?

Once you have paid for the class, you can email me ([email protected]) to submit your chart.

Your mail should include your birth data and some outline of the problem you’re having. Your copy can be long or short but it’s best if you offer something besides plain birth data because this is what interests people and engages then.

What are you worried about?
What is going on in your life?
What experiences have you had?
What remedies have you tried?
What do you specifically want me to address?

You can send me this info right away, but there is no rush to do this. I choose charts, intuitively, as the class unfolds. At heart I’m a storyteller and I let the story tell itself, through me.

It’s helpful if you send me all the information in one email. You can submit another person’s chart in tandem with your own but if you send me 10 charts, you will be diluting something I want to keep focused. So I would avoid that as I want to keep this tight.

How will you pick which charts to feature?

There are no favors owed or favorites in my classes. I choose the charts based strictly on what will be most compelling for the group. My goal is to cover as broad a range as possible on every level so that we have a meaty, satisfying class. I’ll be looking to feature a broad range of people with a broad range of problems.

How many charts will you select?

I will give four charts the major treatment. I also tend to throw up some bonus charts in these sessions if someone sends something I think the class can benefit from.

If my chart is chosen, will everyone know who I am?

No. You will be anonymous. However, we do discuss the charts that are presented and you may want to get involved in the conversation.

Your participation is encouraged, because it’s your life and your experience and people can learn from you. However, it is not required.

Do I need to know a lot of astrology to benefit from this class?

No you don’t. We are not teaching astrology in this workshop, though you’re bound to learn some. The class is about finding real love, which is exactly what Venus Saturn promises.

Do I have to be somewhere at a certain time?

No. The class will be available 24 hours a day. Just log on and see what is going on, whenever you like, until the end of the session.

Is Satori doing pics again?

Of course!  We need her spice!

What else should I know before I sign up for this class?

A lot of content is expected, perhaps more than you can read. The official class posts will be isolated and pinned to the top of the board so they’ll be easy to find. But I also allow people in my workshops to start threads on any topic they like. This often results in dozens of threads being posted to the forum.

Some people like to read everything. Others are only interested in the official posts. You have a choice in how you want to participate.

Can I post my chart?

Yes! You can post your chart with questions and anything else you want. I ask that people stay on topic on the official class posts but other than that, it’s an open board.

The private board is not indexed by google. Once the session ends, the posts and the entire forum will be deleted. Many take advantage of this by posting things they would not post publicly. You’re welcome to join them!

I’m new. What can I expect once I have access to the private forum?

Expect to be welcomed! You’ll see a meet and greet thread tacked to the top. You can introduce yourself if you like. It’s not required.

Official posts will be up top. This is to distinguish them but also so that someone coming in late or someone who comes to the Colosseum infrequently can quickly find the official class posts and read them in order to see the storyline develop.

Beyond that, you’ll see pages of threads people in the session have started to ask questions or discuss various things. The content is often personal because let’s face it, some of us (me) like to talk, and we don’t necessarily want to broadcast at large or be recorded by google.

I have been teaching these classes for years now. Without fail, each group has been very positive and supportive. I think if you join us, you’ll not be disappointed!

If I pay early, can I start early?

Yes! Once you pay for the class, you’ll have access to the private forum, usually within an hour – longer if I am asleep! You’re free to post, poke around and familiarize yourself with the forum, though the workshop itself won’t begin until October 16th.

If you have other questions, please ask. If you’re ready to rock – sign up here.

Don’t forget your username!

33 thoughts on “Astrology Workshop: How To Find Your True Love & Soulmate With Venus Saturn”

  1. Yes this is me! All part of what I affectionately call my tsquare from hell!

    Venus in Cap opposing Cancer Rising (which conjunct South and North node respectively)
    Squaring Saturn in Libra (which is in a stellium with Pluto and Mars)

    I think I will be signing up for this class!

  2. Just signed up for this. I have Venus Saturn. Thanks, Elsa!
    (but I forgot to put my username on the payment via PayPal, duh… I will send that in an email with my transaction #)

  3. I love Venus/Saturn. It is because I have it – in my second house.
    Let me tell ya, when Saturn does a walk-by by the window of
    Venus, things get hot! Did you say “cold”?? Hmmm.

    I guess it depends on which side of the closed locked door you’re on…

  4. Is there another way of paying besides paypal? I had problems with paypal, so I don’t want to use it. But I live in Europe, and I also don’t have a credit card. (might sound crazy to you all, but well, it works perfectly for me 😉

  5. Pisces sun/moon Scorpio siding.
    Saturn in Capricorn prob in 3 (or end 2, who knows), n Venus in Aries in 6th, I guess that might be the square, certainly never been able to create sustainable relationship with anyone I really wanted, ever.
    Extreme abuse most of my life starting from beginning.
    Would like to know what chances are of actually getting chart chosen. Tired of being invisible/ized thx

    1. I don’t know Yz. I have no idea how many people will sign up. Right now, your odds are sky high, but I don’t know that this will hold.

      however, people are invited to post their charts and ask questions, etc. So you would only be invisible if you chose to be. 🙂

  6. Avatar
    Anne Elin Haraldsen

    Hi, I would love to join, but am doing Vipassana meditation in England 22.10 until 3.11 (no access to internet then;-)).

    Is it still possible to follow this workshop, I mean: Do you record all, so I can follow it later?

    Thank you:-)

  7. Dear Elsa,
    I’ve just signed up but forget to put my username. I paid by paypal by my gmail. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much!

    1. Thanks, Daisy. I think I found you’re enrolled. To verify, please go here and sign in:

      Once signed in, you should see a 4th forum listed: “Find Your True Love And Soulmate With Venus Saturn.”

      Click that and you’re there! 🙂

  8. I have venus in saturn..been married 4 times…lots of sig others… Never wanted to be ‘married’…usually me who ends the relationship.. Am a cappy with low tolerance to incompetence.. Or perhaps gem moon, aquar rising? Will this class show me something new?

    1. I wouldn’t say ‘satisfied’. More like ‘resigned’. Open to learning a better or new way… But only limited internet on my phone, and less time.. Can I still get the info?

  9. Also dislike PayPal. Good thing Capricorn keeps you young. Like that other fellow said, (Chad?) with a Saturn “walk-by” — Not so sure if its “hot”, but it points right to your fear.

  10. If I only have venus in the 10th (gemini), would this class benefit me? Saturn is conjunct MC in my 9th. I also have the NN natally in my 7th house and have been told I’m meant to learn about one-on-one partnerships (oh yay) in this lifetime.

    1. tori, I would say that it would.

      I am working on this class now. It is going to be extremely good…I state this with confidence. It will be jam-packed with info, you’re just not going to find anywhere else.

  11. Hi Elsa have just signed up for the workshop i have sun, mars and saturn in the 7th look forward to more rewarding relationships and and end to lonliness

  12. Hi Elsa,
    I signed up for your workshop but forgot to add certain info in the additional info box. Check your Contact Us email on the web page. Thanks!

    1. Somewhat. While Taurus is Venus-ruled, I see it as more concerned with money and material goods (2nd), then with partnering (Libra/7th). I am not sure if others agree with me.

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