Diagnosing Those With Weird Bodies… Challenging For All Involved

androidSitara writes:

“You are right – docs do not do well with unusual numbers! I’m in med school and I can relate.

I’m sorry about your experience. I strongly believe that doctors should try to approach each patient as an individual – someone who has their own “normal.” Here’s hoping I can stick to that belief throughout my training.”

Sitara, the doc was really good. Once reassured it was usual for me to have blood pressure that low he accepted it. People like me exist they just don’t come around every day so he had to investigate, plus he didn’t know if I was dying or not, the woman in the next room certainly was.

I’ve mentioned a few times my sister has a very similar Saturn / Neptune body setup as I do and she has the same problems. That is she misdiagnosed and mistaken as crazy. Except in her case, her chart is worse than mine (by far) so she wound up misdiagnosed to the brink of death and more.  She had a horrific time, sued and 3 doctors had to pay.

I think it’s hard for the doctor but hard for us as well and as of now we both now have doctors who know as soon as we walk into their office with our “obscured bodies” that they are going to have to expect a trick somewhere along the way. And we report in plain language, this just happens anyway.

It took 3 visits to find my broken rib once, even though I had been in a car accident and kept pointing to the thing saying it hurts “right here”.  One doctor said the hernia was too small to worry about even though I’d been in pain for 4 years. The next doctor repaired 3 hernias and spotted one of the bulges visually, just with me standing their naked in her office.

And then there was the time I was sent home from the ER with an ectopic pregnancy. It was 2 days later when the blood from between my legs wound up on the doctor’s glasses in his office that I found myself in surgery 90 minutes later. I could go on… and on… and on….

I know what my doctor thinks (she is actually a PA who I have seen for 10 years) when she sees me coming. “Here’s comes Elsa P, with a strange problem she is going to crack jokes about while I have to listen closely and use my whole brain.”

I have learned to work very carefully with doctors, this is for my own sake. I take pains not to confuse them by considering things very carefully before I even show up. I pay close attention to their questions and answer them succinctly trying very hard not to disrupt or even interrupt their thought process.

In short, I try to demonstrate my trust in their ability to do their job and in turn this gives me credibility so when I do have to say something I am liable to be heard.

What you have here is a classic Saturn situation as it has improved with age and if you are a Saturn Neptune type yourself, dealing with authority figures with sensitivity in general can go a long way in dodging problems.

Good luck, Sitara!

12 thoughts on “Diagnosing Those With Weird Bodies… Challenging For All Involved”

  1. I am able to self-diagnose a vast majority of the time. Most doctors don’t believe me when I say, “I think I have ________technicalterm.” Then they test about and boom, of course I have that!

    I was annoyed when I was trying to get down to the bottom of a weight issue (and it wasn’t overeating). I was told a few times over that it wasn’t my thyroid because my numbers were in the ‘normal’ range. I finally got a doctor that listened to the symptoms, saw the symptoms, instead of relying entirely on lab results. She was surprised when I could list off other conditions related to hypothyroidism, and boom, there I be diagnosed. I was so thankful that there was such a great doctor who really listened to what I was telling her instead of being suspicious of my motives. Had other doctors tell me I was just fat, that I was bipolar (that one made me cry about it, then called me bipolar), that I need therapy, etc. etc. Anything but actually believe me.

    Now my body’s been healing and I’m able to actually stay awake all day. My brain retains info. It’s a pleasure.

  2. I also have been misdiagnosed several times and telling the doctors they were wrong in what they thought I had….same thing happened to me Elsa, I went into the hospital with horrific pains in my shoulder and in my abdomen and they sent me home with an antibiotic for a yeast infection….two days later, I was driving home from the beach (2.5 hour drive) by myself with my two youngest children and started hemorrhaging. I got to the hospital back in my town and was sent home again with a diagnosis of miscarriage, but ended up in the hospital the next day because I passed out and was taken to the hospital again when they finally diagnosed an ectopic pregnancy and I had been bleeding internally the whole time and could have died!

