Does The Chiron Wound Heal?

espresso machine“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”
–Maya Angelou

There have been questions about whether or not the Chiron wound can actually heal. My assertion is yes, but it’s a qualified yes. Does it heal like a superficial wound, no trace left behind? No. It’s not the kind of wound that once addressed you never have to think of again. It’s like a balloon. You inflate it and you can deflate it but it never goes back to its pre-inflated shape. It is forever changed.

Perhaps a better analogy is my shoulder. Long ago I worked in a cigar store and operated a coffee counter there. After years as a barrista I developed bursitis in my shoulder. Years after that if I overworked my shoulder or didn’t use good ergonomics my shoulder would get so bad that I couldn’t even move. One time it was so bad I though I was having a heart attack. Now that I understand the root cause of my pain I know how to keep it in check. Is it healed? Yes, I am not currently in pain. Is it healed like it had never been injured? No, I will always have to live with my limitations in mind or risk a recurrence. As I see it this is analogous to the Chiron wound.

Now that you’ve explored the position of your Chiron and the wounding it represents, look to the aspects it makes to other planets. Can you see how these can be employed to manage the Chiron wounding?


12 thoughts on “Does The Chiron Wound Heal?”

  1. I have five contacts with my Chiron. I think the most obvious one of me is Chiron sq. Neptune. I tend to try to heal myself by doing Neptunian things with friends. And Chiron sq. Mars. I also try to heal myself by doing Mars type things with my friends. I really can’t go into much more detail.

  2. My Chiron’s got tons of support. It’s conjunct, Jupiter, Mars & Mercury (and if you count angles, my IC). It’s also trining my Moon & Neptune (AC too if your counting angles)… so, just about everything in my chart is connected in a way to my Chiron wound. It’s opposing dear Pluto, but I think that actually is fitting with your post… Pluto ‘does away with’ Chiron may heal, but it’s always still there, under the surface. I may have to get a reading that concentrates on Chiron since it’s obviously a big part of the energy going on in my chart… hmmmmm

  3. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this up before, but in the myth Chiron is in such agony from the poisoned arrow (and probably a little from the tragic irony of his situation) that he voluntarily relinquished his immortality so he could be put out of his misery. Chiron couldn’t even deal with Chiron haha. I do not think you ever heal where you need it most. It’s all about making room for the pain and having it become a part of who you are. I have Chiron square Sun and rising. Ping Pong of PAIN! :-p

  4. Charlotte! I also have chiron square sun (was talking about this on the first chiron post of satori’s) and feel similarly —
    enjoying this discussion 🙂

  5. Chiron has many faces – it’s not just about wounding and healing. Pain occurs when something is out of alignment. This applies in both the areas of body and soul. I believe the Chiron wound can be healed, but in a transformative kind of way.

  6. Another Chiron square sun here. It always seemed to me I healed the wound then stepped to the next level of it to heal it… I’ve come to view this as part of our evolutionary enlightenment process. The pain of this wound is precisely what helps us raise our resonance to become more and higher frequency
    essence. As long as we are incarnate in a human focus we choose a Chiron influence as a focal point
    to move beyond.

  7. i think the lessons i’ve learned in healing myself have been extraordinarily useful in helping others.

    i don’t have any contacts, besides an exact 30 degree aspect (whatever that is) with jupiter.
    that said, i understand it better through its house placement (8th.)

  8. “It’s like a balloon. You inflate it and you can deflate it but it never goes back to its pre-inflated shape. It is forever changed.”

    OK, My Chiron is conjunct Ceres. The first thing I thought when reading was, -Its like my uterus after childbirth. Taken further, T & A get a whole new meaning after babies!…HA!

    Moonpluto and Charlotte, I too have Chiron square Sun ( and in opposition to Pluto/Uranus) Chiron hits everything pretty much in my chart.

    love the post.

  9. Chiron points us toward our true centre – the centre of our soul. The further out of alignment we are with our true self according to the way we are living, the greater the wound to be overcome is.

  10. Chiron at 11deg Pisces aspects pretty much everything in my chart – sextile Cap Sun/Merc, trine Can NN, trine Scorp neptune/Pallas, Opp Virgo Uran/Pluto, square Sag Asc, inconj Libra MC, semi-sextile Aqu Venus and Aries Jupter. Ouch!

  11. I really appreciate how this post shows up as a ‘relation’ to the Daily insight, pre-eclipse, March 23, 2016. Reading your experience as a barista and shoulder chiron pain, I relate completely as I address my Achilles tendons that can no longer allow striking on my heels (digging in) as a old woman:) I repeat myself … I know, I know. It’s one of the rights of the old people who need to set a new groove in old recordings.

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