Client Testimonial: “Expertise, Depth, Humor, And Life Experience”

AE writes:

“Whenever I have a consultation with Elsa, and I have had them by phone and email, at least 3 or 4 over the years, she always touches my heart.  I don’t know if she means to do this, but she does.  Of course she does other stuff too with that mind and soul of hers: her wit, her analogies, her astrology, her speed, her willingness to answer questions no matter how complex or mundane. She makes leaps the way great poets do.


And  I swear there is one point in every consult where  I’m gonna cry and I mean this as a compliment in that she goes deep, Who else has Elsa’s expertise, depth, humor, life experience. And after my consultation yesterday I thought to myself:  she’s unique.  No one else like her.

So the blog is great, the boards are great, the classes, too, are indeed  great, but the 1:1 consult is where your core  will be addressed, handled with care, and returned to you in even better shape.  I don’t mean that she coddles you, because she doesn’t.  She’s like a surgeon .  A surgeon has to cut , and then the healing comes.”

Thanks, AE!

2 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “Expertise, Depth, Humor, And Life Experience””

  1. I had an email reading with Elsa and she can really get it done quick, to the point and with great insight. I know feel an breath of exuberence about my life and hope to move forward this year with great success! Thank you Elsa!!

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