    Another time, I had been out working my yard and got bitten by something and I thought it was a spider because my skin on my knee where I had been bitten became black and neucrotic almost immediately and so I went to the doctor and he told me I had been bitten by a tick and told me to get the $250.00 test for lime disease and I told him flat out NO! I had lived in a jungle practically and knew what a tick bite looked like…I had been bitten by plenty in my life and this looked like a spider bite….a brown recluse to be exact….their poison kills the skin….I ended up calling my vet friend who wrote me a presciption for an antibiotic and I basically cut it out myself. I have a couple of scars on my body where I stitched them up myself because I couldn’t deal with having to go to the doctor’s…..

  3. oh don’t get me started – I have spent years and years trotting to doctors to be told “there is nothing wrong with you” only to find out there was. Was sent home with pain pills and a lecture on “its all in your head” even though I had a serious infection. They run all the tests and they comb back normal and yet I was sick each time. I have neptune rising and I think I can feel it before they can test for it. So it is on my radar long before theirs. My body is very sensitive and I notice everything. I won’t take drugs – my body overreacts to them – if I have to take something i take children’s dosage.

    So I would spend thousands and get “I don’t know”. Finally stopped going and hired a homeopath – she has fixed all my problems because she listens, believes me and all those wierd symptoms mean something to her.

  4. Saturn/Neptune T squaring personal planets 8th house – medicated unnecessarily when very young and had at least 4 unnecessary surgeries when younger. Since then I have ‘opted’ out on several ‘non optional’ surgeries and ended up the better for it. So the up side is I’ve learned quite a bit about human health and to trust my intuition even when it tells me an expert’s answer is wrong. That’s a challenge!

    I’m still practicing trusting my intuition here… I’ve learned to word doubts carefully and to ask questions and that the expert does not always know best. (swallowing here)

    Also if a doctor belittles me in any ways, like I wouldn’t understand or how dare I ask questions or doubt the diagnosis, I’m out of there. They are plenty of competent (& respectful) other health care providers out there.

    I was astounded that nutrition got maybe 20 hours of coverage over a seven year program, until not so long ago. I don’t know what its up to these days. Changing my diet got me out of scalpel troubles twice! Unbelievable.

  5. Hey Venus…another friend of mine has a homeopath doctor and she swears by him and has told me to consult one. I was going to give it a try….good to read this…thanks

  6. Thank you so much for writing this post! And thanks to everyone for their wishes 🙂

    “I try to demonstrate my trust in their ability to do their job and in turn this gives me credibility so when I do have to say something I am liable to be heard.”

    I think this goes both ways – doctors that trust their patient’s feelings about their body gain credibility with the patient, and are therefore more likely to persuade them to follow treatment.

  7. Great Post Elsa and glad you’re ok :). I totally understand this whole unusual bodies thing. I have Neptune-Saturn and have weird doc incidents as well and low blood pressure (80/50) is normal for me, too. Go Figure!!! This post was really helpful, thanks 🙂

  8. Misdiagnosed with Asthma as a baby (mom stopped BF, and gave me cereal). I have been ill for most of my life, in and out of hospitals and clinics, and asthma specialists. They even gave me test steroid drugs during puberty, which made me gain a crazy amount of weight in a short time.

    @ 28 I stopped eating wheat and gluten (I was BF and my baby wasn’t gaining well, this solved her problem as well). Asthma disappeared a few weeks later. I haven’t taken my inhalers, in 10 months. I can run, for the first time in my life.

    I was really angry at the doctors, because they were so called “experts”. In 28 years all the doctors just assumed my lungs were crappy and left it at that. Now when I tell the doctors about my health change they don’t believe me.

    My body is proof enough for me!

    DenaMaria: I know what you mean about just taking some health matters into your own hands. 🙂

  9. momma webb! food allergies! oaw, I’m glad you were able to solve this… however late! I wonder the astrology behind the timing.

  10. grrrr:

    Alas, Im just starting to understand all the astrology stuff. This site is really helping. Although I have been reading tarot for 15 years. Astrology just seemed too complicated. My brain is supercharged right now and Im taking advantage of being able to do cool things with my body and mind. Hopefully get a small understanding of what all you wonderful people say.

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