Children: Taurus Sun With Mars In Scorpio – Security Is A Specialty!

Speaking of the locks on my kid’s bedroom door, my son installed this stuff last night.

This is apparently a security system… hooked to nothing, at least not yet.

This is his padlock. Boy was he pissed when his sister yanked his door open and broke his lock

Foiled like Wile E. Coyote he went back to the drawing board and this morning there is a new version. Don’t tell me this kid can’t innovate.

And my daughter… Pluto in Scorpio rising: “What do you think he’s going to do in there?” she asked.

‘Well that’s none of our business is it?”

“No it’s not.”

“Okay then. So leave him alone and don’t you worry about it. He sneaks a girl in there, I’ll say something, okay?”

“Okay, mom. If I see one go in there, I’ll tell ya.”

I just shook my head. I have no idea how to survive this.

Did you lock your door when you were a kid?

20 thoughts on “Children: Taurus Sun With Mars In Scorpio – Security Is A Specialty!”

  1. Yes. But I didn’t dare not open it when my parents knocked. It did give me privacy against my siblings, however, and that was important. My parents were big on boundaries… big on privacy… still are, hence the reason that we stay in a motel when we visit them and not in their home (they made their home so there wasn’t enough room for guests).

  2. I WISH! My folks would have ripped the door off the hinges. No privacy in my home. No space or boundaries. Ugh.

  3. My mother went completely crazy if we locked a door so no, I usually didn’t. I sort of knew as a kid that this wasn’t a normal reaction and felt like I should have been allowed some privacy, but it wasn’t an issue that came up often.

  4. To add to Lupa’s weird lock story, that same house never had a door that locked. If we went camping, my Dad would wedge a 2X4 between the door handle and the stair railing. And this was the 1980s!

  5. yes. when i had one that locked.
    i had two younger sibs who loved to get into my stuff (especially my sister.)

  6. By the time I was an early teenager I was the last one left living at home – no need for locks – I wanted friends and family to visit me in my room, so I had an open door policy.

  7. I didn’t actually have a doorknob. This was problematic at times because people would barge in on me without announcing themselves first. Very jarring, and I think it’s reinforced my love of privacy.

    My parents would get very angry if I used the lock on the door (it was a hook-and-eye. There was a lock but no knob).

  8. I shared the same tiny room with my younger brother until I was 18. It was upsetting.
    I still resent my parents for that.
    Now I have all the privacy that I needed as a teen but it doesn’t erase the years I spent fighting for it.

  9. My older siblings definately resented sharing 4 to a bedroom. I was the youngest, and didn’t have much say about the matter. My oldest sister left home (and the country!) at 18 and never returned. She still resents my parents for not being rich…
    Saying that, she had no privacy, which everyone is entitled to.

  10. no privacy for me. Shared a room with my older brother and then my younger brother till I was 14. When I got my own room I wasn’t allowed to shut my door. To dress I had to go into the bathroom.

  11. Take him to Defcon. He’ll fit in perfectly. That is, if he has computer skills as well as the security focus. If he’s smart like he seems he’ll get himself a job with a computer security company there.

  12. I shared a room with my older sister until she moved out but, strangely, privacy was never an issue with us!
    We had a lock on our bedroom door, which came in very handy when my mom would try to intrude when she was drunk and couldn’t find the key.

  13. My son is a double Taurus (sun and moon). He’s got all kinds of signs on his door about staying out, etc. etc. As a kid, he charged money for everything, you’d have to pay him to do anything.

    As for me, Scorp rising, I had no privacy. I shared a room with my parents (!) no wonder I’m an only child til I moved out at 24 years, and even then I got grief. I had a diary I kept locked away in a wooden box with a tiny lock. I had an idea my dad would look into it, and he did–he broke the lock and destroyed my box. But guess what–he found nothing, as I had already removed my precious diary. My parents also threw out all my Beatle memorabilia that I had lovingly collected over the years. As you can imagine, I’m all for having “my own space”.

  14. Not to be creepy, but I started sleeping with my door closed and locked when I saw an apparition standing in my doorway one night when I was 8. Ever since then, I’m very aware of my surroundings (no open doors, not too many mirrors, etc…) I HAVE to feel secure in this sense.

  15. We were not allowed to have a lock on our bedroom doors growing up.

    @Shell Mirrors in the middle of the night still freak me out. I don’t look in them in the dark,lol.

  16. when I was a child I didn’t have much privacy, and even now when i’m with my husband sleeping, I want to leave the door to our bedroom open a little, sometimes even wide. lol He doesn’t like that at all, so we sometimes end up arguing about leaving the door open. He has imagined fears of burglaries or something, and I don’t. I like having the door open for some reason. But if we’re visiting family or friends or anywhere, we both definitely love our privacy and keep locked doors. lol It’s just that for me, my own home is my sanctuary so everything in my home is safe. If we have family stay over, definitely we keep our doors closed.

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