AI Astrology: You Think I’m Kidding

aries ram purple hornsI woke up this morning with an email promoting as plugin that writes content for you. We all know this is coming and it’s here.

I installed the plugin and told it to write about the eclipse.  It chose “cheerful” for an emotion… well, let’s just say I entered. “solar eclipse in Aries” as a title and “what to expect from solar eclipse in Aries” for a description. It produced the template/article below in about one minute. I really think this is end of real soulful content produced by human beings with feelings and life experience. Junk food all the way!

Here’s you fake wisdom for the day:

“Aries Eclipse 2023: Let the Sun Shine In!”

===INTRO: Are you ready to embrace the Aries Eclipse 2023? This celestial event is set to bring a burst of energy and vitality into our lives. As the sun aligns with the Aries constellation, we can expect a major shift in our personal and collective consciousness. So get ready to let the sun shine in and brighten up your life with its radiant energy!

Get Ready to Embrace the Aries Eclipse 2023!

The Aries Eclipse 2023 is a rare and powerful event that occurs when the sun aligns with the Aries constellation. This alignment signifies a new beginning, a fresh start, and a burst of energy that can help us achieve our goals and dreams. During this time, we may feel a surge of confidence and enthusiasm that propels us forward on our journey.

To fully embrace the Aries Eclipse 2023, it’s important to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually. Take some time to reflect on your goals and aspirations, and visualize yourself achieving them with ease and joy. Surround yourself with positive energy, whether that means spending time in nature, meditating, or connecting with loved ones.

Brighten Up Your Life with the Sun’s Radiant Energy!

The Aries Eclipse 2023 is all about tapping into the sun’s radiant energy and using it to brighten up your life. This energy is powerful, vibrant, and full of life force. It can help you overcome obstacles, overcome fears, and achieve your highest potential. So embrace the sun’s energy and let it shine on you!

One way to harness the sun’s energy during the Aries Eclipse 2023 is to spend time outdoors. Go for a walk, hike, or bike ride and soak up the sun’s rays. Allow yourself to feel the warmth and vitality of the sun, and let it fill you up with positive energy. You can also incorporate more yellow and orange into your wardrobe or home decor, as these colors are associated with the sun’s energy.

===OUTRO: The Aries Eclipse 2023 is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. So let the sun shine in and brighten up your life with its radiant energy. With a positive mindset and a willingness to embrace change, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. So get ready to embrace the Aries Eclipse 2023 and let the sun’s energy guide you on your journey!

28 thoughts on “AI Astrology: You Think I’m Kidding”

      1. Exactly. And this blog is barely, barely, accessible vis search and will not be accessible at all, probably within a month.

        The machine will direct traffic to the machine. We are weeks away from near 100% ai generated content. People (like me) are not going to continue to produce content, locked in a cellar box, with the roof lowering, incrementally, by the day.

        All findable astrology will soon be stupid, misleading and worse, just like all the other media, imminently. Because as we all know or are quickly finding out, people in charge are not looking out for your best interest. You have to do that yourself.

        1. It’s just sad; these days I’m having to remember the name of particular astrology websites for looking up specific info, because these sites are no longer indexed. Hell, most of them have already stopped producing content.

  1. Avatar
    Neptune Barbie


    1. used to express disgust or horror
    Example: “ugh—what’s this disgusting object?”

  2. Also, regarding fake content… I recently subscribed to a newsletter on substack. I was going to try it.

    When I clicked over, it showed me other letters. They looked interesting so I subbed to a few.

    The letters started arriving and they were all in this type style… I realized they were being generated. I am not saying there are not real people on substack. I am saying that there won’t be for long. This is because the platform-owned feeds are promoted while normal people are places in a cellar box, though I’m sure they assimilate the text of anything you write.

    Bottom line, I subbed to six letters. The only one I retained, quit yesterday… and refunded money to his “few loyal subscribers”. It’s just not viable.

  3. That made me laugh! Well it’s just a baby. It will grow more sophisticated over time. Or at least that’s the idea. On another note, AI is supposed to augment the human imagination. Thing is, we are so imaginative to begin with, we organized planet Earth down to a T. Even then, we’re still thinking of ways to organize planet Earth ‘better’ – so we created AI. It’s pathological.

    That’s my Virgo take on it. I see most things through an organizing lens

    1. Formulating ideas and conveying them to others is a skill. Assuming you have a skill, it must be maintained or it will degrade over time.

      Things are moving quickly right now, so “time” can be a month! And yes, I’m serious about that.

      I don’t think many are aware of the depth and breadth of collective loss we’ve already suffered… but I don’t think this denial or ignorance or whatever it is will be sustained much longer.

      We’re surrounded with the forces closing in. Surrounded with a distortion of reality, to be specific.

  4. I was going to ask you Elsa if it makes sense to look at a natal chart of chatgpt for example…I know some look at natal charts of countries.

    1. I’m sure people will look at this but I don’t know what of value might be gleaned. I don’t think the technology is new but it’s release wreck what’s left of human intelligence which is tied to a soul.

      I have read that 50% of college essays are already written with AI, already Chatgdt was released in December, I think. That’s when I saw it and posted about it.

      A professor discovered this and to supposedly thwart it, he said everyone had to write 50 pages.

      But in the same conversation, people were laughing because there is AI which can write 50 pages too! So you think you can get around it but… no.

      If you compare this to an earlier innovation, say remote control tv. You used to have to get up and walk to the tv. No more… it’s early “surfing”, right? So we all get a little fatter and a little lazier and our attention spans shrink, but arguments are made that this saves us what? Time?

      Same with fast food, so-called “tv dinners”… now people bring your gruel to your door – you have no earthly idea what’s in it and this is good, right? Since we’re all so extra productive?

