Aquarian Woman Falls For Scorpio Man – Now What?

Dear Elsa,

I have been friends with a Scorpio male for a few years and I always had a thing for him. Now he knows my feelings and is slowly falling for me (I THINK). I am an Aquarius and since we have been friends we have a great understanding of each other and have a huge amount of trust for one another. I love him like I thought I never would and I’m just scared of getting hurt cause I have heard of Scorpio men but he has only been in one relationship and he is 27. Last night he became intimate with me for the first time and it was sooooo tender and loving, it scares me but makes me so happy to, what to do??

United States

Dear Aquarian,

First, thank your lucky stars you’ve found someone you like who likes you! As for being afraid of Scorpio, don’t believe everything you read! If this guy was lousy, you’d have already seen signs of that. I have had long term relationships (20 years plus) with more than one Scorpio and never been hurt by them… nor seen them hurt anyone else! Your problem here is your problem. You’re prone to worry and focusing on overcoming this tendency will be most productive.

Ironically, your new man can help you with this as he sounds very UN-flaky based on his history which means it is up to you to simply enjoy the process you are in and turn away when your worried mind kicks in.

Get these two things loud and clear: First, let’s say this is the man for you long term? Do you really want to spend the first part of your relationship worried out of your mind? Of course not. You should relish this time. Try replacing worry with gratitude.

Second, there is really is so little you can do. The man either loves you (or will love you) or he won’t. Your best move is to be yourself… the happiest my positive self you can be so he can fall in love with you.

I always tell young women in your circumstances what my sister told me years ago… “If you’ve got the right man, you can’t do anything wrong. This includes starting your period on your white dress…”

She was right about that and if you doubt it, just ask any man… and I mean ANY man and he will tell you this is the case.

Good luck!

Anyone else have advice?

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11 thoughts on “Aquarian Woman Falls For Scorpio Man – Now What?”

  1. Thank you for the advise. I do see myself worry too much about allot of things but he has shown me allot to with recognizing that and how to control this which is the easiest thing and so happy I have someone in my life that cares enough to talk to me about it. Last night he brought to my attention that we are only friends because my emotions aroused and was put out on the table which I was so mad at myself for doing. After a few glasses of wine, it happens lol. We never talk about what it is between us which is a great thing cause we are letting things evolve on their own and not making it or talk about it constantly. I am truly happy that I have not only found a person that I can tell everything and anything too and not look down on me for it and accept me for who I am. 🙂

  2. For some reason your post reminded me of where I was a couple years ago. Hopefully your situation will turn out well. I think Elsa’s advice is great. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

  3. Aquariaus – You can spend your life worrying about getting hurt sometime in the future (which may or may not happen, but certainly is not kept at bay by the worry) – and experience a potential loss in your mind over and over – or you can appreciate what you’ve got for what it is: something meanignful to you in the now.

    is it worth any less if it doesn’t last “forever?”

    i have always very much agreed with e.’s sister’s assertion. but that aside, who knows for sure? what you do know is that for now, you have this realtionship and it’s meaningful to you, and worrying about it lasting does nothing but interfere with your enjoyment and appreciation of it at present.

    i try to live happy, and trust the future will be bright as long as you care for the present as best you can.

  4. Goddess,

    You couldn’t have said anything better…thanks for the words of encouragement! 🙂 Those words I read over a few times regarding the “worrying” and it really does help.

  5. i’m so glad! i have tons of planets in virgo and worrying is about as natural to me as breathing, so it’s an issue i’ve had to work on myself.

  6. nope, i’m a virgo; virgo energy is very compentent at worry. i do have some uranus influence, but you’ve got some virgo influence. and if your worry energy is virgo based, reasoning your way out of it is a good stategy.

  7. hey guys im a 23 year old gal..i hav sumthing to share too..i am in love with a scorpio man too…he’s 10 yr elder to me n belongs to different community thn mine …but these two issues seem to b really big for my parents…am from a very orthodox family n stay in a joint family and everybody’s words do count in the family…im the most pampered elder grandchild of family n my parents including my other family members have lots of expectation regarding my wedding….n more over scorpio man was married for a month previosly…things did not work out between them n they got seperated…but my parents think he is a very bad person he did not look after his wife he will do the same thing with me

    i had crush on this scorpion n its me who contacted him n gradually he also started loving me probably more than what i do…he is a very nice person..but he is very much into his career n a busy person…doesnt think of me when hes busy with work n the first thing in his mind after he finishes work would be me he is very honest to accept it…he would miss me greatly n wud want to talk to me…he stays in some other country so we cant keep in constant touch…only way is we voice chat on internet during midnight….but then its three years v know each other..and we wanted to tell our parents…his parents are kind of ok with it…but my parents are threatening me that they would not even talk to me if i go ahead with this relationship…they have taken off my mic n headphone…im still a student and will be finishing my post graduation in 2 months so am financially dependent on them,…i will be earning in 2 more months…

    i really get scared…i know hes my true love n i have found wht i have been waiting for all these years…but i dont want to lose my parents they mean a lot to me…n we get frustrated bcoz v are not able to talk these days…n in future even if i leave back my parents and go im scared that he may ignore me when hes working…im a very emotinally dependent person…n moreover i may feel guilty for what i have done with my parents in future…im sooo confuseeed!

  8. Hey,
    I am an aquarius and I am inlove with my scorpio. One thing I want to make clear is that you should look into your moon, rising and venus sign and make sure they are compatable. I am pisces moon and rising and a capricorn venus, My scorpio is a cancer moon scorpio rising, venus in virgo. Venus is the person you are inlove. Your moon sign is your heart, who you are deep down inside.
    Me and him have never argued, we understand each other better than any one. Everything about us is right. and I look forward to making him a happy man for the rest of his life.

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