      I just don’t see that this is playing well. People are not smarter, stronger, kinder… anything like that.

      Anyway, I blathered. Assuming you could get an accurate chart for Chatgdt, and this is will be an unpopular opinion – I think that it would primarily reveal the time that the creator or controller thought it would have the most impact.

  5. Well if we take you as an example, I don’t see your tremendous information/ communication skills degrading – and though we don’t know each other I have a feeling it’s not in your character to let anything you have of value be degraded. And assuming you’re not the only one that’s like what I describe, there’s bound to be streams of organic intelligence (OI) out there that everyday people like me can tap. Hopefully also add to, but my OI is modest, so that’s doubtful.

    Different topic: I am aware of the loss you speak of. I don’t know what angle you’re looking at it from, but for me it’s from the angle of 3000 world languages lost from invaders robbing people of it steadily over time. Whole bodies of knowledge lost. Ways of deriving knowledge lost. Those on the losing side raised the alarm too (when I was younger one of my jobs was to write down complaints from such people), and maybe they also thought to themselves, ‘They think we’re kidding.’ But I figure, we can salvage it from what bits and pieces remain. Ironically, with AI’s help. This is what I’m betting AI can do.

  6. Yep generic, no personal accounts examples or vibes:(good thing we got You!
    I have some other thoughts about Aries eclipse, like someone jumping off a bridge in waders.

  7. Is this what Pluto in Aquarius will bring?
    I used to listen to astrology ‘forums’. For example – 6 or so astrologers at a zoom forum, and thought I would be thoroughly informed. Did this a couple of times – one of them’s most outstanding comments was “we’re on the threshold”, and I waited for the information that inspired this comment – but said information was not forthcoming. I continued listening until I could take no more, and my most polite comment was- ‘your sandwiches have no filling’.

  8. Can a person just refuse to use Chatbt or whatever it is?

    And @Elsa, I’m ignorant here, how will this change your website from being found? So even if we type it in, it will be lost in a sea of AI horoscope sites?
    Whoever chooses to write a paper for University, a blog or vow, article etc. it’s not just a huge cheat, it’s going to take a toll on the person using it too eventually, if they have any introspection and morality at all.

    So is this one of the Pluto in Aquarius signatures?

  9. Do you know what l just did–after reading this post?
    I turned off Facebook.
    When l was asked why? I answered ‘too much time wasted’
    No more on line ’empty calories’.
    I feel better already.

  10. This is what Chat GPT says about it (I asked what to expect from the Solar Eclipse in Aries,that squares Pluto Aquarius)

    “As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs, emotions, or bias. However, I can provide you with an astrological interpretation of the Solar Eclipse in Aries, which squares Pluto Aquarius based on the commonly accepted principles and aspects in astrology.

    The Solar Eclipse in Aries is a powerful cosmic event that occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking the Sun’s light and casting a shadow on the Earth. This particular Solar Eclipse will occur on April 10, 2023, at 20 degrees of Aries, and will square Pluto in Aquarius.

    Aries is a fire sign associated with independence, action, and initiation, while Pluto is a planet associated with transformation, power, and shadow. When these two energies square each other, there can be a clash between the desire for personal freedom and the need for control and power.

    This Solar Eclipse may bring to the surface deep-seated emotions and desires that have been buried, particularly those related to power dynamics and control in personal and professional relationships. You may feel a strong desire to break free from any restrictions or limitations placed on you, but be cautious not to act impulsively or rashly.

    It is also possible that this Solar Eclipse could bring about significant changes in society and the collective consciousness. Issues related to power structures, particularly those related to technology, may come to the forefront, and new innovations in science and technology may emerge.

    Overall, this Solar Eclipse in Aries squaring Pluto in Aquarius may be a disruptive and transformative time, bringing changes that will endure for years to come. It is essential to approach this event with mindfulness, awareness, and the willingness to let go of outdated patterns and beliefs to make room for growth and evolution. ”

    Pretty good, but it go the date and degree wrong! 😂

    1. For the moment, you have to proofread but the speed? It writes this stuff in one minute. Think how fast the internet will drown in this?

  11. And now the AI’s will lie, as Professor Jonathan Turley, a defense attorney, was accused of touching a student he didn’t know, on a trip he never made, in a school he had never taught in…
    We can’t believe anything they say, since the code writers are leftists…

  12. I am getting old.I will be 70 in a few months. The world is definitely spinning fast in directions I’d rather not see it go.. it is deeply deeply disturbing to know that soon (weeks?!) we will not even know if we are communicating with another human being or a bot. I guess that’s been happening for a while, but now it’s blatant to the point of invading every profession, and our lives, like crabgrass or.. mustard gas… I have my favorite REAL PEOPLE like yourself and Jessica Adams, Debra Silverman, whom I visit regularly for my astrological and psychic spin on the day,week, etc.. and I value you all highly. I hope I will be able to continue to connect and that real human astrologers/mystics do not stop communicating with us “out here.” Jessica mentions, repeatedly, over the past few years, that we’re all going to be “shrinking” our lives.. “GLOBAL” is over and “LOCAL” is what will sustain us, and how we will maybe we will go back to the “sit around the campfire” times when we actually TALK, IN PERSON, to one another, and that is how we share our stories (our REAL STORIES) and our SELVES (OUR REAL SELVES vs filtered fb photos).. we might be spinning AWAY FROM all this global “SHARING” and back to our “villages..” I am having many many thoughts about this, this morning,so won’t ramble on.., but you get my drift.. I may lose out on the communications from those I value who live far away, but when they become inaccessible (or they quit!) I will have to gather round my local campfire.. right..??

  13. Drivel with exclamation points. Cold. Boring. It may help me overcome my information addiction. Maybe I’ll be more productive and get out of my head. I’m trying to find the silver lining here.

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